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Click the name of each highlighted Nordic city on the map.
Can you name the five sovereign Nordic countries and their capital cities?
Can you guess these facts about the country of Denmark?
Can you name the countries which lie closest to Iceland?
Name the most populous metro areas in the Nordic countries.
Can you guess these facts about the country of Sweden?
Can you guess these facts about the country of Norway?
Can you guess these facts about the country of Finland?
For each statement, guess whether it applies to Ireland, Iceland or both.
What are the most common countries of birth for Swedish residents who were not born in Sweden?
For each statement, guess whether it applies to Greenland, Iceland or both.
78,160 Nordic Cities Map Quiz
62,967 Nordic Countries and Capitals
62,773 Denmark Country Quiz
56,974 Biggest Nordic Cities
56,110 Sweden Country Quiz
53,277 Countries Closest to Iceland
50,429 Norway Country Quiz
46,181 Finland Country Quiz
38,098 Greenland... or Iceland?
37,785 Iceland... or Ireland?
37,764 Sweden Immigration by Country
34,273 Iceland Country Quiz
32,564 Sweden True or False?
31,616 Countries Once Held by Sweden
30,012 Most-Visited Countries by Swedes
29,642 Iceland True or False?
28,143 Greenland Country Quiz
25,232 Biggest Cities in Sweden
23,640 Countries that Beat Iceland
19,450 The Vikings!
16,058 Largest Nordic Cities on a Map
15,260 Norse Mythology
13,088 Biggest Cities Ever Under Danish Rule
12,463 Most Common Last Names in Sweden
11,093100 Biggest Cities in Sweden / Sveriges 100 största städer
9,529 Famous Nordic People
9,293Norse Mythology I
9,028Dancing Queen - ABBA lyrics
9,008Sweden, Norway or Finland?
7,825Countries Closest to Finland
7,701Mamma Mia - ABBA Lyrics
7,673Counties of Norway (with map)
7,441Biggest Cities in Norway
6,304All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by Sweden
6,265Municipalities of Sweden with a Map
6,233Top 25 Biggest Cities in Finland
6,111Biggest Cities in Finland
5,760Countries Closest to Greenland
5,682Greek, Roman and Norse Gods
5,682100 Biggest Cities in Denmark on a Map
5,239ABBA songs by lyrics
5,041Countries Closest to Norway
5,033All ABBA songs
4,924Modern-day countries of the Swedish Empire on a Map
4,762Regions of Finland (With a Map)
4,595Denmark.... or Norway
4,298Biggest cities in Denmark
3,920The Finland Quiz
3,859Municipalities of Iceland with a Map
3,855ABBA - The winner takes it all - Lyrics
3,751Country Flags Hidden in the Norwegian Flag
3,736Do YoU kNoW tHe LyRiCs tO... "Mamma Mia" - by ABBA
3,623All Municipalities of Norway on a Map
3,601Nordic Geography on a Map
3,561All Modern-Day Countries Ever Controlled by Denmark on a Map
3,406Countries Closest to Denmark
3,385Swedish Counties Quiz
3,363Regions of Finland Map Quiz
3,001All 50k+ Cities in Finland with a Map
2,997Countries that Beat Sweden
2,995Click to Translate - Danish
2,886Click to Translate - Swedish
2,815Modern-Day Countries of the Kalmar Union on a Map
2,803Landskap of Sweden
2,740Countries Closest to Sweden
2,694Title in the Lyrics - ABBA
2,690Finland Immigration by Country
2,671Click to Translate - Norwegian
2,481Finnish NHL ice hockey players!
2,468All 50k+ Cities in Sweden with a Map
2,403100 biggest cities in Norway
2,369All 50k+ Cities in Norway with a Map
2,351Super Trouper - ABBA (All Lyrics)
2,348Answers are Sabaton Songs
2,326Lay All Your Love on Me - ABBA (All Lyrics)
2,315Mamma Mia! Here we go again quiz
2,249Finnish municipalities / Suomen kunnat
2,219100 biggest cities in Denmark
2,204Gimme Gimme Gimme! - ABBA (All Lyrics)
2,183History of Norway
2,172Countries that have been/is part of Norway
2,133The Nine Worlds of Norse Mythology
2,114Native languages of people living in Finland
2,107Geography of Sweden
2,104History of Denmark
2,077Flags of Countries That Border the Baltic Sea
2,049Countries with most Finnish people
2,007Countries That Visit Finland the Most
1,976Famous bands from Finland
1,940Sweden ... or Switzerland?
