Technology Giants #5 - Microsoft

Can you answer these questions about Microsoft?
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Last updated: September 7, 2018
First submittedMay 20, 2018
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What is the name of Microsoft's spreadsheet program?
What video game console does Microsoft make?
What awful Microsoft web browser had a 95% market share in 2003?
Internet Explorer
In what metro area would you find Microsoft's headquarters?
Who are the co-founders of Microsoft?
Bill Gates
Paul Allen
What is the name of Microsoft's search engine?
What iPod knockoff was made by Microsoft?
What version of Windows was released in 2001?
Windows XP
What much-hated version of Windows was released in 2007?
Windows Vista
What Microsoft program do people use to make slides for a presentation?
What button, appearing on the lower-left corner of the screen, was introduced in Windows 95?
Start Button
What job networking site did Microsoft buy for $26.2 billion in 2016?
What company dominated the computer software market in the 1980s before
being out-competed by Microsoft?
What Microsoft program do many corporations use to manage their e-mail?
What internet video calling service did Microsoft buy in 2011?
Level 63
May 20, 2018
Can you accept Explorer instead of just "Internet Explorer?"
Level 80
May 21, 2018
No, because Explorer is also windows' file manager.
Level 65
May 23, 2018
How come the second founder is so much less well-known?
Level 67
May 23, 2018
Good question. I know him pretty well because he owns the TrailBlazers basketball team and the Seahawks football team. I guess Gates has always kind of been the face of the business.
Level 82
Jun 22, 2018
Yeah, Gates was always more of the public face, particularly when they were going through the anti-trust lawsuits. Allen was always more in the background. Nice gig if you can get it. :-)
Level 76
Sep 19, 2018
yeah, it's sad that more people remember Zune than Paul Allen
Level 71
May 29, 2018
No one remembers Paul Allen.
Level 65
Sep 19, 2019
That’s a shame, Mr. Allen was a legend.
Level 64
Aug 18, 2018
Windows ME was much worse then Vista.
Level 81
Sep 19, 2018
Clue says "much-hated," not "most-hated" :)

Windows 8 wasn't great, either.
Level 79
Sep 19, 2018
Windows Vista was perfectly fine. It should say "much maligned." It was only truly hated by a handful of computer nerds. Windows 8, on the other hand... god that sucked.
Level 52
Sep 19, 2018
Well I mean it was so hated that many computers still shipped with XP or at least had the option too.
Level 62
Sep 19, 2018
Vista was far from fine. It was overloaded with bloat, and was dog slow.
Level 79
Sep 20, 2018
It ran very fast on my laptop that had it, didn't notice any bloat, seemed perfectly fine to me. Noticeable improvement in appearance and functionality over its predecessor for what I used it for. Never once had a virus. I hear that XP was much better and more stable and secure for setting up networks and so on. I never did that, so this never bothered me.
Level 65
Sep 19, 2019
I skipped over Vista and 8 when they came out, they both sucked compared to their predecessors.
Level 50
Sep 19, 2018
great quiz
Level 82
Sep 19, 2018
Exchange should be the right answer for the email program with Outlook as an acceptable answer. Question as stated implies that it is used to manage everyone's emails not what employees use to manage just their emails.
Level 66
Oct 10, 2018
Xbox is actually without an capital B
Level 81
Jan 20, 2020
An capital B is actually without the N.