Alliteration by Letter - P

Based on the clues, guess these alliterative answers that start with the letter P.
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Last updated: September 20, 2018
First submittedSeptember 20, 2013
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Thanksgiving dessert option
Pumpkin Pie
Table tennis
Ping Pong
Resident of Never Never Land
Peter Pan
"Th-th-th-that's all folks!"
Porky Pig
Sound of babies' footsteps
Pitter Patter
Messy friend of Charlie Brown
Spider-Man's alter ego
Peter Parker
Words that often come before
"no trespassing"
Private Property
He led away a village's rats -
and then its children
Pied Piper
What causes you to follow
your friends off a cliff
Peer Pressure
Despostic Khmer Rouge leader
Pol Pot
Inspector Clouseau movie
Pink Panther
What Peter Piper picked a peck of
Pickled Peppers
Toughest part of a driving test?
Parallel Parking
Friend that one corresponds with via mail
Pen Pal
Roman official who authorized
the execution of Jesus
Pontius Pilate
Painter of "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon"
Pablo Picasso
Best place for a car at the start of a race
Pole Position
Killjoy; wet blanket; spoilsport
Party Pooper
To feign death in the manner
of a certain marsupial
Play Possum
Level 36
Mar 21, 2014
you should also accept playing possum since your technically asking for the verb.
Level 53
Apr 14, 2014
No, then it would read "FeignING death...", instead of "To feign..."
Level 56
Apr 14, 2014
Because of the picture, I knew what you wanted for Thanksgiving dessert. What about pecan pie though? It, too, is a common dessert at Thanksgiving... especially in the South.
Level 60
Dec 11, 2016
Except it's a picture of pumpkin pie.
Level 67
Feb 18, 2020
Except you can only see a picture if you play on the computer... not if you are on tablet or smartphone.
Level 78
Jan 3, 2019
Yep, we always serve both at our house, and what does the picture matter?
Level 54
Apr 14, 2014
The correct spelling would be opossum.
Level 59
Apr 14, 2014
You are correct. But nobody says, "Aw, he was just playing opossum."
Level 55
Feb 8, 2017
possum and opossum are two different animals. Both are marsupials, but one is from Australia, and the other is north american.
Level 78
Jan 3, 2019
I usually see it spelled 'possum which should satisfy everyone.
Level 78
Feb 22, 2019
The correct spelling IS opossum. The "o" is silent. The Australian possum is a different animal and it does not play dead.
Level 50
May 24, 2014
You should put in Park Place. Like in monopoly.
Level 80
Sep 4, 2016
Penelope Pitstop. Prescilla Presley. Peter Proud (as in "The Reincarnation of..."). Pittsburgh Pirates. Psychological Profile.
Level 78
Jan 3, 2019
How about Might Mouse's girlfriend, Pearl Pureheart?
Level 51
Aug 19, 2016
I think that pecan pie should be accepted for the first one because it is also a alliterative desert.
Level 71
Oct 12, 2017
Welsh for butterfly? Pili-Pala :-)
Level 62
Dec 29, 2017
No Parchment Paper, Peppa Pig, Or Post Partum?
Level 84
Dec 29, 2017
No, because of a quiz writer's Peter Principle.
Level 81
Dec 30, 2017
So "pickled pepper" is not good enough? Bah.
Level 70
Jan 1, 2018
Play possum must be an American phrase as I've not heard it before. I would have been guessing for a long time before I got that.
Level 78
Jan 3, 2018
Possum is an American animal.
Level 78
Jan 3, 2019
If a 'possum becomes frightened it sometimes stops and pretends to be dead. Apparently the ones around our house are not afraid of us, because they seldom do it. They just turn and run.
Level 81
May 17, 2018
I am the pahty poopah. I am here to poop your pahty.
Level 64
Jul 27, 2018
How about Pan Piper for the rat catcher?
Level 52
Dec 11, 2018
Just letting you know, despostic should be despotic
Level 42
Dec 31, 2018
Pitter Patter reminds me of rain
Level 83
Jan 1, 2019
I kept going with variants of the ubiquitous "Posted property" hunting signs.
Level 78
Jan 3, 2019
I kept trying things with posted, too. But there usually isn't any other word with that, just "Posted, no trespassing."
Level 67
Sep 21, 2020
I tried "perpetrators prosecuted". :(
Level 58
Jan 5, 2019
so pickled pepper is wrong and pickled peppers is correct - sheesh...
Level 58
Oct 2, 2019
All I could think of was Pigsty for Charlie Brown. Tried random P names before in case he had a proper name that I just didn't know. I don't know Charlie Brown all that well, and I thought at the end that maybe Peppermint Patty was messy as opposed to dirty... 🤷
Level 45
Mar 11, 2020
Got Pig-Pen