Movies that Start with D

Based on the descriptions, name these movies that start with the letter D.
Ignoring "the"
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Last updated: September 16, 2019
First submittedJanuary 24, 2014
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Two mentally-challenged men travel to Aspen to return a briefcase
Dumb and Dumber
The Caped Crusader battles his greatest nemesis
Dark Knight, the
It's Christmas, and an off-duty cop must kill Euro-terrorists who have seized
control of a Los Angeles skyscraper
Die Hard
Harvard professor must battle Catholic thugs to discover the truth about the Holy Grail
Da Vinci Code, the
Elephant can fly thanks to his gigantic ears
A canoe trip goes bad when the canoers are set upon by banjo-playing inbreeds
Hardboiled San Francisco cop thwarts punks and serial killers with the
help of his trusty gun
Dirty Harry
Cross-country auto racers compete for speed and to kill innocent pedestrians
Death Race 2000
German bounty hunter helps a former slave to rescue his wife
Django Unchained
Lovable super-villain tries to steal the moon with the help of minions
Despicable Me
1970s teenagers drink, smoke pot, and haze incoming freshmen
Dazed and Confused
Recent college graduate must work for a cruel fashion editor
to pursue her dream of becoming a writer
Devil Wears Prada, the
Repressed prep schoolers are inspired by a poetry teacher
Dead Poets Society
Scary rabbit man tells a disturbed teen that the world will end in 28 days
Donnie Darko
Adolf Hitler is in his bunker, and he is NOT happy with the way the war is going
Girl has the time of her life learning sexy dance moves at a Catskills resort
Dirty Dancing
Debonair super spy uncovers a plot to build a giant laser using diamonds
Diamonds are Forever
Cocky marching band percussionist must help his fellow
snare drummers to defeat their arrogant rivals
Crazy American general plans to nuke the Soviets - who will retaliate
with a doomsday device
Dr. Strangelove
Level 66
Apr 5, 2014
Could you accept "Der Untergang". Not only is it the original title, it also starts with a D.
Level 70
Apr 5, 2014
I tried the same thing. Seconded.
Level 65
Apr 6, 2014
Same here. That's what I tried first as well.
Level ∞
Dec 3, 2015
Level 67
Feb 9, 2020
Though it would be filed under U. Like "the", "der" would be disregarded.
Level 70
Apr 7, 2014
Couldn't the clue for Diamonds are forever also work for Die Another Day?
Level 90
Apr 8, 2014
I suppose it depends on your definition of 'using.' In DAD, the weapon was funded with diamonds, but used mirrors to create the laser, in DaF, the laser was created through the diamonds.
Level 68
Mar 17, 2016
Level 58
May 24, 2016
I tried Die Another Day at first also. Not sure whether I'm for it being added or not, although you have a good point, plattitude.
Level ∞
Sep 16, 2019
Die Another Day will work now.
Level 65
Apr 12, 2014
Thanks, JetPunk, now I'm watching Downfall parodies on YouTube from 2007, What a nostalgia trip.
Level 57
Aug 24, 2016
Doctor Strangelove is still one of the funniest movies ever
Level 30
May 23, 2017
"you cant fight in here this is the war room"
Level 64
Nov 4, 2018
You need to protect your precious bodily fluids.
Level 86
Feb 9, 2020
“Of course, the whole point of a Doomsday machine is lost if you keep it a secret! Why didn't you tell the world?”
Level 14
Oct 19, 2017
Day After Tomorrow?
Level 59
Jan 28, 2018
Didn't get the Die Hard reference, because I've never seen it.
Level 72
Mar 28, 2019
For the superhero one, Dr. Strange applies as well.
Level 68
Feb 19, 2020
While dr. strange does wear a cape, and it could be argued that he fought his greatest foe in that movie, the name Caped Crusader is mostly used when referring to Batman
Level 85
Apr 27, 2019
Dude, Where's My Car?
Level 83
Feb 9, 2020
What about Delirious? Classic Candy comedy.
Level 82
Feb 9, 2020
Canoeing, not rafting.
Level ∞
Feb 9, 2020
Level 78
Feb 10, 2020
I was surprised that Dog Day Afternoon didn't make the list. I guess my age is showing again, but it was Pacino at his best.
Level 76
Feb 12, 2020
I think there's nostalgia in the film world for mature movies of the 70s like Dog Day Afternoon, Serpico, French Connection, etc. You can see that the new Joker movie tries to emulate them. If you're a young movie lover there's a good chance that you also like Dog Day Afternoon. Unfortunately, the rest of the generation is missing out.