Famous People from Texas

Can you name these famous Texans based on a short clue?
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Last updated: January 8, 2020
First submittedApril 23, 2012
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President #41 or #43
George Bush
First President of Texas
Sam Houston
Father of Texas
Stephen F. Austin
Kennedy assassin
Lee Harvey Oswald
Kennedy's successor
Lyndon Johnson
Governor from 2000-2015, the longest term in Texas history
Paint Creek
Rick Perry
Seven-time Tour de France winner *
Lance Armstrong
Starred in "The Fugitive" and "Men in Black"
San Saba
Tommy Lee Jones
"Texas Flood" guitarist
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Reclusive aviation billionaire
Howard Hughes
"On the Road Again" singer
Willie Nelson
3rd party candidate in 1992
H. Ross Perot
Playmate who married a billionaire
Anna Nicole Smith
CBS anchor - "the most trusted man in America"
Walter Cronkite
Country singer and sausage brand namesake
Jimmy Dean
Justin Bieber's ex-girlfriend
Grand Prairie
Selena Gomez
Heavyweight grill salesman
George Foreman
Dallas Mavericks owner
Mark Cuban
Star of the movie "Ray"
Jamie Foxx
Leader of the Crickets and plane crash victim
Buddy Holly
"Lonesome Dove" author
Archer City
Larry McMurtry
All-time MLB strikeouts leader
Nolan Ryan
Dallas Cowboys coach with a trademark fedora
Tom Landry
Bonnie Parker's partner in crime
Clyde Barrow
Level 37
Apr 19, 2012
Good quiz, but Mark Cuban is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Level 87
Oct 1, 2014
Mark Cuban is about as Texan as Dirk Nowitzki. Just because you move there and live there now, that doesn't mean you're "from" there.
Level 82
Mar 2, 2015
I disagree. I was born in Merrifield and spent the first seven years of my life in Manassas but if asked to pick a city where I was "from" I would probably say Centreville. Or Washington DC. Even though my family no longer lives there and I don't feel a particularly strong connection to the place. If I ever establish a truly permanent residence somewhere, I might start saying I am from that place. I move around so much that when someone asks me where I'm from I often ask them to clarify what they mean. I'll say, "originally?"
Level 38
Apr 20, 2012
It's Stevie Ray Vaughan, not Vaughn. Fun quiz - all 50 states please!
Level ∞
Apr 23, 2012
Fixed. Thanks!
Level 44
Dec 15, 2012
I'm not sure "famous people from Rhode Island" would yield many results. :)
Level 77
Jun 24, 2014
should read '0xTour de France winner'
Level 90
Sep 23, 2014
And accept the names of all 26 million + currently living people that fit that description?
Level 69
Mar 2, 2015
Rick Perry is no longer the governor of Texas. Greg Abbott took office six weeks ago.
Level ∞
Mar 2, 2015
Good to know. Updated.
Level 71
Jul 5, 2015
6 weeks ago was still 2015.
Level 61
Mar 2, 2015
Good quiz, but Rick Perry needs to be updated. Also, I'd love to see Bob Schieffer of CBS's "Face the Nation" and other news programs added in (hometown: Fort Worth).
Level 82
Mar 2, 2015
Oh man, missed Steamy Ray Vaughn. And the sports questions, of course.
Level 86
Mar 2, 2015
Lee Harvey Oswald was from New Orleans. He lived in Dallas for a short time, but spent the bulk of his childhood in New Orleans.
Level 86
Nov 19, 2015
I was surprised that more people did not point that out.
Level 83
Aug 10, 2018
He lived there longer than the "Texans" at the Alamo had at the time of their land grab as foreign immigrant insurgents.
Level 70
Oct 18, 2018
Level 80
Mar 2, 2015
I was on the wrong track for All-time MLB strikeouts leader. I kept entering batters who struck out a lot: Jackson, Canseco, Schmidt, etc. D'oh! Maybe could specify pitcher?
Level 67
Mar 25, 2015
No way you could miss it if you've ever been to Alvin, Tx.
Level 83
Aug 10, 2018
He has a statue right next toThe Chipmunks one.
Level 48
Mar 3, 2015
Why do people keep complaining about who was born where? This quiz is not about ONLY people who were born in Texas but about people who are associated with and live or lived in TX. We remember figures for where they CHOOSE to make their home as adults, which is why both Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama are considered to be from Illinois even though they were born in Kentucky and Hawaii, respectively. Ronald Reagan was actually born in IL, but he will always be closely linked to Califonia because that's where he lived the vast majority of his life.

Besides just the Bush presidents, Mark Cuban, and many others CHOSE to live in Texas and to be associated with the state. Is Emmitt Smith less of a legend in the state because he grew up in Florida? Get some perspective!

Level 86
Nov 19, 2015
The column header is "hometown." There is no way, for example, that Lee Harvey Oswald's hometown could be anything but New Orleans.
Level 32
Mar 7, 2015
Where's Beyonce?
Level 67
Feb 7, 2016
Tommy Lee Jones's character is not the antagonist in The Fugitive
Level 81
Jun 30, 2017
Love the asterisk for Lance Armstrong. What a repulsive, vile human being.
Level 83
Aug 10, 2018
Yeah, a real killer. Oh wait, then he'd be a hero.
Level 74
Dec 1, 2018
RIP George H.W. Bush
Level 83
Jun 3, 2019
I may be going soft, but I hope that history will remember Selena Gomez as something more than 'Justin Bieber's ex-girlfriend'. That's not a legacy.
Level 68
Jan 9, 2020
Isn't Matthew McConaughey Texan? Why is he not here.
Level 73
Feb 20, 2021
Why is there an asterisk after the 7th clue?