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SAT Vocabulary Words Starting With B

Can you guess the definitions of these words that commonly appear on the Scholastic Aptitude Test?
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Last updated: July 14, 2019
First submittedJuly 12, 2019
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1. Bucolic (adjective)
Related to the plague or other severe maladies
Rustic in a good way
Deeply religious
The bucolic landscape inspired many painters
2. Bellicose (adjective)
Covered with sores
Extremely wise
Overly sweet
The bellicose chieftain wanted nothing more than to fight and kill his enemies
3. Bane (noun)
A person who commits fraud
A cause of misery or affliction
The place where two rivers meet
A legal document such as an arrest warrent
Severe tooth pain was the bane of his existence
4. Barren (adjective)
Describes dry or caustic wit
Hidden from view
Extremely boring
The land was barren and the peasants went hungry
5. Bourgeois (adjective)
Extremely stylish
Related to the upper middle class
Specializing in custom or niche products
The artist rejected the bourgeois values of his parents
6. Brandish (verb)
To swing a weapon back and forth
To completely destroy
To mark with a stamp of approval
To ostracize
The musketeer brandished his sword and the rapscallions fled in fear
7. Beckon (verb)
To make a gesture that someone should come to you
To completely use up
To seduce
To harrass
She beckoned to him and he approached
8. Baleful (adjective)
Filled with grief
Poorly dressed
Ominous; portending doom
The raven's baleful squawk filled the man with dread
9. Bedlam (noun)
Dread and angst
A state of disrepair
A fragile equilibrium
Uproar and confusion
There was bedlam in the streets after the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup finals
10. Behemoth (noun)
One who lives in solitude
An enormous creature
A windfall or inheritance
One who attacks cherished beliefs
Legends spoke of mighty behemoth living in the mountains
11. Blithe (adjective)
Annoyed or angry
Windy and humid
Indifferent or careless
Noisy and boisterous
Agnes showed a blithe disregard for traffic laws
12. Blandishment (noun)
Something added to a dish to make it less spicy
A very embarrassing situation
A flattering statement meant to persuade
A flurry of activity
The king was not immune to the blandishments of his court
13. Bowdlerize (verb)
To coat with a thin layer of metal
To remove offensive parts of a text
To pummel
To commit fraud against
I have been obliged to bowdlerise the exact words he used
14. Bohemian (noun)
An uneducated person from a rural area
One who lives an uncoventional, artistic lifestyle
A boastful, talkative person
The head of a monastery
The seedy neighborhood was home to beatniks, bohemians, and beggars.
15. Benevolent (adjective)
Altruistic and kind
Easily angered
The benevolent old man gave most of his money to charity
Level 73
Jul 13, 2019
Nice answer choices - you must have had fun dreaming up plausible sounding answers!
Level 83
Jul 14, 2019
My favourite is the one under blandishment that compares it to a condiment.
Level 67
Jul 14, 2019
Yes! More of these please. Makes up for the endless, dreary sports quizzes. Ugh.
Level 72
Jul 15, 2019
Crumbs, I got one wrong! (Baleful)
Level 61
Jul 19, 2019
SAT might need further contextualization for a non-US audience.
Level 68
Aug 4, 2019
And what difference would this make?
Level 63
Aug 5, 2019
The SAT doesn't even have vocabulary anymore. It doesn't make a difference anyway. It's just a vocabulary quiz. You don't need any other context.
Level 71
Aug 5, 2019
I LOVE the bedlam example sentence.
Level 69
Aug 5, 2019
For blithe: I think you mean carefree, not careless.
Level 37
Aug 5, 2019
In #14: Unconventional is missing the second "n".
Level 60
Aug 5, 2019
I feel like after getting a 710 for reading on the SAT i should have gotten more than 7 things right on this quiz