Movie by Poor Plot Description

Can you name the movies by these vague and slightly poor plot descriptions?
All movies have had theatrical or home release before 18/12/2013.
Quiz by AeonQuiz
Last updated: October 7, 2014
First submittedJanuary 29, 2014
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Plot Description
Movie Title
A tough guy and his crew hear a bigger gang wants to roll on their turf, so he sets out with his crew to get help from some old disabled guys, who tell him not to start a gang war. He ignores them and goes to face the bigger gang and beats up loads of guys, before a traitor lets on to the other gang how to flank them. Shortly after the bigger gang kills the crew in an intense fight.
After his parents were mugged he grew up wanting to kick badguys' asses so he spent a lot of money to dress up as a defenseless winged mammal and acted tough and scary.
Batman Begins
Some girl goes on holiday with her parents where she meets some fit guy, whom she starts to fancy. His dance partner gets up the duff and can't dance anymore, so the girl says she'll be his new dance partner, having never danced before. They practice for a week and then pull off some crazy moves in front of her disapproving parents.
Dirty Dancing
A girl pretends to 'seal the deal 'to get attention, only to end up with the gossip girl making a rumour and forcing her into pretending to be a slut. She then uses her lies and deceptive skills to send a powerful message to the rest of her school.
Easy A
After losing his wife and all but one of his kids, a nervous guy has to team up with a dementia sufferer to find his lost son. His son, whom was kidnapped by a dentist, learns to trust in himself whilst being imprisoned along with other kidnapped people.
Finding Nemo
After making a costume that survived being attacked by 2 gods, he made some more costumes that broke really easily because he got bored. His girlfriend got ill but then saved his ass by being all kung-fu and he got surgery.
Iron Man 3
An arrogant teen pop star gets a movie about his career, which is subtitled as one of his songs.
Justin Bieber: Never Say Never
Two best friends decide to browse the internet's strangest videos after starting a rumour about a top secret video that'll end the earth.
Movie 43
Plot Description
Movie Title
A teen girl has issues with her gender roles so decides to fool the highest authorities of her country by posing as a boy. When her secret is revealed she is shunned, but she returns to assist an old man at a public event.
After his love interest is kidnapped, a young man breaks an outlaw out of prison to help him find her. After some complicated deals, the outlaw and young woman get left for dead in the middle of nowhere, but use a supply of alcohol to light a signal fire. They find the kidnappers and fight to the death, and the outlaw then returns the young couple home before going on the run from the law.
Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl
An ass joins a fat guy in an adventure to rescue a red-head, at the request of a rather short man, only to discover a secret that crashes the wedding.
A poor orphan kid leaves his uncle's farm with an old guy he just met, who wants to find a princess. They go on a journey into town, where they meet a womaniser and his pet, whom agree to give them a lift to the princess's city. On their way there they discover the city was destroyed by a big machine, so they go in the machine and find the princess is enprisoned inside. They rescue her, but on their way out an evil guy with a life support system kills the old guy just as the others all leave, and the orphan kid gets upset.
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
Some guy gets interupted during his dinner by a dozen or so short guys, before leaving home to do a lot of walking, climbing mountains and steals from a mentally handicapped hermit.
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
A meteorologist runs over a foreigner with strange customs. The stranger learns some of the local customs whilst he searches for his misplaced tool, before returning home to fight his deranged brother.
Some guy buys a new car for college and then gets caught up in an alien invasion which involves his car somehow and he saves the day with a talking truck.
Level 74
Jan 30, 2014
Some of the descriptions are really "good", especially for Finding Nemo, Mulan and Thor. For Dirty Dancing, I found it quite an adequate description, but that's a matter of taste. You have to add some time, however. I hadn't even finished reading when the quiz ended!
Level 21
Mar 27, 2014
added more time
Level 38
Jan 30, 2014
More time please
Level 60
Feb 13, 2014
could you maybe not require entire subtitles? I can see wanting star wars episode iv, but the entire pirates of the caribbean title?
Level 21
Mar 27, 2014
my apologies, I'd allowed shorter alternate names for more of the movies with subtitles