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53,9232017-10-10 Countries that End in O
34,1022019-12-25 Countries that End in R
24,2722017-10-03 Countries with the Most McDonald's Locations
4,2492014-07-20Countries that end with the letter "A"
2,6302014-07-31Closest Countries to Australia
2,0442014-09-07Countries with Tallest Women
1,5122014-07-20Countries that end with the letter "E"
1,4332014-08-07Countries by Oldest Ever Citizen
1,2982014-07-18Countries that end with the letter "D"
1,0612014-07-20Countries that end with the letter "N"
9822014-07-21Poorest European Countries
9632014-07-19Countries that end with the letter "L"
8932014-07-20Countries with the Highest Male to Female Ratio
8162014-07-20Countries with the Largest Navies
7422014-07-19Countries that end with the letter "I"
7392014-09-09Top Gold Producing Countries
6982014-07-20Countries with the Largest Air Forces
6772014-07-20Countries that end with the letter "Y"
6632014-07-22Friendliest Countries
6242014-07-20Countries that end with the letter "U"
5052014-09-13Countries Closest to Japan
4032014-09-06Countries with Shortest Women
3832014-07-23Top Iron Ore Producing Countries
3572014-07-30Countries with Most Facebook Users
3392014-07-18Countries that end with the letter "C"
2962014-09-06Countries with Tallest Men
2912014-11-06Greenest Countries
2912014-11-05Countries With Nuclear Power
2502014-07-22Most Generous Countries
2152014-07-20Countries that end with the letter "S"
1732014-09-06Countries with Shortest Men
1472014-07-15Most Stable Countries
1412014-07-08Most in Debt Countries
1402014-08-072014 Commonwealth Games Medal Standings Top 15
1222014-11-15NRL - 300 Club
1202014-07-09New Countries Since 1990
1192014-09-09Riddles #1
1142014-07-15Most Unstable Countries
892014-07-09Countries with the Least Debt
632014-09-15Countries with Most Households
592014-07-17Countries with Highest Unemlployment Rate
432014-07-16Countries with Lowest High Points
402014-07-09All Original Plants V Zombies Plants
292014-07-1210 Tallest Active Volcanoes