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A list of quizzes which have appeared in the User Spotlight in the last two weeks.
1,333Apr 22100 Biggest cities in Japan on a map
1,011Apr 228-Letter Countries (with a map)
707Apr 22Random Historical Figures by Picture
636Apr 22All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by Portugal
634Apr 22Country Flag-Shape Picture Quiz #10
436Apr 22Countries With Formula One Drivers
220Apr 22Official languages of India
166Apr 22Tuscany Quiz
122Apr 22Ethnic Minorities of Russia by Flag
51Apr 22The Antonín Dvořák Quiz
6,079Apr 21Current US Senators
3,581Apr 21US Airline Hub Airports
1,212Apr 21Superbowl Winners
1,198Apr 21Impossible Countries to Type First on the Countries of the World Quiz
705Apr 21Ring of Countries Puzzle #1
693Apr 21Famous People by Picture Clue #1
410Apr 21Lord of the Rings Geography
381Apr 21Long Island Railroad- All Stations
380Apr 21Nonsense Words #1
273Apr 21Whisky Regions of Scotland Map
18,528Apr 20Naruto Characters
7,161Apr 20Countries, US States, Capitals, Elements, 100 Most Common Words: Starting with R
5,091Apr 20Draw All Country Borders on the Empty World Map
1,260Apr 20TwoSetViolin Quiz
541Apr 20Virginia Colleges and Universities
397Apr 20Jason Bourne Countries Visited Map
292Apr 20Name a Valid Unique County
290Apr 20Flags by Two Colors
203Apr 20Australian Capitals Quiz
158Apr 20Top 100 World's Worst Invasive Species
3,259Apr 19Top 100 Premier League Players
1,307Apr 19Topological Map of Europe Quiz
492Apr 19Tintin Countries Visited Map
476Apr 19Geography Answer Chain Quiz #1
390Apr 1910 Worst Songs of the '90s
282Apr 19Dark (Netflix Series) Character Quiz
229Apr 1950 Longest Rivers in Africa
217Apr 19Special Titles
111Apr 19Fighter Aircraft by Picture
90Apr 19NFL Top 100 Players 2018
35,117Apr 18Most World Capitals You Can Name in Five Minutes
7,756Apr 18Kentucky Counties Quiz
1,747Apr 18Alphabetical Word Chain
872Apr 1816 Questions that Prove that Quantum Physics Makes No Sense
470Apr 18A-Z Famous People by Pictures
406Apr 18Territories Participating in International Sporting Events
257Apr 18Top Countries of Europe by Bird Species
204Apr 18Every country by highest elevation
195Apr 18All RLCSX Players
99Apr 18Every City in Michigan on a Map
5,171Apr 17Bodies of Water A-Z
4,435Apr 17Countries by Initial Letter and Continent #3
3,281Apr 17Demonyms of Nations
1,537Apr 17The Ultimate Stranger Things Quiz
900Apr 17Most Spoken Languages by Family
479Apr 17100 Rivers on a World Map
148Apr 17Ultimate Retired Atlantic Hurricane Name Quiz
93Apr 17Minecraft Unscrambler Quiz
90Apr 17Belgrade City Quiz
38Apr 17All Auckland Suburbs on a Map
9,479Apr 16Cities and Towns of Massachusetts
3,815Apr 16Top 10 Immigrant Countries and Their Origin Countries
1,744Apr 16Among Us The Skeld Locations Map Quiz
1,731Apr 16World Map Divided into Regions
724Apr 16Medicine and Anatomy by Letter - A
555Apr 16Top 15 Countries with Covid-19 Cases - 10 Apr 2021
491Apr 16Denmark A-Z
255Apr 16Classical Composers A-Z
183Apr 16All things dragons - Picture Quiz
97Apr 16French Authors by Picture
12,902Apr 15WWE/WWF Mens Royal Rumble Entrants 1988-2021
12,272Apr 15Countries, US States, Capitals, Elements, 100 Most Common Words: Starting with B
6,053Apr 15All United States Counties by Larger Proximity in 60 Seconds
4,276Apr 15All Teams to Ever Take Part in the ICC Cricket World Cup
2,536Apr 15Embarrassing Chapters in US History, Part 1
