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Can you name the movies that appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Name these Marvel heroes based on their alter-ego and a description of their powers.
Try to name the top-grossing movies that feature DC or Marvel superheros or supervillains.
Can you guess these superheroes based on the name of their human alter-ego?
We give you the sidekick. You give us the person they tagged along with.
Can you name the Marvel characters who are portrayed by these actors?
Name the Marvel characters or teams that have been the subject of a feature film since the year 1998.
Can you name the characters who have been on screen for at least 35 minutes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Based on the nickname, guess the superhero.
Can you guess these 21 easy things about Spider-Man?
Na na na na na na na na Batman!
231,839 Marvel Superheroes
210,697 Marvel Cinematic Universe - All Movies
141,304 Highest Grossing Superhero Movies
133,690 Superhero Alter Egos
98,095 Sidekicks Quiz
85,363 Marvel Cinematic Universe - Actor to Character
78,479 Marvel Comics Movie Franchises
75,758 MCU Characters by Screen Time
70,524 Top 50 Comic Book Heroes
66,334 Avengers Team Members
53,270 Superhero Nicknames
51,344 The Spiderman Quiz
46,242 Batfacts: The Batman Quiz
45,758 Superhero Decoder
44,426 MCU Actors by Picture
42,195 Batman Actors Quiz
37,931 X-Men Mutants
34,137 Avengers Infinity War Deaths
29,253 Batman: The Dark Knight Rises
24,359DC and Marvel Heroes and Villians
24,203 Not Quite A Movie Title - Marvel Comics
23,154 Batman Characters by Screen Time
20,092Top 100 Marvel Superheroes
18,394 Superman Facts
16,501The Full Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Character Quiz
15,868One Piece Characters
12,702JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Stands Quiz (Parts 3-9)
11,010Marvel Super Heroes
10,893 Comic Book Characters by Last Name
10,571 Comic Book Movie Actors
10,302Ultimate Marvel Characters Quiz
9,399Batman Villains
9,099Superheroes By Logos
8,802Top 100 Marvel and DC characters
8,786 Justice League Team - Movie Edition
8,415Marvel Movies Quiz
8,092 Guardians of the Galaxy
7,823JoJo's Bizarre Adventure characters and stands
7,622One Piece Devil Fruits
7,495Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron Characters
7,371Marvel Contest of Champions: All Characters
7,110 Supervillain Alter Egos Quiz
7,104All MCU Movies (So Far)
6,841One Piece Character Quiz (Anime)
6,638Who did That in Avengers : Endgame - Multiple Choice
6,549Marvel Characters by Picture #1
6,299Spider-Man Villains
6,151Marvel Comics - Top 30 most famous Superheroes
5,825One Piece All characters
5,741DC Comics - Top 20 most famous Superheroes
5,731Avengers Members
5,301Hard MCU Character Quiz
5,301IGN Top 100 Comic Book Heroes
5,124Groups of Things - One Piece
5,000500 Most Published Marvel Characters
4,984One Piece General Knowledge
4,946Top 100 Marvel Super Villains
4,916The flash TV show
4,666Marvel Comic based films
4,257Every DC Comics Character (worth knowing)
4,212Marvel Characters by Picture #2
4,201Batman Friends and Foes
4,000Anime: Attack on Titan Character Trivia Quiz
3,992Avengers Assemble Quote Quiz
3,837Super Hero Anagrams
3,754Batman Arkham City heroes/villians characters!
