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A list of quizzes which have appeared in the User Spotlight in the last two weeks.
746Jul 4Departments of Bolivia With a Map
604Jul 4First-Level Subdivisions by Economy
427Jul 4Least Guessed European Countries on JetPunk
394Jul 4Most Populous Cities Not in the Northeast Hemisphere
210Jul 4Countries by Languages without English, French and Spanish (with Map)
149Jul 4European Countries by Dictator - Map Quiz
72Jul 4Biggest Cities in Greece - Extreme
62Jul 4Events on Easter Quiz
53Jul 4Top Ten North American Subnational Flags
19Jul 4Countries of the World by Largest Ski Area (Vertical Drop)
5,894Jul 3Clear All Country Borders on the World Map
5,108Jul 3ALL Taylor Swift Songs (updated at any new release)
2,137Jul 3Hidden Words In Bordering Countries
1,828Jul 3100 Biggest US Cities - with Exceptions
1,187Jul 3Every Country in its Official/Native Language
950Jul 3Top 100 Biggest Cities in Ohio
534Jul 3European Subdivision Map Shape
321Jul 3Top 10 States With The Most L.D.S Temples
225Jul 3The Raven - Edgar Allan Poe
149Jul 3National Anthems of the World
14,095Jul 2Borderless World Map without 20 Random Countries
7,653Jul 2World War 2 Tanks Quiz (Difficult)
4,618Jul 2RuPaul's Drag Race Trivia #1
4,178Jul 2Test Cricket - Allrounders with 3000 runs and 300 wickets
802Jul 2Geography - Governorates of Iraq
645Jul 2Best Countries that did not Qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup
191Jul 2Stranger Things Ultimate Name Game (Seaons 1-4)
98Jul 2Canadian Premier League Teams
96Jul 2U.S. State Capital Counties
62Jul 24th generation kpop groups
2,358Jul 1100 Biggest Cities in Europe in 1854 with a Map
1,166Jul 1Human Prehistory Quiz
1,113Jul 1Cities in the Pacific Northwest on a Map
826Jul 1Is It Terrorism?
623Jul 1Name an F1 Constructor for Every Letter
485Jul 1AK’s General Knowledge A-Z #21
416Jul 1Vague Hint and Word Scramble - Countries
385Jul 113 letter words quiz
345Jul 1European Cities... in Texas
25Jul 1Every Song by Jimmy Eat World
9,658Jun 30Win the “African Presidential Election”
4,496Jun 3050 biggest cities in The Netherlands
3,359Jun 30All 50 U.S. States Being Drawn
2,836Jun 30All Uralic Languages (with a map)
1,154Jun 30Which City in The Benelux?
505Jun 30Can You Name Every Minecraft Block and Item? [Java 1.18.2]
422Jun 30World Map Tile Select #2
314Jun 30Name Chains – All 5+
290Jun 30Every World Capital by Picture with Hints
234Jun 30Baseball Pitches
7,590Jun 29All First-Level Subdivisions of Asia by Proximity on a Map
6,391Jun 29Find The Mystery Capital Using Color Clues - Randomized!
3,640Jun 29Country Word Search - Large Edition #2
3,160Jun 29Name a Seven Letter Word A-Z
3,084Jun 29Countries with the Most Neighbors within 100 Kilometers
1,357Jun 29I Can Guess Your US State (Remake)
1,028Jun 29Top 100 Biggest Cities in Michigan
736Jun 29Country Flags with Hats - Picture Quiz
569Jun 29Groups of Things - Star Wars
545Jun 29Name the Composer #1
3,747Jun 28Random Fast Typing - 6 Letter Words
2,545Jun 28Fill the White House with Presidents
2,177Jun 28Find the City #1
926Jun 28All Nations to Ever be Represented in a Champions League Final
859Jun 28Mainland Countries with the Shortest Coastlines
850Jun 28100 Biggest Cities in Modern-Day Warsaw Pact Countries on a Map
619Jun 28Guess All Countries That Not Independent By Its Flags
527Jun 28UEFA Euro Champions Goalkeepers
181Jun 28Subdivisions of Top 14 Countries - by Population
127Jun 28UFC Records
7,879Jun 27World Capitals By Letter - V
7,434Jun 27Category Elimination - European Geography #3
3,204Jun 27Biggest Cities in the Western Hemisphere
1,374Jun 27Trace the coast of the world (Hard(no map))
794Jun 27National Soccer Kits by Picture
513Jun 27Multiple Choice Country Etymologies
341Jun 27British Racecourses
285Jun 27MLB World Series MVP's
279Jun 27Mumbai True or False?
