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38,6682021-07-09 Conquer Humanity by Guessing Countries 🌎
2,4702021-05-26Conquer Europe by Guessing Countries 🌎
1,9842021-02-15Save Asia by Guessing Countries
1,1002021-05-23Conquer Asia by Guessing Countries 🌎
1,0172021-03-29Countries of the World by Population
6792021-07-18Most Populous Countries in Europe A-Z
4442021-05-10Find the Mystery U.S. City Using Color Clues
3902021-04-14Trova il Paese Misterioso Basandoti sul Colore n. 1
3382021-04-23Conquérez le monde en devinant des pays
2442021-05-26Hand-Drawn Map of Europe
2002021-07-11Conquer Humanity 🌎 - Casual Version
1812021-02-27UAE True or False?
1742021-05-16Find the Mystery South American City Using Color Clues
1602021-06-11Regions of Syria (with map!)
1542021-04-14Trova il Paese Misterioso Basandoti sul Colore n. 2
1442021-04-05Biggest Cities in Europe on a Map - with Exceptions
1302021-04-14Trova la Città Misteriosa Basandoti sul Colore
1212021-02-19Most Populated Countries on a Map
1162021-03-12Texting Slang #1
1152021-03-12Texting Slang #2
1092021-03-19Fill in the JetPunk Fish by Guessing Flags
1042021-03-19Regions of Yemen on a Map
1032021-05-11Find the Imposters! - Countries
1002021-04-05Countries that Start and End in A
982021-04-02Fill the U.S. Map by State Flags
882021-04-13Ultimate Geography Mix-Up
812021-06-09Biggest Cities in Asia on a Map - with Exceptions
782021-04-16Guess Country Flags to Reveal the Final Flag #2
722020-12-23U.S. States that Start With "New" or Cardinal Directions
682021-03-18Countries Bordering Algeria on a Map
652021-02-0315 Most Populous Cities in Oceania
602021-01-26Washington True or False?
582021-03-13Texting Slang #3
562021-05-08Countries with U.S. Counterterrorism Activity on a Map
552020-12-28Countries Starting with M and their Capitals
542020-12-28Countries Starting with A and their Capitals
512021-01-11MCU Characters by Screen Time
512021-01-14Countries Starting with D and their Capitals
502020-12-15Most Populated Countries of the World Map Quiz
452021-01-02Countries Starting with B and their Capitals
442020-12-28Countries Starting with N and their Capitals
432021-01-07Countries Starting with C and their Capitals
362021-03-25Random States Blurred on the U.S. Map
342021-01-14Countries Starting with E and their Capitals
342021-01-30Countries Starting with I and their Capitals
342021-02-18Countries Starting with K and their Capitals
322021-03-25Random Countries Blurred on the North American Map
322021-02-18Countries Starting with L and their Capitals
312021-03-04Southernmost Capital Cities
292021-01-14Countries Starting with F and their Capitals
292021-03-26Random Countries Blurred on the South American Map
282021-01-21Brand Logo Categories
272021-01-16Countries Starting with G and their Capitals
262021-01-26Countries Starting with H and their Capitals
252021-02-12New York - Multiple Choice Quiz
252020-12-23U.S. States Starting with M and their Capitals
252021-03-14Countries Starting with P and their Capitals
252021-01-30Countries Starting with J and their Capitals
232020-12-23"I" and "W" U.S. States and their Capitals
212021-05-25Countries of the SEATO
212021-01-19Countries that Border Algeria
202021-04-05Clutch's April Fools Quiz
182020-11-20Most Taken JetPunk Quizzes
182020-12-23U.S. States Starting with N and their Capitals
162021-05-27Regions of Syria - Map Quiz
152021-02-16Caribbean Flags - Picture Quiz
92021-02-21Mars Rovers
82021-04-05Coral By Picture