3,481Balkan Flags Quiz
3,428IGN Top 100 Comic Book Villains
3,401Batman Villains
3,399My Hero Academia Class 1A Quirks
3,288Avengers: Endgame- Final Battle Quiz
3,220My Hero Academia Class 1-A
3,181Spiderman's villains
3,096Top 200 Marvel Superheroes By First Two Letters
3,015LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Characters
2,980Attack On Titan Quiz #1
2,979Marvel Cinematic Universe Quotes
2,974Avengers: Infinity War Quiz (SPOILERS)
2,972Justice League Members
2,946One Piece Arcs
2,887One Piece Groups of Things
2,865The Spiderman Quiz
2,834Will of D's (One Piece)
2,832Films and Series of Marvel Cinematic Universe
2,809Batman: The Dark Knight Trivia
2,772All Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Breathing Styles
2,713Top 50 comic book villains
2,708Batman Villains by Picture
2,654Spiderman Movies Quiz
2,643Top 25 Marvel Villians
2,560Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Groups of Things
2,534Top 25 DC Comics Characters of All-Time
2,485Bleach Characters
2,469True or False? Superheroes
2,449Marvel Avengers Academy Characters
2,438Demon Slayer Quiz
2,398Balkans Map Quiz
2,394Captain America: Civil War
2,390Batman Villians
2,366Random Marvel Movie Posters
2,353Marvel Characters by Picture #3
2,280One Piece Yonko
2,251X-Men Mutants
2,154Avengers Infinity War Character Quiz
2,152The Flash Characters
2,129Avengers Endgame Quiz
2,109MCU Characters by Picture
2,102JoJo's charachter by death (Part 1 to 5)
2,097Every Marvel Movie Ever (MCU, X-Men, Spider-Man)
2,090Heroes and Villains of Gotham
2,071Strawhat Crew Members (One Piece)
2,047Top 40 Marvel Heroes
2,006Guess the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Character
1,996Marvel Avengers Infinity War- who plays who
1,952Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trivia
1,920This Is The Hardest Marvel Trivia Quiz You Will Ever Take In
1,884Name the avengers
1,871Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) Characters
1,868Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
1,862Fullmetal Alchemist Anime (2009) and Manga Quiz
1,839Superhero Fun
1,835MCU Characters by Screen Time
1,812DC Comic based movies
1,769Tintin Countries Visited Map
1,761Marvel Movies by Picture
1,754Random Marvel MCU Trivia
1,730Marvel or DC - Click Quiz
1,685Marvel MCU by Rotten Tomato Scores
1,683Best & Worst Reviewed Movies by Franchise #1
1,678MCU Quote Quiz (Harder)
1,673Name the blue lock characters (anime/manga)
1,648Which Superhero?
1,641The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)
1,63299 Marvel Superheroes
1,614JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stand Users
1,610One Piece characters by emojis
1,588My Hero Academia Trivia (Easy)
1,545X-Men Characters by Screen Time
1,531Justice League / Avengers Quiz
1,527500 Marvel Characters
1,526Teen Titans GO! Characters
1,512100 DC Comic Book Super-Villains
1,488MCU Countries
1,479Asterix Countries Visited Map
1,475DC Comics Characters Real Names
1,460Name All MCU Movies And TV Shows
1,454Marvel and DC Famous Characters
1,449Batman Arkham Series Villains
1,446LEGO Marvel's The Avengers Characters
1,444DC Heroes and Villains
1,418The Flash - Villians
1,413Word Scramble - The Avengers
1,41025 Marvel Female Characters
1,398Top 25 Batman Villains
1,394Bungo Stray Dogs Characters by Ability
1,375Marvel's Captain America: Civil War Characters Quiz
1,365MCU Characters by Screen Time
1,363Death note characters
1,348Fullmetal Alchemist Character Quiz
1,336Black Clover: Members of the Black Bulls
1,325The X-Men Quiz
1,322attack on titan (characters; show)(spoilers alert!)
1,309Attack on Titan / Shingeki No Kyojin quiz
1,308MARVEL's Guardians of the Galaxy Characters
1,297DC Comics A-Z
1,288JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Character Quiz!
1,280DC Super Villains
1,274Jujutsu Kaisen characters Quiz
1,256Batman Villains by Profession
1,250My Hero Academia Villains
1,218Dark Knight Rises Quotes
1,211DC Alter Egos
1,210Superheroes by Alter Egos
1,203My Hero Academia quirk to character
1,201The Green Arrow Quiz
1,197Marvel Characters by Picture #4
1,183Bungou Stray Dogs Trivia
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