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2,7282022-04-29Most populous country and city in every subregion
5792020-07-31Second largest cities by every letter
3832020-08-14Weird laws by country
2502020-08-09Which scandinavian country? (multiple choice)
2332020-09-01Geography groups of two by clue
1812020-09-02Geography groups of three by clue
1642020-08-22Top 10 countries, in different categories (geography)
1642020-10-03Geography groups of five by clue
1592020-08-25Most common second languages of the world
1582020-07-23International destinations from Oslo Airport
1532020-09-02Geography groups of four by clue
1532020-08-26Countries with the most first-level administrative divisions
1462020-10-05Geography groups of six by clue
1442020-10-09Geography groups of seven by clue
1322020-08-2420 first nationalities in Space
1282020-08-16Top 10 countries, in different categories
1172020-08-22Top 10 countries, in different categories (sports edition)
1012020-08-20Top 10 countries, in different categories (travel edition)
1012020-08-01Cities with the most hotels
982020-09-01Top 10 most populous cities on each continent
932020-08-02International destinations from Munich Airport
912020-08-04Cities by airline hubs
902020-08-09Busiest airports by cargo traffic
882020-08-09Busiest airports of non-capital cities
852020-08-04Largest ancestry groups of the United States
852020-08-22Most populous monarchies
852020-08-01Country of origin of the top 50 DJs
842020-08-28Cities that beat London
812020-08-20Non-asian cities with 10 or more skyscapers
792020-07-31City by airport name
752020-08-02Most populous Indonesian islands
742020-08-01Countries with the highest speed limit
732020-10-10Cities that beat Sao Paulo
712020-07-20The only country...
672020-08-10Cities by airline hubs #2
672020-07-21Most populous cities on islands
652020-08-07Geography A-Z by clue #2
652020-08-06Cities with the busiest airport systems
642020-07-31Geography A-Z by clue
622020-08-13Busiest airports in Germany
622020-08-12Countries that visit Norway the most
622020-08-17Countries with left-hand traffic
602020-08-11Africa's busiest airports
582020-08-08Countries with the fastest high-speed rail
582020-08-13Busiest airports of capital cities
562020-05-09Cities A-Z by clue
562020-08-07Largest cities by river
542020-08-05Every inhabited overseas territory of the world
532020-08-28Cities that beat Singapore
532020-07-26International destinations from Keflavik Airport
532022-06-28Surprising football (soccer) results since the 2000s
512020-08-12Countries that visit Kazakhstan the most
512020-08-02100 most populated countries of the World in order, with map
512020-08-04Largest cities in the most populated countries
502020-08-15Largest city by subdivison
492020-08-25Country with the most...
482020-08-22Countries that beat Norway
472020-08-07German country names in english
472020-08-22North-, south-, west- and easternmost 1M+ city by continent
472020-05-12Highest populated countries with exceptions
472020-08-14Largest cities of the stan-countries
462020-08-14Top 20 best airports in the world
462020-08-29Countries that beat California
462022-06-25Most populous U.S states and cities by administrative divisions
462020-07-15The travel quiz
452020-08-15Countries that visit China the most
452020-08-16Countries that visit Nepal the most
452020-07-26FIFA World Cup host cities in the 21st century
452020-08-11Countries with the most car exports
442020-08-09Countries visited by Donald Trump
442020-08-25Capital of each german state (Bundesland)
432020-08-20North-, south-, west- and easternmost 1M+ city by country
422020-08-29Geographic entities by land area given
412020-08-01UEFA Euro 2020 (2021) host cities
412020-09-03Countries ending with "an"
412020-08-28Cities that beat Tokyo
402020-08-04Countries where iPhones are more popular than Androids
402020-08-29Most populous capital cities with exceptions
392020-09-08Countries where Queen Elizabeth II is the monarch
392022-06-24Countries of the World quiz, in random order, with clues and map
392022-07-03Best clubs that haven't won a Champions League title
392020-07-31FIFA World Cup host cities in the 20th century
372020-07-26Cities A-Z by clue #2
352020-08-08Non-sovereign states having a football national team
352020-08-27Countries bordering countries that border Russia
342020-07-18Banks by country
332020-10-11Capital cities of island nations
332020-08-11Cities with the most international visitors
322020-08-07Biggest islands in the Pacific ocean
322020-09-02Pacific Ocean geography
322022-06-29Third largest cities by every letter
312020-08-24Country by car brand
302020-08-04Norwegian country names in english
302020-07-31Upcoming FIFA World Cup bids
282020-08-08Countries with Ebola cases
272020-08-14Country by picture
272022-06-08Atlantic Ocean geography
272020-08-16Cities with the most surveillance cameras per capita
272020-08-13Which country in Indochina? (multiple choice)
252020-08-31Geographic entities by land area given #2
252020-08-15Countries with the highest points above sea level
252020-08-09Countries that pass through circle of latitudes
252020-08-05Cities of the Orient Express
242020-08-25Cities included in major urban areas
242020-07-21Tourist attractions location quiz
242020-08-04Countries of the World alphabetically backwards
222020-07-08City closest to...
222020-08-03Most visited tourist attracitons
222020-08-13City-states since the 20th century
212020-08-08FIFA World Cup losing bids
202020-08-01Major stops of the Trans-Siberian Railway
202020-07-15Countries by resort places
192020-08-23City by picture
192020-06-08Country states/provinces/subdivisions by clue
192020-08-30Capital city furthest away from...
172020-08-24Car brands by city of origin
172020-08-05Countries by their formal / official name
152020-08-23Star Wars filming countries
152020-08-07Visa requirements for Japanese citizens
122020-08-07Visa requirements for Afghan citizens
122020-08-10Largest country subdivisions by area
122022-06-26Capital cities by coordinates
122020-08-22Cities by cardinal direction (multiple choice)
92020-08-21Districts of Hong Kong