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4472018-08-29English Football Clubs 2018-2019 (From Premier, to National League North/South)
3892018-08-29Deutsche Fußballklubs 2018-2019 (Bundesliga - 3. Liga)
3362018-07-15Biggest Cities in Africa - Extreme (Cities with Population over 500,000)
2242019-08-02English Football Clubs In Top 6 Divisions 2019-2020
1272019-01-09Biggest City in Each Country - Multiple Choice
1142018-05-17Countries with Claims over Disputed Territories
1132018-03-03Which City in Japan?
1122018-06-222018 FIFA World Cup Players A-Z
1102018-09-10All stars with proper names approved by International Astronomical Union
1092018-08-29German Football Clubs 2018-2019 (from Bundesliga to 3. Liga)
932019-12-25FIFA Club World Cup Top 4 Positions
862019-02-09Sudan, or South Sudan?
862019-01-19Le Squadre di Calcio di Serie A, B e C Italiane 2018-2019
832019-08-05All-Time Olympic Games Medal Table
652018-05-21Europian Football Clubs A-Z
652019-01-26Football Clubs in Italian Serie A, B and C 2018-2019
562018-04-27All-Time FIFA World Cup Qualified Teams Not Bordering Each Other
552018-05-29Answers Are One of 26 Alphabets Quiz
522019-01-09Famous Spots by Country - Multiple Choice
502018-06-03African Countries Which Have Ever Won An Olympic Medal
492018-07-06Countries That Recently Changed Their Flags - Picture Quiz
472018-02-09Biggest cities of Japanese prefectures
472018-04-12Constellations by Star Quiz #1
322019-04-19Answers Are One of 26 Alphabets Quiz #2
312018-02-25Japanese Prefecture Superlatives
302018-05-30J1 League - Top Division of Japanese Professional Football League
282019-04-20Countries of the World; Name Reversed, by Alphabetical Order
262019-08-05All-Time Olympic Games Medal Table - In Order
262018-07-15Biggest Cities on the Red Sea Quiz
262018-06-23All Nations Ever to Participate in Men's Football Tournaments at Olympic Games
252018-05-29Cities at the Confluences (Junctions) of Rivers
182018-02-09Biggest Cities in Chugoku Region, Japan
152018-05-28Non-European Football Clubs A-Z
112018-04-12Constellations by Star Quiz #2
112018-06-07Three-Letter Abbreviations of Constellations
112018-12-28Brightest Stars A-Z
92018-04-12Constellations by Star Quiz #3
82018-07-30Localities (Cities / Towns / Villages) in Tottori, Japan
12018-04-12Constellations by Star Quiz #4