1,940Countries That Speak Swedish
1,873Sabaton lyrics quiz
1,872Countries That Border Denmark
1,851S.O.S. - ABBA (All Lyrics)
1,839Translate These Countries From Icelandic To English
1,807Regions / Maakunnat / Landskap of Finland
1,790Countries Once Held by Denmark
1,779Formula one drivers from Finland
1,770Allsvenskan Champions
1,762Norway Immigration by Country
1,722Top 100 Biggest Cities in Finland
1,705Football Players by Picture #15 - Nordics
1,690Biggest Cities in Finland on a Map
1,660Foreigners in Sweden by Country of Birth
1,630Stanley cup winners from Finland
1,620Biggest Trading Partners - Sweden
1,567Swedish municipalities
1,557Most popular baby girl names in Finland
1,536Norwegian,Danish or Swedish?
1,536Country Flags with the Nordic Cross - Picture Quiz
1,533Nordic Countries and Territories
1,500All 50k+ Cities in Denmark with a Map
1,473Mamma Mia! songs
1,470Denmark Immigration by Country
1,451Swedish Numbers 1-10
1,431100 Largest Cities/Towns in each Nordic Country
1,417Click to Translate - Icelandic
1,401Countries that Visit Sweden the Most
1,400ABBA songs featured in "Mamma Mia!" (film)
1,383count to 10 in Danish
1,362Suomen Presidentit, Kuvat- Presidents of Finland, Pictures
1,358Norway True or False?
1,336That's Viking You're Speaking!
1,322Basic Danish Words
1,307Denmark Islands Map Quiz
1,274Counties and Capitals of Sweden
1,261Swedish Country Quiz
1,257Biggest Trading Partners - Finland
1,255Provinces of Sweden Map Quiz
1,241regions of norway
1,236Cities in Scandinavia & Fennoscandia with a Map
1,213Click to Translate - Finnish
1,198Biggest Cities in Iceland
1,171Counties of the Swedish Empire in 1658 with a Map
1,169Urban areas in Norway with more than 20,000 inhabitants / Tettsteder i Norge med mer enn 20,000 innbyggere
1,168ABBA Songs Quiz
1,167Finland True or False?
1,165History of Sweden
1,158Finnish Presidents
1,156Denmark True or False?
1,154Counties of Sweden
1,152Most Visited Countries by Finns
1,141The Denmark Quiz!
1,110Translate These Countries From Icelandic To English #2
1,108Denmark 2022 FIFA World Cup Squad
1,095Most popular baby girl names in Sweden
1,090Slipping Through My Fingers - ABBA (All Lyrics)
1,079Denmark A-Z
1,078ABBA - I have a dream - lyrics quiz
1,068Biggest cities in the Nordic countries - EXTREME
1,067Copenhagenize Index (world's best cycling cities)
1,063Norwegian Baby Girl Names by Year
1,059Top 10 biggest cities in Sweden
1,047Norse Mythology Trivia
1,035Stockholm Metro Stations
1,034Famous Finns
1,020All 10k+ Cities in Sweden with a Map (extreme)
1,014Top 10 destinations from Copenhagen Airport 2013
1,002Regions of Iceland
961Iceland Immigration by Country
958The Finland Quiz!
951Denmark Euro 2020 Squad
95010 biggest cities in Finland
94850 Biggest Cities in Finland
943Geography of Denmark
942Baltic Sea General Knowledge
938Random Swedish Words
927Most popular baby boy names in Sweden
922Helsinki Metro Stations
906Sweden's Prime Ministers Quiz
903Stockholm metro stations
902ABBA fill in the blank
898Most popular baby boy names in Finland
897Voulez-Vous - ABBA (All Lyrics)
886Norse gods
866Countries Larger than Greenland
863Top 30 Biggest Danish Cities in Population
863Biggest Cities in Greenland on a Map
859Largest Islands of Denmark Quiz - Map
851Biggest Cities in Norway on a Map
849Faroe Islands Map Quiz
833Norway by Picture
832Nordic Countries - One, All or None?
826Cities in the Hanseatic League (with Map!)
808The Sweden Quiz
803Sabaton Lyrics
788Sweden A-Z
776Regions of Denmark with a Map
775Countries Visiting Iceland the Most
77125 Biggest Cities in Norway
753Finland A-Z
751UEFA Champions League goal scorers from Finland
747Countries with a Finnish Embassy
741Geography of Finland
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