Statistics for The Pets of U.S. Presidents

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Pets President % Correct
Bo and Sunny, Portuguese water dogsBarack Obama
Socks the cat; Buddy, a chocolate Labrador retrieverBill Clinton
Millie, a Springer spaniel; Ranger, one of her pupsGeorge H.W. Bush
Spot, a Springer spaniel (Millie's pup); Barney, a Scottish terrier; India ("Willie") the catGeorge W. Bush
a mockingbird; two bear cubs (a gift from Lewis and Clark)Thomas Jefferson
Checkers, a cocker spaniel; Vicky, a poodle; Pasha, a terrier; King Timahoe, an Irish setter; fishRichard Nixon
Polly the Parrot; 36 hounds; horsesGeorge Washington
Him and Her, beagles; Freckles, Him's pup; Blanco, a collie; Edgar and Yuki, mutts; hamsters and lovebirdsLyndon Johnson
Sailor Boy, a Chesapeake Bay retriever; Manchu, a Pekingese; Skip, a mutt; terriers named Jack and Pete; cats named Tom Quartz and Slippers; Josiah the badger; Algonquin the pony; Eli the macaw; Jonathan the piebald rat; Emily Spinach, a garter snake; twelve horses; five bears; five guinea pigs; other snakes; two kangaroo rats; lizards; roosters; an owl; a flying squirrel; a raccoon; a coyote; a lion; a hyena; a zebraTheodore Roosevelt
no known petsMillard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, Chester MacArthur, and Donald Trump
Jack the turkey; goats named Nanny and Nanko; ponies; cats; dogs; pigs; a white rabbitAbraham Lincoln
Tom Kitten the cat; Robin the canary; Zsa Zsa the rabbit; Sardar the horse; ponies named Macaroni, Tex, and Leprechaun; parakeets named Bluebell and Marybelle; hamsters named Debbie and Billie; Charlie, a Welsh terrier; dogs named Pushinka, Shannon, Wolf, and ClipperJohn F. Kennedy
Grits the dog; Misty Malarky Ying Yang, a Siamese catJimmy Carter
Liberty, a Golden retriever; Chan, a Siamese catGerald Ford
Rex, a King Charles spaniel; Lucky, a Bouvier des Flandres sheepdogRonald Reagan

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