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Do Flat-Earthers call our current education system indoctrination? | Does zooming in on objects with a camera bring them back from behind apparent obstructions? | Should we feel constant velocity? (Remember...put yourself in FE mindset) | Will world military forces stop you from finding the edge/dome?Yes
Does water stick to a spinning ball? (Experiments done on Earth using small masses)No
Did you intelligence level drop after taking this quiz?YES
Which pole is the center of the Flat-Earth disk?North
What accelerating "force" relating to Earth's mass is completely discarded by Flat-Earthers?Gravity
Which continent encompasses the entirety of the near 80,000 mile rim of the flat-Earth?Antarctica
Neil Armstrong never landed on the ___ and therefore NASA is lying about the shape of the EarthMoon
This religious book proves that the Earth is flatBible
Flat-Earthers can't see the ___ of the Earth and therefore it doesn't exist.Curve
NASA, Isaac Newton, Galileo, Einstein, Pythagoras, etc are all part of a massive _____ to cover up the Flat-EarthConspiracy
Astronauts are suspended by ___ when they pretend to be in zero gravity at the International Space StationWires
Flat-Earth laws of ___ dictate that the Sun can be brought back above the horizon with a camera zoomPerspective

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