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Dark Souls I Lore Trivia

I've done my best to support any misspellings, etc.
Thanks to /u/Sentuh for correcting 17 and helping with 15 and 16
Thanks to /u/redruben234 for making 1 not spoil another question
Thanks to /u/The_Shovel_Knight and /u/elcareth for helping me make 20 more accurate
Thanks to /u/PacSam for making some of the answers more flexible
Quiz by Haslam
First submittedDecember 11, 2015
Last updatedDecember 12, 2015
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1. What is used for currency in Dark Souls?
2. What's the name of the mark which brands those with the undead curse?
3. What is the name of the land in which the game takes place?
4. Before there was disparity, what colour/color was everything?
5. What was this era called?
Age of Ancients
6. And what era succeeded it?
Age of Fire
7. At the time of the first game, what era is the world descending into?
Age of Dark
8. What's the motto/proverb of the Way of White?
Vereor Nox
9. Who is (at the time of the game) called the 'Lord of Cinder'?
Gwyn, The Lord of Sunlight
10. Who tried (and failed) to recreate the First Flame?
Witch of Izalith
11. Who is known for being 'the first of the dead'?
Gravelord Nito
12. Who famously betrayed his own kind?
Seath the Scaleless
13. Who is the necromancer supposedly fused with his family?
14. What's the name of Gwyn's daughter?
15. What's the name of the knights that were charred by demons?
Black Knights
16. What's the name of the knights who stayed in the Palace at Anor Londo?
Silver Knights
17. Who is the creator of the place known as the 'Painted World'?
18. Who is popularly believed to be a son of Gwyn?
19. Who found the 4th Lord Soul, known as the 'Dark Soul'?
Furtive Pygmy
20. In the expansion, what's the name of the town corrupted by the Abyss?
Oolacile Township
21. Who was once a Bishop, and wields a Dragon Tooth?
22. What land is the merchant Domhnall from?
23. Who was Quelana's original apprentice/student?
Salaman/Great Fireball
24. Judging from his armour/armor, where does the man who helped you escape the Asylum come from?
25. Who is known as the 'Goddess of Sin'?
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