Literature, TV, Movies, and Film

A quiz series by interopia
Various quizzes about works of literature, television, and cinema.
"And Something" Book and Novel Titles-
Artificial Intelligences in Fiction (Films/TV, Books, Games)-
Books Considered the "Great American Novel"-
Characters from Tommy Wiseau's The Room-
Charlie Kaufman Films-
Coen Brothers Films with Oscar-Nominated Performances-
Covers of First Issues of Magazines-
Creatures, Species, Races in Star Wars Movies-
Elements of Literature (Fiction)-
Famous Actors in "Magnolia"-
Famous Fictional Ducks-
Famous Fictional Fish, Whales, and Dolphins-
Famous Fictional Frogs and Toads-
Famous Fictional Mice and Rats-
Famous Fictional Rabbits and Hares-
Famous Fictional Wolves and Foxes-
Famous Lions and Tigers-
Famous Movie Producers by Movie-
Fantasy Movies and Films by Plot Synopsis-
Fictional Diseases in Movies, Books, and Television-
Fictional Snakes and Legendary Serpents-
Films Based on Michael Crichton Novels-
Films Directed by Darren Aronofsky-
Finance, Business, and the Stock Market in the Movies-
Found Footage Movies-
Gambling and Casinos in the Movies-
Games by id Software-
Highest-Grossing Actors and Actresses-
Highest-Grossing Directors (Updated)-
Highest-Grossing Films Ever (at the Time)-
Highest-Grossing Movie by Decade-
Highest-Grossing Movie Film Genres-
Highest-Grossing Movie in Each Category-
Hosts of Family Feud-
Hosts of Late Night, The Late Show, and The Late Late Show-
Hosts of The Tonight Show-
Kevin Costner Movies by Clue-
Kevin Spacey Movies by Synopsis-
Long Novels-
Major Works of James Joyce-
Marijuana in the Movies-
Mockumentary Films and Shows by Clue-
Morgan Freeman Voice-Overs and Narration in Films-
Most Translated Literary Works-
Movies About Boxing-
Movies Based on Philip K. Dick Stories-
Movies by Saturday Night Live (SNL) Alumni-
Movies in The Conjuring Universe-
Movies Scored by Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead-
Movies with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino-
Movies with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan-
Name the Ernest (Jim Varney) Movies-
National Lampoon Films and Movies-
One-Syllable Book Novel Titles in Literature-
One-Word Titles of Novels and Books in Literature-
Pee-wee Herman Quiz-
Samuel L. Jackson with Bruce Willis Movies-
Science Fiction Movies and Films by Plot Clue-
Star Trek Series and Captains-
States Where Mark Twain Lived-
"The _____" Book Titles in Literature-
The Settings of Movies on the Map-
Timeline of Highest-Grossing Animated Film Movies-
Top 10 Grossing Movie Producers-
T. S. Eliot (Major Poetic Works)-
Twin Films (Concurrent Movies with Similar Plots)-
Types of Conflict in Literature-
Video Games by Picture-
"War" Movies-
Willy Wonka Candy-
Works of Literature by Picture-
Worst Movies (Films So Bad They're Good!)-
Writers/Authors with the Most TV & Movie Adaptations-