Movies that Start with B

Based on the descriptions, name these movies that start with the letter B.
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Ignoring "the"
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Last updated: January 1, 2020
First submittedJanuary 22, 2014
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Pig wins a sheep-herding competition
Ugly monster must find true love with the help of a talking candelabra
Beauty and the Beast
Teenager must go back in time to make his parents fall in love so that he can exist
Back to the Future
Angsty teens from different cliques bond in Saturday detention
Breakfast Club, the
Young deer witnesses the death of his mother before growing up and finding true love
Red-headed archer girl doesn't want to get married
Charioteer wins the big race and witnesses the crucifixion of Jesus
Dude and his bowling buddies battle nihilists
Big Lebowski, the
Holly Golightly is a country girl turned Manhattan socialite who schemes to marry
a rich man - but has to settle for true love
Breakfast at Tiffany's
In the year 2019, a bounty-hunter must kill escaped replicants in dystopian Los Angeles
Blade Runner
Wealthy football fans adopt a gigantic football player
Blind Side, the
During the Great Depression, a man and a woman rob banks until they are
machine-gunned by police
Bonnie and Clyde
Nordic hero must defeat Grendel and his sexy mother
Little league misfits don't win the big game, but get beer from their
alcoholic coach anyway
Bad News Bears, the
High-kicking martial artist competes in the kumite, a deadly underground
tournament in Hong Kong
Street-savvy Detroit cop goes to Los Angeles to solve a murder
Beverly Hills Cop
The pressures of "Swan Lake" cause a ballerina to descend into madness
Black Swan
Two western men can't quit each other or move to a more tolerant part of the country
Brokeback Mountain
Amateur filmmakers go into the woods to find a witch - all that survived
was this videotape
Blair Witch Project, the
Level 71
Mar 2, 2014
Bad Day At Black Rock; Bedazzled; Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (okay, I only know that from searching IMdB but it got an 8.5); Billy Budd; Black Hawk Down; Born Yesterday; Bringing Up Baby; Bugsy; Bwana Devil; Bye Bye Birdie.
Level 45
Mar 2, 2014
Great! You can make a "B-Movies Part 2" quiz! :-)
Level 68
Mar 2, 2014
And 10,000 more!
Level 39
Mar 5, 2014
Big Daddy?
Level 20
Sep 2, 2015
bhaag milkha bhaag is a great film :)
Level 51
Mar 2, 2014
Never heard of Bloodsport, thought of a million other martial arts movies
Level 76
Mar 2, 2014
Oh, you should see Bloodsport. It's a great action flick.
Level 30
Mar 30, 2016
I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but Bloodsport shows the origins of MMA
Level 81
Aug 20, 2018
Nah. Bloodsport is based on stories told by notorious martial arts fraud Frank Dux but it's total fiction; it didn't lead to anything in the real world. Except insofar as the movie might have been part of the inspiration behind the first Ultimate Fighting Championship which was organized 5 years later, and that's what led eventually to MMA.
Level 34
Jun 25, 2014
A Bug's Life
Level 58
Mar 8, 2015
Can't quit each other? Is that a saying in the U.S. or is it just a bad clue?
Level 77
Oct 11, 2017
Think Led Zeppelin and old blues artists. "I can't quit you Babe." Basically like the person is a habit.
Level 48
Nov 3, 2018
The clue is worded that way because it is a quote from the movie. It's a great clue.
Level 56
Mar 29, 2016
back to the future clue isn't accurate, he didn't go back because they needed fixing, him going back in time is what made the mess...
Level 75
Sep 13, 2016
Only 34% for Blade Runner. That kinda surprises me.
Level 47
Sep 18, 2016
I was thinking Borat is sure to be on here
Level 81
Oct 18, 2016
No BioDome?
Level 84
Feb 21, 2017
Level 78
Jan 12, 2020
Probably needed to choose between Brave and Braveheart since the latter would automatically have given the former.
Level 67
Oct 11, 2017
Got all but The Blind Side. Never heard of that one.
Level 78
Jan 12, 2020
A good Sandra Bullock movie based on a true story in which motives of the family are questioned in adopting the young man.
Level 58
May 30, 2018
Kim Novak uses magic in an attempt to get Jimmy Stewart to fall in love with her...Bell, Book and Candle
Level 33
Jan 12, 2020
One of my favorite movies.
Level 71
Sep 25, 2019
It won't accept Blind Side or The Blind Side - tried it several times. I thought I was going crazy trying to figure out *another* movie.
Level ∞
Sep 25, 2019
Sorry about that! Fixed.
Level 80
Jan 12, 2020
Only 15% getting "Breakfast at Tiffany's"? Wow.
Level 78
Jan 12, 2020
I know. That's so sad, but I appreciate it being included.
Level 33
Jan 12, 2020
Another one of my favorite movies.
Level 73
Jan 12, 2020
too breakfast-centric!