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History by Letter - B

Name these historical people, places, and things beginning with the letter B.
Quiz by Geoguy
First submittedMay 19, 2014
Last updatedJune 19, 2019
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Deaf German composer
Ludwig van
Ancient city that supposedly had
Hanging Gardens
Modern-day capital near the
site of the above
City that had a "Tea Party" in 1773
"Liberator" of South and Central America
Simón Bolívar
City separated by a wall until 1989
Often credited with
inventing the telephone
Graham Bell
English scientist and statesman
who shares his name with a strip of meat
Francis Bacon
Prison stormed in the French Revolution
The Eastern Roman Empire
Russian faction that came to power
in the October Revolution
Napoleon's last name
Pandemic caused by
the Yersinia Pestis bacterium
Black Death
Descendants of the
Dutch settlers of South Africa
Siddhārtha Gautama
City where the Titanic was built
Germany's bombing of the
UK during WWII
The Blitz
Literary family of
Anne, Emily, and Charlotte
What came before the Iron Age
Bronze Age
Nickname for pirate Edward Teach
Celtic queen who led a revolt
against the Romans
Beheaded wife of Henry VIII
Anne Boleyn
Former name of Mumbai
Abraham Lincoln's assassin
John Wilkes
level 66
May 21, 2014
come on, Bolein should be right to!
level 43
Sep 9, 2014
Learn to spell, or don't take the quiz.
level 55
May 22, 2014
I'm glad we had the B hint, because he beheaded more than one wife.
level 73
May 22, 2014
"divorce is for wusses" - King Henry VIII
level 44
Aug 14, 2014
He had two divorces, and two were beheaded.
level 60
Dec 2, 2016
Divorce beheaded died, divorced beheaded survived!
level 31
Oct 11, 2017
@WolfCam "Don't Stay in School" - Boy in a Band.
level 77
May 24, 2014
Oh come on, he beheaded only two, and Boleyn is the most famous ^^.
level 77
Jun 10, 2014
Great pick-up lines in history: c'mon baby, I've only had two of my ex-wives brutally murdered.
level 59
Dec 15, 2014
Divorced, beheaded and died. Divorced, beheaded, survived. The fate of Henry VIII's wives. Only one of them kept their lives.
level 62
Oct 21, 2015
3 of them kept their lives, actually. Wife # 4, Anna of Cleves, and Wife # 6 Catherine Parr both outlived him, while Wife # 1, Catherine of Aragon lived several years after the annulment of her marriage.
level 70
Apr 18, 2017
He didn't divorce at all. Two of his marriages were annulled.
level 46
Jun 10, 2014
Very surprised that Boudica scored so low :/
level 45
Jun 14, 2014
forgot boudica :-(
level 31
Sep 23, 2014
Great quiz loved it
level 43
Oct 8, 2014
Who else thought of "bubonic plague" before Black Death? (: Thank you, Quizmaster, for allowing this as a correct answer! (:
level 49
Sep 13, 2016
I sure did. And when I saw it I was like, oh, Black starts with B.
level 47
Dec 2, 2016
me too
level 39
Dec 22, 2014
Stockiebasher - three kept their lives. The two he divorced and Catherine Parr, who outlived him.
level 39
Jan 10, 2015
I read your comment about Kevorkian and admit I hadn't heard of him. Looked him up and what a character he was. People have their own opinions about euthanasia but the taking of blood from corpses really freaked me out; as did his wanting to experiment on criminals. So thanks, Erikthev, for educating me!
level 76
Sep 8, 2015
Buonaparte or Buonoparte for Bonaparte? I have been reading a book that spells it like that all the way through and was annoyed when it didn't accept it.
level 49
Jul 7, 2017
Yes, I agree. Buonaparte is his real Corsican name.
level 69
Nov 2, 2015
There is proof that Shakespeare spelt his own name 17 different ways so what chance have we got
level 49
Nov 25, 2015
I knew Bolsheviks, I just couldn't spell it >:(
level 72
Mar 6, 2016
Too easy for someone educated in 1970's UK. Finished with 2:15 to spare.
level 59
Sep 12, 2016
Bell did invent the Telephone, so why does the clue say often credited with inventing the Telephone, when it's an established fact he did it.
level 54
Sep 12, 2016
Antonio Meucci invented the telephone, he couldn't afford the patents. Bell stole his idea, Meucci sued but died before the end of the trial.
level 38
Oct 24, 2018
^ Yes. That "often credited with..." threw me off completely,and made me think of Menucci, which doesn't start with a "B".
level ∞
Jun 19, 2019
There were lots of people who invented the telephone. Bell was one of them.
level 23
Jul 7, 2017
omg i would have got 100% if i spelt Byzantine right LOL
level 31
Oct 11, 2017
If only I had been able to spell Bolsheviks correctly... stupid Ben... its not "Bolshoviks"... ;( smh