British Kings at key events in British History

These all involve or happened during the time of a male monarch ruling England, you must tell me which one.
write name and numerals, the first one can use the more common last name instead
Quiz by NoahGBurns
Last updated: February 26, 2021
First submittedFebruary 23, 2021
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Who was king at the start of the Battle of Hastings?
Harold II Godwinson
Who was king when Thomas Becket was murdered?
Henry II
Who first signed the Magna Carta and was king during the First Barons' War?
Who was king during the Second Barons' War?
Henry III
Who was king when the plague first arrived in England?
Edward III
Who was king during the Peasants' Revolt?
Richard II
Who was king at the start of the Wars of the Roses?
Henry VI
Who was king at the end of the Wars of the Roses?
Henry VII
Which king broke away from the Catholic Church?
Henry VIII
Who was the king which the Gunpowder Plot targeted?
James I
Who was king during the Great Fire of London?
Charles II
Who was king when the Slavery Abolition Act and First Reform Act?
William IV
Who was king during the battles of Trafalgar and Waterloo, and the American Revolution?
George III
Who was king during WWI?
George V
Who was king during WWII?
George VI
Level 52
Feb 23, 2021
Nice quiz! Just a couple of things – for me, Henry VIII came up when I typed Henry VII. And also, King John is just John, no "I" as there's never been a John II.

I wonder if it might be worth yellow-boxing this quiz, as it's all too easy just to type in all the kings you can think of...

Level 34
Feb 26, 2021
Thanks for the feedback! I always yellow-box quizzes, but can often forget. I will check up on that pesky Henry and will get rid of the I for John, not sure why I put it.
Level 34
Feb 26, 2021
All done! I left the Type-ins on auto; I have put it on exact now. Please go check out my other quizzes, I really enjoy researching and writing them!
Level 37
Sep 22, 2021
Great quiz! I don't know much about this myself but I'm sure it's a good quiz. Nominated!
Level 56
Sep 22, 2021
I always remember the American Revolution because King GEORGE was fighting GEORGE Washington.