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Everything's bigger in Texas! How many of Texas's 30 most populous cities can you name?
See if you can correctly guess each highlighted Texas city.
There are 254 counties in Texas. How many can you name?
Remember the Alamo by naming the six countries that have controlled Texas.
Everything's bigger in Texas, but this quiz is the normal length.
For each selected category, name any of the U.S. states that ranks higher than Texas.
Can you guess whether these statements about the U.S. state of Texas are true or false?
Try to guess each Texas city based on a description and the first letter of its name.
Name all the teams from Texas that play in the four major professional sports leagues.
For each letter A-Z, guess the answer that pertains to the state of Texas.
Try to answer these questions about the history of the state of Texas.
94,765 Biggest Cities in Texas
68,200 Texas Cities Map Quiz
49,900 Texas Counties
45,302 State Quiz - Texas
41,978 Six Flags Over Texas
35,540 States that Beat Texas
28,202 Famous People from Texas by Picture
26,804 Texas True or False?
17,631Texas Rivers Map Quiz
17,100 Which City in Texas?
15,331 Texas Pro Sport Teams
14,257 Texas A-Z
11,495 History of Texas
9,576 European Cities... in Texas
9,471 Houston Trivia
8,964 Movies Set in Texas
5,894Texas Cities A-Z
4,775 Dallas City Trivia
4,294Countries Larger Than Texas
3,121Dallas Cowboys Trivia
2,914San Antonio Spurs Leaders Per Year
2,596Top 10 Houston Astros of All-Time
2,589Top 100 Biggest Cities in Texas
2,061100 Largest Cities in Texas by Population
2,030Houston Rockets Leaders Per Year
1,739Top 100 Biggest Cities in Texas
1,719NCAA Division 1 schools in Texas
1,718Dallas Mavericks Leaders Per Year
1,634All 100k Cities in Texas on a Map
1,59750 Largest Cities in Texas
1,452Dallas Cowboys QBs
1,429Tim Duncan Quiz
1,395Counties In Texas
1,372Top 10 Texas Rangers of All-Time
1,331Countries That Are Bigger Than Texas
1,303Houston Rockets Trivia
1,221Cities in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex (Texas)
1,206San Antonio Spurs Top 10 Leaders
1,187San Antonio Spurs Trivia
1,172Dallas Mavericks Trivia
1,143County Seats of Texas
1,135Houston Astros Trivia
1,088California... or Texas?
1,007Cities in the Dallas Metro Area on a Map
969Dallas Cowboys: Pro Bowl Selections
960San Antonio Spurs NBA All-Stars
924Houston Intercontinental Airport (IAH) Destinations
914Houston Rockets NBA All-Stars
914Dallas Mavericks: Leading Scorer Every Year
907Six Flags over Texas
885Houston Rockets: Leading Scorer Every Year
860Houston Rockets All-Time Roster
829Texas Groups of Things
825San Antonio Spurs 2010's Starters
813Houston Rockets Nicknames
809Countries Larger than Texas
803Dallas Mavericks NBA All-Stars
790San Antonio Spurs
758Houston Rockets 2010's Starters
755San Antonio Spurs: Leading Scorer Every Year
678Houston Rockets Top 10 Leaders
677Colleges and Universities in Texas
663Houston Rockets: Top 10 All-Time Leaders
655Dallas Cowboys - All Time Team
652Texas... or Bavaria?
