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Norse mythology multiple choice

Answer these questions about Norse mythology.
Last updated: March 23, 2019
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1. What is Gungnir?
Odin's spear
One of Odin's two ravens
Odin's sword
Odin's horse
2. Which of these was not forged by the dwarves Brokkr and Sindri?
Skidbladnir, the "best of ships"
a living, golden boar named Gullinbursti
a magic ring named Draupnir that produces other golden rings
Thor's hammer Mjolnir
3. When the giant Thrymr stole Thor's hammer, how did he get it back?
Thrymr sold it back to Thor for all his gold
Loki disguised himself as Thrymr's wife and stole it back
Thor dressed as the goddess Freya and pretended to marry Thrymr
He did not get it back
4. How was the god Baldr killed?
He was struck by a spear made of mistletoe
He was poisoned by his wife Nanna
He was killed in battle against a giant
He drowned when his ship was sunk
5. What was Fenrir?
A giant who could transform into an eagle
A serpent so large it encircled the entire world
An eight-legged horse
An enormous wolf that bit off the hand of the god Tyr
6. How did Odin lose his eye?
He traded it to gain wisdom
He lost it in a battle with a giant
He removed it and transformed it into a hawk
He was stabbed in the eye by Loki
7. What did Valkyries do?
Brought those who died in battle to Valhalla
Spread Odin's decrees to the other gods
Kept giants from invading Midgard
Brewed mead for the gods
8. What is Yggdrasil?
A dragon
An immense tree that connects the Nine Worlds
A magical sword carried by the giant Surtr
Thor's magical belt that doubles his strength
9. Who is the wife of Thor?
10. Who was born from nine mothers?
11. Who are the Aesir and the Vanir?
two groups of Norse gods
Odin's and Thor's personal guards
two different clans of elves
fallen warriors who will fight alongside the gods at Ragnarok
12. Who lives in Midgard?
13. Which of these is NOT a child of Loki?
14. What is Ragnarok?
Twilight of the gods
End of the world
Birth of a new world
Death of the gods
15. Who wrote the Prose Edda, from which comes much of what we know of Norse mythology?
Leif Erikson
Cnut the Great
Snorri Sturluson
Olaf Tryggvason
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