163Jun 27Assets owned by Paramount Global
9,392Jun 26Biggest World Cities by Letter - G
1,222Jun 26Mobile Legends: Characters
1,038Jun 26Island Countries Outside Oceania Farthest from the Mainland
931Jun 26The Voyage of Darwin - Animated Map Quiz
806Jun 26Countries with Highest Coast-to-Land Border Ratio
786Jun 26Official Country Names by First Two Letters
550Jun 26British Prime Ministers by First Names
375Jun 26Words That Can Use Any Vowel
315Jun 26Science Fiction Films (Movies) from Plot Summaries
150Jun 26Current Governors of the United States
5,146Jun 2520 Biggest Cities in Germany on a Map
2,440Jun 25Spanish Words Widely Known by U.S. Americans
1,231Jun 25Country by Eurovision Songs
675Jun 2519th Century Quiz A-Z
595Jun 25Top 10 Foreign Prisoner Nationalities in UK
528Jun 25Canadian Metro Areas With The Highest Murder Rate
484Jun 25European Capitals by Google Description
360Jun 25Lord of the Rings discrepancy questions - Fellowship members
108Jun 25ALL Cities/Settlements of Slovenia on a Map
52Jun 25Spell the World's Longest Place Names
3,731Jun 24All 50k+ Cities in Germany with a Map
3,594Jun 24249 Countries of the World according to ISO
3,056Jun 24Name a Three to Seven Letter Word A-Z
1,367Jun 24Geography Mega Generator Puzzle #4
1,266Jun 24Map of Asia by Flag Colours
1,110Jun 24Top 100 in the Line of Succession to the British Throne
684Jun 24100 Cities by Letter - A
663Jun 24Best Selling Artists by Decade
534Jun 24100 Longest Rivers in North America - with a Map
332Jun 24Highest Goalscorers in Europes Top 5 Leagues 2021/22
6,518Jun 23Divided World City Name Puzzle #1
4,183Jun 23African Geography A-Z
1,735Jun 23The Alphabet - Backwards!
930Jun 23Most Peaceful Countries by Continent
789Jun 23100 Biggest Cities of the United States in 1900 with a Map
521Jun 23Animals Trivia - Groups of Five
515Jun 23U.S. National Parks By Photo
420Jun 23RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars Queens
130Jun 23Minecraft Effects Quiz
9Jun 23OHL Teams in Order of Instagram Followers
11,624Jun 22Geography by Letter on the World Map - J
4,721Jun 22All 45 European Countries Being Drawn
2,938Jun 22Capital Cities Based on First Two Letters #2
1,332Jun 22TOP 500 World Languages
819Jun 22100 biggest cities in Central America on a blank map
574Jun 22Animal General Knowledge #1
411Jun 22Selling Sunset Trivia
284Jun 22All Formula One Pole Sitters Ever
263Jun 22Sources of Rivers #2
204Jun 22Seattle Four
10,552Jun 21All Premier League Managers Ever
2,136Jun 21Three Real and One Fake - Country Flags
1,179Jun 21Countries Mentioned in the Wikipedia Page of Australia
1,035Jun 21Every Country in a Best Picture Movie
999Jun 21PDC World Darts Championship champions (1994-2022)
510Jun 21One Piece All characters
402Jun 21Minor League Baseball Teams (MILB)
337Jun 21US Counties with population > 1 million
233Jun 21U.S. Cities with the Lowest Median Age
97Jun 21Super Smash Bros. Melee Tier List
4,333Jun 20Breaking Bad characters
3,398Jun 20Australia... or New Zealand?
3,254Jun 20Top Five Languages by Language Family
2,234Jun 20Trace the Route of Ibn Battuta on a Map
1,348Jun 20Regions & Departments of Peru on a Map
1,114Jun 20Countries with Great Apes
1,048Jun 20Top 50 Countries With The Tallest People
808Jun 20Regions of Kazakhstan (With a Map)
282Jun 20All ISO 2-Letter Country Codes to Country
75Jun 20California's Congressional Delegation