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3,1942015-01-23Video Games by Description
1,7722020-06-10Every Oscar-Nominated Actor
1,6692020-06-10Every Oscar-Nominated Actress
1,2482014-12-28Batman Villains
9602015-12-09Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Singles of 2015
7892014-04-30Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Singles Of 2011
7472014-04-30Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Singles Of 2010
5162016-12-08Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Singles of 2016
3742017-12-11Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Singles of 2017
3602014-12-09Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Singles of 2014
3332020-12-10Super Smash Bros. Character First Appearances
3102020-06-11Random Historical Figures by Picture
2982014-12-08Super Smash Bros. Brawl Q&A
2892019-03-25Leonardo DiCaprio Movies: Multiple Choice
2782014-10-08Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Singles Of 2013
2672017-08-12Marvel Comics Actors
2532019-04-03Tom Cruise Movies: Multiple Choice
2462018-12-09Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Singles of 2018
2392019-03-29Tom Hanks Movies: Multiple Choice
2382020-12-11Decade in Review: 2010-2019
2322014-10-06Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Singles Of 2012
2292014-06-26Fast Food/Restaurant Slogans
2172019-04-10Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies: Multiple Choice
2162019-03-26Jim Carrey Movies: Multiple Choice
2092019-04-01Adam Sandler Movies: Multiple Choice
1902019-04-08Harrison Ford Movies: Multiple Choice
1752019-03-27Johnny Depp Movies: Multiple Choice
1712019-02-28Actors with Oscars and Razzies
1692019-04-06Brad Pitt Movies: Multiple Choice
1502014-12-08Super Mario Sunshine Q&A
1322019-03-28Will Smith Movies: Multiple Choice
1222019-05-07Julia Roberts Movies: Multiple Choice
1222019-08-31DC Comics Actors
1212020-04-21Worst. Quiz. Ever.
1192020-12-31Artists With 4+ US #1 Singles
1142019-04-05Robin Williams Movies: Multiple Choice
1142019-05-08Mel Gibson Movies: Multiple Choice
1142020-02-10Oscar-Winning Comic Book Actors
1122020-04-01April Fools' Quiz: Multiple Choice
1112019-05-01Sandra Bullock Movies: Multiple Choice
1052019-05-19Nicolas Cage Movies: Multiple Choice
1042020-01-04Actors in Movies: Tile Select
982019-04-07Matt Damon Movies: Multiple Choice
962019-05-14Cameron Diaz Movies: Multiple Choice
892019-04-04Will Ferrell Movies: Multiple Choice
842019-06-12NO Samuel L. Jackson Movies: Multiple Choice
822020-05-21Director / Actor Movies
822014-12-07Video Games by Description #2
762017-06-12Movie Analogies
732020-07-01July Birthdays
692016-10-11Video Games That Start With C
682019-12-30Billboard Hot 100 Year-End Singles of 2019
662020-02-29March Birthdays
642020-09-20You Don't Know Jack! Trivia
632020-10-01October Birthdays
632019-05-11Natalie Portman Movies: Multiple Choice
622016-01-23Superhero Origins
602020-01-29February Birthdays
582019-12-29Harry Potter Movies by Runtime
572016-11-26Shortest Movie Descriptions
572020-11-01November Birthdays
572016-10-30Video Games That Start With D
572020-03-12Most Guessed Most Guessed Countries on JetPunk
492020-12-01December Birthdays
472020-06-01June Birthdays
462019-12-29Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies by Runtime
462016-04-05Video Games by Developer/Publisher
462020-03-31April Birthdays
442019-12-29January Birthdays
442020-08-01August Birthdays
422021-01-20The James Madison Presidency
422016-12-31Video Games That Start With G
422020-05-06Rhyming Movie Titles
412016-12-10Video Games That Start With F
392020-04-30May Birthdays
382021-01-20The James Monroe Presidency
372020-09-01September Birthdays
362016-11-18Video Games That Start With E
362017-05-10Video Games That Start With M
362016-09-21Video Games That Start With B
362018-05-30Star Wars Movies by Runtime
332017-09-12Video Games That Start With S
332018-01-09Movies of 2017
322020-11-01November Birthdays: Picture Edition
312016-08-29Video Games That Start With A
312017-03-30Video Games That Start With K
302020-04-25The Kim Jong-un Quiz
302021-01-20The Martin Van Buren Presidency
282020-01-27Best Picture Winners by Plot
282020-01-06U.S. State Synonyms
282020-12-31U.S. Presidents by Former Occupation
282020-10-31Monster Movies #2
262021-01-20The John Quincy Adams Presidency
262020-06-08Magic Kingdom Map Quiz
262020-03-01March Birthdays: Picture Edition
242017-07-24Video Games That Start With Q
242020-11-17Random General Knowledge: Multiple Choice
232017-04-18Video Games That Start With L
232020-09-01September Birthdays: Picture Edition
222020-04-01April Birthdays: Picture Edition
222020-12-01December Birthdays: Picture Edition
222020-01-01January Birthdays: Picture Edition
222019-09-09Highest Grossing Movies with Exceptions
212020-02-01February Birthdays: Picture Edition
212021-01-20The James K. Polk Presidency
202020-08-01August Birthdays: Picture Edition
202020-01-02Saturday Night Live Hosts: Five-Timers Club
202021-01-20The Franklin Pierce Presidency
192020-07-01May Birthdays: Picture Edition
192020-07-01July Birthdays: Picture Edition
192021-01-20The William Henry Harrison Presidency
182017-01-23Video Games That Start With H
172021-01-20The John Tyler Presidency
172016-01-13Unanswerable Questions
172021-01-20The James Buchanan Presidency
162017-06-03Video Games That Start With N
152017-02-08Video Games That Start With I
152017-03-13Video Games That Start With J
142021-01-20The Millard Fillmore Presidency
142021-01-20The Andrew Johnson Presidency
142017-06-19Video Games That Start With O
142020-05-23Video Games by Wikipedia Descriptions
132017-08-15Video Games That Start With R
132020-07-01June Birthdays: Picture Edition
132017-10-16Video Games That Start With T
122020-10-01October Birthdays: Picture Edition
122017-07-10Video Games That Start With P
122020-03-12Movies Directed by Women
112021-01-20The Zachary Taylor Presidency
92017-10-16Video Games That Start With U
72019-10-03Most Popular JetPunk Quizzes by Letter
72017-12-11Video Games That Start With V
52021-01-20The Herbert Hoover Presidency
42021-01-20The Warren G. Harding Presidency
42021-01-20The Ulysses S. Grant Presidency
32021-01-20The Calvin Coolidge Presidency
32021-01-20The William Howard Taft Presidency
32021-01-20The Benjamin Harrison Presidency
22021-01-20The Rutherford B. Hayes Presidency
22021-01-20The James A. Garfield Presidency
22021-01-20The Grover Cleveland Presidency
22021-01-20The Chester A. Arthur Presidency