Statistics for Marvel's Fantastic Four (2005 film) Characters Quiz

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Actor/ActressDescriptionCharacter% Correct
Chris EvansAn astronaut who receives the ability to coat himself in flames and fly, and the brother of the aboveJohnny Storm / Human Torch
Ioan GruffuddAn astronaut who receives the abilities to stretch his body like rubberReed Richards / Mr. Fantastic
Jessica AlbaAn astronaut who receives the ability to make herself invisible, and the sister of the belowSue Storm / Invisible Woman
Michael ChiklisAn astronaut who is turned into an orange Hulk made of rockBen Grimm / The Thing
Julian McMahonAn astronaut who receives a metal armor, and becomes the nemesis of the Fantastic FourVictor von Doom / Doctor Doom
Kerry WashingtonA blind woman who becomes romantically involved with the ThingAlicia Masters
Stan LeeThe postman for the Baxter BuildingWillie Lumpkin
Hamish LinklaterThe assisstant of the aboveLeonard

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