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AC Electrical Motors

From the Yr 12 HSC Physics Course Motors and Generators
Quiz by Timtam
Last updated: July 14, 2018
First submittedJuly 14, 2018
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What does AC stand for?
Alternating Current
At what precise frequency is AC electricity produced at in Australia?
50 Hz
In a motor, what is electrical energy usually transformed into?
Rotational kinetic energy
What does the magnetic field from the stator produce on the coil from the rotor?
A torque
What is the most common shape of an AC motor's rotor?
A cylinder
What type of material do the rotor and stator have at their cores?
A ferromagnetic material
Thin steel laminations reduce the flow of what in this material?
Eddy currents
What are motors that operate using two or three phases produced at a power generation plants called?
Polyphase motors
What is a common single-phase AC motor?
Universal motor
In AC motors, what changes 100 times per second even though the motor rotates in the same direction constantly?
The direction of the current
In AC induction motors, how is the current formed?
A changing magnetic field induces the current
An AC induction motor is similar to a transformer but there is an air gap between the stator and rotor and the secondary coil is allowed to do what?
What is the most common type of AC induction motor?
Squirrel-cage Induction motors
In an induction motor, which magnetic field is stationary?
The stator
This stationary magnetic field is cylindrical with three field coil pairs. What is rotating inside this cylinder?
An electromagnet
For the current to be induced in the rotor bars, the rotor must ____ ______ the magnetic field.
Slip behind
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