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General Knowledge Quiz #16

Answer these random trivia questions.
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Last updated: December 12, 2019
First submittedSeptember 22, 2011
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What type of animal stereotypically rests on the shoulder of a pirate?
What is the capital of Ireland?
What is the plural of focus?
In what country would you find Mount Ararat?
Take the name of a U.S. state. Add two letters to the beginning, and you have
the name of a different state. What state do you have now?
What is the British name for a bachelor party?
Stag Night
What jewelry store uses boxes that are robin egg blue?
What company purchased Skype in 2011?
What novel introduced the phrase "Big Brother is Watching You"?
Nineteen Eighty-Four
What does someone become when they are canonized?
a Saint
How many keys are found on a typical piano?
In what sea would you find the Dodecanese and Cyclades island groups?
Aegean Sea
What type of fish is sometimes caught by "noodling" - sticking one's hand
into a hole and waiting for the fish to bite?
During their 40 years in the desert, what did the Israelites eat?
Name one of the two countries with the highest population of people from
the Pashtun ethnic group
Afghanistan or
What book by Michael Crichton was turned into the highest-grossing movie of 1993?
Jurassic Park
What Chinese dam, completed in 2008, required the permanent relocation of
over 1 million people?
Three Gorges Dam
What organ of the body stores blood, removes old blood cells, and filters iron?
The Spleen
What is a bandolier designed to hold?
What is the name of the type of wild dog found in Australia?
Level 16
Nov 7, 2013
I thought Ararat is in Armenia
Level 68
Dec 19, 2014
I've seen trout caught in Scotland by 'noodling', tickling underside with fingers and in the swampy area of the River Murray in Australia I have tickled large Carp (2ft long) on the belly and they love it.
Level 41
Nov 28, 2018
Never heard it called 'noodling' in Scotland, it's usually called 'guddling'.
Level 27
Aug 1, 2015
Technically, there is no one capital of Ireland. Dublin is the capital of the republic of Ireland and Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland.
Level 76
Nov 14, 2015
Ireland is the name of a country, and so Dublin is right. If they had wanted Belfast it would have said Northern Ireland.
Level 58
Jul 18, 2018
If they had meant Northern Ireland they would have said Northern Ireland. No one means "Northern Ireland" when they say "Ireland." They either mean the sovereign state or the island.
Level 16
Sep 9, 2017
The only one I got was catfish noodlin' ;p
Level 62
Nov 2, 2019
I don't believe you!
Level 85
Jun 13, 2018
If you look up a bandolier on-line, the first several entries are for cell phone holders. I kept typing variations of cell phones and couldn't understand why I wasn't getting credit for the right answer.
Level 60
Jul 18, 2018
bandolier, by definition is a pocketed ammunition holder. Bandolier, by trade name, are those silly things that hold cell phones. But you are right. The trade named item comes up first.
Level 58
Jul 18, 2018
First thing that comes up for me is the Wikipedia page for a bandolier ammunition holder.
Level 48
Jul 18, 2018
Doesn't that defeat the purpose of taking a quiz?
Level 36
Oct 24, 2019
Bandolier is a brand of cellphone holder. Clearly not what the question is asking for.
Level 77
Jul 18, 2018
I'd never heard the term noodling until a few years ago. In my neck of the woods it was always called hogging. My brother went fish hogging once and pulled a water moccasin out of the hole instead of a catfish. I use a fishing pole like all sane people. :)
Level 81
Jul 18, 2018
"Okie Noodling" might be the most enjoyable documentary ever made. Mix one part Flaming Lips, one part redneck one part slice of life and you get awesome.
Level 69
Jul 18, 2018
Presumably it would also work for piranhas?
Level 63
Jul 18, 2018
Do the people who go hogging also enjoy making Ned Beatty types squeal like a pig?
Level 57
Jul 18, 2018
A spleen doesn't really store blood. It stores some blood components, but not actual blood, as it doesn't store red blood cells.
Level 49
Jul 18, 2018
No actual generals in this quiz, unless you count General Sherman the Catfish, from one of my favorite Simpsons episodes.
Level 78
Jul 18, 2018
Never heard of the islands before but they sounded Greek so easy to guess.
Level 61
Jul 19, 2018
English ist not my first language, so I needed to translate some words - and in several dictionaries I found "milt" as another term for "spleen". Is this not correct?
Level 52
Sep 16, 2018
i always understood milt was the roe of a male fish
Level 49
Jul 20, 2018
Bullets for ammunition?
Level 58
Jul 23, 2018
bullets worked for me
Level 52
Sep 16, 2018
i thought the name of the male "hen party" was bucks night
Level 41
Nov 28, 2018
Never heard it called that in the UK. Always heard it called a 'stag night', as per the accepted answer.
Level 30
Apr 12, 2019
Shouldn't "Mediterranean" be accepted for the sea in which the Dodecanese and Cyclades island groups can be found?
Level 56
Jun 8, 2019
shoudn't "bitter herbs" and "unleavened bread" be accepted in the question about the 40 years in the desert?
Level 66
Jul 12, 2019
The Israelites also ate quail in the desert, you should make the question either or.
Level 72
Oct 4, 2019
'focus' is an English word and its plural form follows the rules of the English grammar. So it's plural is 'focuses'. Using the grammar rules of the origin language to form the plural leads to lots of dead ends. Just because you know the Latin form of the plural doesn't mean it's right. English words, regardless of language of origin = English grammar
Level 67
Feb 19, 2020
English grammar has lots of caveats, both are correct
Level 56
Mar 30, 2020
I think stag night should be changed to stag do as this is more common or at least add it as a type in. FYI do just means party