649San Antonio Spurs All-Time Roster
649Dallas Mavericks 2010's Starters
640san antonio spur retired numbers
632Dallas Mavericks Top 10 Leaders
615Texas Counties by Proximity
589San Antonio Spurs Championship Teams
580San Antonio Spurs: Top 10 All-Time Leaders
551Houston Astros Nicknames
530Dallas Mavericks: Top 10 All-Time Leaders
531Houston Rockets NBA Playoffs Leaders Per Year
524States that border Texas
520Houston Rockets Al Time Dream Team
508Geography of Texas
487Dallas Mavericks NBA Playoffs Leaders Per Year
484San Antonio Spurs NBA Championship Roster
480Dallas Mavericks All-Time Roster
478Texas Rangers Nicknames
475Dallas City Trivia
460San Antonio Spurs NBA Awards Winners
453All FBS Division 1 Football Teams in Texas
453Houston Astros: All-Star Selections
450Houston Rockets NBA Awards Winners
446Dallas Cowboys Leaders
437San Antonio Spurs NBA Playoffs Leaders Per Year
433Largest Cities in Texas by Letter
433San Antonio Spurs All-Time Starting 5
428Most Popular Baby Girl Names in Texas (2022)
424States of the Texas Annexation on a Map
423Houston Texans: Pro Bowl Selections
421Top 12 Houston Rockets Players
420San Antonio Spurs Nicknames
404Houston Rockets All-Time Starting 5
398Dallas Mavericks All Time Dream Team
397Top 12 San Antonio Spurs Players
392Dallas Mavericks NBA Awards Winners
391Houston Rockets 2016-17 Roster
3872019-2020 Dallas Cowboys Current Roster
375U.S. States Bordering Texas - Map Quiz
366Dallas Cowboys 2015 Offense
357Rivers of Texas
351Dallas Mavericks 40 Point Games
350Houston Texans Trivia
350Houston Rockets 2017-18 Roster
337San Antonio Spurs 2016-17 Roster
337Texas City Skylines
333Top 12 Dallas Mavericks Players
324Austin Bergstrom (AUS) Int'l Airport Destinations
322San Antonio Spurs Top 10 Leaders Playoffs
3182012 San Antonio Spurs Roster
318Opening Day Lineups: Houston Astros
291San Antonio Spurs 2000's Starters
291Dallas Cowboys Career Receiving Leaders
289Dallas Mavericks: All-Star Selections
287San Antonio Spurs NBA Finals Starters
284Houston Rockets Top 10 Leaders Playoffs
282Texas Counties by Borders
278Houston Rockets 2000's Starters
278Houston Rockets: All-Star Selections
276Texas Rangers: All-Star Selections
277Dallas Mavericks 2000's Starters
275Dallas Mavericks All-Time Starting 5
272San Antonio Airport Destinations
268Houston Rockets 40 Point Games
26710 Biggest Cities in Order: Texas
258San Antonio Spurs: All-Star Selections
258California or Texas?
252Dallas Mavericks NBA Finals Starters
248Houston Rockets: Most 3-PT FGs Each Year
247Dallas Stars Roster
246Dallas Mavericks Top 10 Leaders Playoffs
244San Antonio Spurs: Most Dunks Each Year
244Top Ranked Colleges in Texas
2442013/14 San Antonio Spurs Roster
242Famous Texans by Picture
236Largest Cities in Texas
228Houston Rockets 94-95 Rockets Championship Roster
223Top 20 Astros: All-Time Home Run Leaders
222Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor
219Top 10 San Antonio Spurs NBA Starters
217Top 10 Non-English Languages Spoken in Texas
216Dallas Mavericks All-NBA Players
214Countries With a Population Similar to the State of Texas
212Houston Rockets: Most Dunks Each Year
210Dallas Cowboys 2017 Starting Roster
209Dallas Mavericks: Most 3-PT FGs Each Year
205Cities in the Greater Houston Area (Texas)
205San Antonio City Trivia
197Top Dallas Cowboys Rushers
195State Capitals That Beat Austin
194Texas General Knowledge
193Dallas Mavericks Playoffs Starters
191Countries that Have Controlled Texas
180Texas Multiple Choice
178Countries Dallas has been in
178Top 5 Dallas Mavericks Players Per Position
178NBA 2k21 all-time San Antonio Spurs
178Houston Rockets 2018-19 Roster
177Top 12 Houston Rockets of All-Time
175Dallas Cowboys 2018-19 STARTING Roster
173Top 5 San Antonio Spurs Players Per Position
173NBA HOUSTON ROCKETS Roster 2016-17
171Austin, Texas A to Z
169All NFL Dallas Cowboys Starting Quarterbacks
168Houston Texans Team Trivia
167Dallas Mavericks: Most Dunks Each Year
167NCAA Division I Teams In Texas
167San Antonio Spurs: Most 3-PT FGs Each Year
165U.S. States With the Most Tornadoes Per Square Mile
165Austin, Texas Trivia Quiz
166Top 10 Houston Astros Position Players
164One San Antonio Spurs Player By Season
163Top 12 San Antonio Spurs of All-Time
160Largest Counties in Texas
160Top 12 Dallas Mavericks of All-Time
158Sports teams located in Texas
158Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex suburbs
155Biggest Cities In Texas
153Dallas Mavericks 2016-17 Roster
148San Antonio Spurs Playoffs Starters
148San Antonio Spurs 2010s Top 10 Leaders
146Top 10 Houston Rockets NBA Starters
146Largest Cities In Texas With Exceptions
145Biggest cities in Texas
144San Antonio Spurs 2017-18 Roster
144Houston Rockets 2010s Top 10 Leaders
142Largest Municipalities of TEXAS by First Letter
142Top 5 Houston Rockets Players Per Position
141U.S. Cities Closest to Dallas
141Top 10 Dallas Mavericks NBA Starters
140San Antonio Spurs 20 Points Per Game Players
136Dallas Mavericks 20 Points Per Game Players
134One Dallas Mavericks Player By Season
134Dallas Stars Records
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