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Times taken 6,402
Quizmaker Rank # 1,483
1,2762014-05-12Liverpool Best XI
9952014-05-12Chelsea Best XI
7022014-04-30Manchester United Best XI
6132014-05-12Everton Best XI
5232014-07-18Manchester United 1999 Champions League Final Side
5122014-05-12West Ham Best XI
3672014-05-12Arsenal Best XI
2602014-04-11Barclays Premier League Best XI 2013/14
2332014-05-01Newcastle Best XI
1802014-04-09Manchester United Players
1622014-04-16Chelsea Managers
1562014-05-12Aston Villa Best XI
1062014-05-02Sunderland Best XI
1022014-04-28Manic Street Preachers
702014-05-02Southampton Best XI
632014-02-04Stereophonics Albums
432014-05-01Stoke XI
392014-12-14Welsh Musicians