2,189Apr 15Top 20 Oil Producing Countries in 1940
271Apr 15Everyone to Ever Receive a Presidential Electoral Vote
267Apr 15Outlines of City Limits
228Apr 15Movie Mayhem
82Apr 1521 most seen Ads Found on Jetpunk
9,271Apr 14All-NBA Teams
1,506Apr 14American Civil War A-Z
1,300Apr 14U.S. Presidents that Died in Office
813Apr 14Top 20 of biggest Dutch cities
611Apr 14EXTREME Taylor Swift Songs by Album
544Apr 14Top Five Biggest Cities In Each European Country
473Apr 14Random Grayscale Flag to Country
290Apr 14Biggest lost and gained cities by Poland after WW2
223Apr 14Largest Earthquakes By Year
134Apr 14World : Currency by Country (Yellow Box)
2,746Apr 13Moons of the Solar System
1,426Apr 13Presidents of Brazil
905Apr 13Towns of Rhode Island
782Apr 13Canadian Singers
762Apr 1350 Rivers on a World Map
747Apr 13Country Name Etymology
706Apr 13Countries in Random Shapes on the World Map
681Apr 13Indiana Jones Countries Visited Map
431Apr 13Animals By Picture - Wild Cats
384Apr 13Countries Closest to Turkey - One Minute Sprint
4,770Apr 12Recognized, Non-Recognized Countries, and Territories of the World
4,231Apr 12Recognize Former Countries by Shape
2,703Apr 12Walk the border of mainland USA - Name the States Going South from Washington State.
2,365Apr 12Top World Languages A-Z
1,639Apr 12All Countries by Population, with a Map
1,536Apr 12Countries in Random Hexagons of the World Map
618Apr 12High School Foreign Languages
215Apr 12Trees by Picture
202Apr 12Cities in the Pokémon Kanto Region on a Map
168Apr 12NCAA Tournament 2021 Quiz
15,425Apr 11Top 4 in English Football, 1888–2020
6,126Apr 11Find The Mystery City Using Color Clues - Randomized
3,481Apr 11Divided World City Name Puzzle #1
2,704Apr 11Five Southernmost Capital Cities by Continent
2,497Apr 11Countries with Megacities (with a map)
1,286Apr 11Inazuma Eleven and Inazuma Eleven GO Characters Quiz
702Apr 11Terrible City Spellings Accepted by JetPunk
568Apr 11Cities whose names start with Port or a variant (with a map)
262Apr 11River Decoder
176Apr 11Moments in History: 1066
6,074Apr 10Queen Songs
2,277Apr 10500 Biggest Cities in the World on a Map
1,607Apr 10All MLB World Series matchups (1903 - 2020)
1,193Apr 10Countries of Europe in 1360 with a Map
619Apr 10World Map with Countries Replaced by States
610Apr 10Most Central US States
314Apr 10Biggest Cities in France A-Z
265Apr 10Oceanian Geography by Letter - P
214Apr 10Flag of European Subdivision by Country #1
30Apr 10Drake's Albums
19,707Apr 9Top 500 Baby Girl Names in the USA for 2015 - Alphabetical
19,493Apr 9Countries by Borders or World Capitals Proximity in 90 seconds
2,928Apr 9Countries by Total Area of Bordering Countries
1,676Apr 9Countries of Europe in 1870 with a Map
1,523Apr 9European languages with more than 1,000 speakers
847Apr 9Crossword Puzzle
752Apr 9Cities in European Economic Areas on a Map
304Apr 9New Zealand Icons - Kiwiana
300Apr 9Biggest Trading Partners: Gibraltar
168Apr 9Rugby World Cup 2019 Pools
12,134Apr 8US States & State Capitals
4,908Apr 8Washington Counties Quiz
1,029Apr 8Biggest South American Cities within 100 Km
669Apr 8All 50k+ Cities in Europe with a Map
527Apr 8Largest River Basins by Area on a Map
407Apr 8Countries with Transgender Recognition
399Apr 8Flags of the World by Horizontal Stripes
197Apr 8Name That Guitar
111Apr 8Nicknames of types of Shinkansen services
49Apr 8All The Office (US) Episodes