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World Leaders of the Cold War

For each position listed and time period, name the Cold War leader.
The ROC (Republic of China) is today commonly known as Taiwan.
Quiz by kalbahamut
Last updated: October 2, 2018
First submittedAugust 25, 2014
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American President
George Bush
Ronald Reagan
Jimmy Carter
Richard Nixon
Lyndon Johnson
John Kennedy
Dwight Eisenhower
Harry Truman
British P.M.
Margaret Thatcher
French President
Fran├žois Mitterrand
Charles de Gaulle
Israeli P.M.
Shimon Peres
Menachem Begin
Yitzhak Rabin
Golda Meir
David Ben-Gurion
Leader of the Republic of China
Chiang Kai-shek
Solidarity Chair; Polish President
Lech Walesa
Chilean Dictator
Augusto Pinochet
Panamanian Leader
Manuel Noriega
Soviet Leader
Mikhail Gorbachev
Leonid Brezhnev
Nikita Khrushchev
Joseph Stalin
Paramount Leader of China
Deng Xiaoping
Mao Zedong
East German Leader
Walter Ulbricht
North Korean Dictator
Kim Il Sung
Vietnamese Leader
Ho Chi Minh
Egyptian President
Anwar Sadat
Gamal Abdel Nasser
Cambodian Dictator
Pol Pot
Yugoslavian President
Josip Broz Tito
Saudi King
King Faisal
Iranian Ayatollah
Ruhollah Khomeini
Iranian Shah
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
Cuban Dictator
Fidel Castro
Fulgencio Batista
Indonesian President
level 65
Aug 25, 2014
Mitterrand, Nagy and Ulbricht seems to be not accepted
level 77
Aug 25, 2014
Thanks. I'll fix it.
level 77
Aug 27, 2014
I ended up removing Nagy from the quiz anyway. Nobody was guessing him. I added Khomeini instead.
level 77
Sep 11, 2014
Deleted Dubcek to make room for Noriega, after deleting Noriega from the World Leaders #2 Quiz.
level 77
Oct 12, 2019
Noriega does not belong on this quiz. He was a drug dealing tin pot dictator of a third world backwater banana republic that played no role in the cold war. Omit him and put Ford in.
level 77
Oct 12, 2019
I'd recommend googling "Noriega and the Cold War"
level 59
Sep 19, 2014
I hate having to respell Gorbachov and Khrushov/Khrushiov.
level 77
Sep 19, 2014
I'll add those spellings.
level 71
Sep 19, 2014
The years you give for Pol Pot may coincide with his leadership of the Khmer Rouge, but they do not represent the years he held power in Cambodia. That should be 1975-1981.
level 76
Sep 24, 2014
I kept typing Mikhail Baryshnikov, wondering why it wasn't accepted for the Russian leader. Somebody smack me, please?
level 77
Sep 30, 2014
His summit with American president Michael Jackson was one for the books.
level 76
Sep 24, 2014
Just wondering why Ford is the only US prez you omitted from the list.
level 77
Nov 16, 2014
He was only in office 895 days and didn't do that much while there. Ford's presidency saw the fall of Saigon, which was significant, but also something that had been building for a while and he didn't have much to do with it. Additionally, compared to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Soviet Union (Bush), the INF treaty/end of the Cold War (Reagan), Iranian revolution and hostage crisis (Carter), '73 Israeli War/disengagement in Vietnam/visiting China (Nixon), escalation in Vietnam/Gulf of Tomkin (Johnson), Cuban missile crisis (Kennedy), Eisenhower doctrine/Iranian coup/Suez crisis/space race (Eisenhower), or the Truman doctrine/NATO/Marshall plan/use of the a-bomb/start of the Cold War (Truman)... it just doesn't seem that important.
level 66
Nov 17, 2014
Since Ford did lead the U.S.A during the Cold War, doesn't that give him a place on this list, regardless of how insignificant he was?
level 77
Nov 18, 2014
He's far from the only leader left off this list. I also omitted Hua Guofeng, 3-4 Soviet leaders depending on whether you count Yanayev or not, and a whopping 10 British prime ministers, among others. I left Churchill off the list and I daresay he was a much more significant leader of the Cold War than Gerald Ford. I just decided that he was much more associated with World War 2 and his first term in office so I left him off this quiz.

So, in short, no. This is not a comprehensive list. If it were there would be a few thousand answers.
level 74
Nov 28, 2018
Not to mention the yearly rotation of Yugoslav presidents after Tito :)

And of course Churchill absolutely belongs on this list but I understand the reason for exclusion.
level 69
Jun 2, 2016
Pol Pot could only really be described as dictator of Cambodia from 1975 to 1979 - before and after that he was just the leader of a Cambodian political party.
level 67
Oct 12, 2016
Great quiz. I could have done with an extra minute or so, but then I am trying to drag answers from the back of my mind or remember things from when I was only a kid.
level 62
Oct 16, 2016
Nice quiz! Can you accept just Gaulle? Was wondering why Charles de Gaulle was not being accepted.
level 38
Jan 25, 2018
Kalbahamut: Though I thoroughly disagree with you about Gerald Ford being omitted from this quiz, and I often regard you as a giant PITA... I must admit that you compose awesome quizes. Kudos!
level 77
Jan 25, 2018
I absolutely am not an enormous piece of unleavened bread.
level 45
May 29, 2018
Maybe some more British PMs should be included.
level 77
Jun 4, 2018
Maybe. But I don't really think the quiz is any poorer for the omission of Harold Wilson or James Callaghan. I decided to leave off Winston Churchill because he's on my World Leaders of the World Wars quiz and is much better known for his leadership during that period. Aside from him, Thatcher, and maybe Atlee I don't think there are any British PMs that most people would know or that played a significant role in the events of the Cold War.
level 77
Jul 9, 2018
QM- all I did was change some clues slightly and shift the order around a bit to make this (awesome, front page worthy) quiz prettier. Why does that wipe out all the stats? I hate when that happens...
level 49
Jan 4, 2019
Can you also accept Jiang Jieshi for Chiang Kai Shek? Thanks for the quiz!
level 50
Oct 10, 2019
Cuban "dictator"... Just because Cuba is not allied with NATO does not make Castro a dictator.
level 77
Oct 10, 2019
That's true.

dictator: a ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained control by force.

Nothing about NATO in that definition.
level 28
Oct 12, 2019
Another great quiz kalbahamut! Nomination point coming your way!
level 28
Oct 12, 2019
If you (or anyone else who sees this) is inclined to take a quiz of mine, that would be incredibly helpful! I have a quiz called "Major 2020 Presidential Candidates" that is on the nomination page and would love feedback on it! Thank you in advance for anyone who checks it out!!