1066 and all that

Quiz on 1066 and the Norman dynasty
Quiz by NoahGBurns
Last updated: March 4, 2021
First submittedMarch 4, 2021
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How many kings of England (crowned or proclaimed) were there in 1066?
Which one died on the 5th January?
Edward the Confessor
Which died in battle?
Harold II Godwinson
Which was never actally king?
Edgar the Ætheling
Which was canonized?
Edward the Confessor
Which invader was defeated and killed up north?
Harald Hardrada
What battle was this?
The Battle of Stamford Bridge
What kingdom was he king of?
What other kingdom did he claim?
Which of Harold's brothers supported him?
What is William I more commonly known as today?
William the Conqueror
What was his title before king of England?
Duke of Normandy
Where was he crowned?
Westminster Abbey
What day was he crowned?
Christmas Day
What embroidered cloth depicts the events leading up to the Norman conquest?
Bayeux Tapestry
What campaigns were waged by William in the winter of 1069–70 to subjugate northern England?
Harrying of the North
William loved hunting so much that he created the Forest Law - to protect the game animals and their forest habitat from destruction - in what yea?
What survey assessed the wealth and assets of Wlliam's subjects throughout the land?
Domesday Book
What year was this completed?
Where did William die?
Where was he buried?
Who was his successor? (answer with his nickname too)
William Rufus
Who was seen as the rightful heir?
Robert Curthose
What territory did he seize from King Malcolm Canmore of Scotland?
What new fashion (to do with appearance) did he set in his court?
long hair
How did he die?
What year?
Who was his successor? (answer with his nickname too)
Henry Beauclerc
Where was he born?
Selby, Yorkshire, England
What did he issue, denouncing his brother’s oppressive rule and promising a return to good and fair government?
Charter of Liberties
Level 73
Mar 4, 2021
I saw the title and thought that it was going to be a quiz about the book. Now that would really be worth doing.
Level 34
Mar 5, 2021
Yeah. I saw the opportunity and took it. Sorry for the dissappointment!