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Answer these random trivia questions.
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Last updated: December 19, 2019
First submittedOctober 6, 2011
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What type of weapon does Thor carry?
With what type of tree is the country of Lebanon closely associated?
In the U.K., it is called Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day. What is it called in the U.S.?
Fat Tuesday
What Bible character had the longest life span - 969 years?
What athlete is known as "Rafa"?
Rafael Nadal
What alcoholic beverage is made from fermented honey?
Who is currently second in line to the British throne?
Prince William
What country has the most Shia Muslims?
What is the southernmost U.S. state?
What band was formed by brothers Isaac, Taylor, and Zac?
In what country would you find Lake Baikal?
What gentle shark is the largest species of fish?
Whale Shark
What supersonic airplane was jointly developed by France and the UK?
What vocal range comes between tenor and a bass?
In Greek mythology, what did the primordial goddess Gaia personify?
The Earth
What is often considered to be the world's fifth ocean, after the
Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, and Arctic?
Southern Ocean
What suffix means "study of"?
What type of word are "kayak", "sagas", and "radar" examples of?
What do submarines use to see above the water when submerged?
What singer's fans are known as KatyCats?
Katy Perry
Level 45
Sep 3, 2013
Great example of a general knowledge quiz!! The wide range of topics made it interesting and the short time frame resulted in a situation where if you knew the answer you could get it in time but if you were struggling you were going to miss it. Good challenge!
Level 52
Sep 7, 2013
very hard but good
Level 32
Mar 5, 2014
isn't prince charles next in line for the throne?
Level 77
Nov 26, 2014
Yes, making William second in line.
Level 29
Feb 12, 2020
Hi there. . . Prince Charles is actually second in line. There's a really good YouTube video I would recommend called: What happens when the queen dies. I think you'll find it very interesting. I know a lot of people are hoping it would be William, as he would be a better choice. Guess we'll have to wait and see. Darryl
Level 56
Mar 30, 2020
Just because some people want him to be, doesn't mean he will be?
Level 9
Mar 15, 2014
for the study of things can you add iogy as an acceptable answer
Level 36
Oct 24, 2019
why would they do that if iogy is an incorrect answer?
Level 83
May 13, 2014
Methuselah = Methusalam ?

Really dislike the way names in the Bible or the names of kings are changed according to each language so that they are easier to pronounce in whatever language it is about. Makes it harder to know what/who you are talking about in an international setting.
Level 83
Jun 13, 2018
And it is impossible to spell. Metusalah? Methusalah? Please accept either one. I got much closer this time.
Level ∞
Jun 13, 2018
It is difficult to spell, which is why we are extremely liberal with the spelling. Methusalah would have worked.
Level 76
Jul 26, 2018
and yet Methusaleh would not...
Level 74
Jul 29, 2014
You know, I've never actually heard anyone call it Fat Tuesday except when they are translating Mardi Gras.
Level 68
Dec 14, 2017
Prince Williams is wrong. Prince Charles is next even though the queen hates his gut.
Level 76
Apr 29, 2018
(a) does she? and (b) see the comments above, Charles is first in line, making William second in line.
Level 65
Nov 2, 2019
In which universe livest thou?
Level 76
Jun 13, 2018
Maybe just accept "whale" for the shark, given that "shark" is already in the question?
Level 69
Jun 13, 2018
Maybe it's to stop people getting it for thinking a whale is a fish?
Level 66
Jul 26, 2018
Sharks are just angry dolphins. Fact.
Level 45
Jul 26, 2018
I'm with you on this.. the question states 'type of shark', so 'whale' is correct
Level 59
Feb 2, 2019
Ditto, besides it takes too long to type it.
Level 81
Jun 13, 2018
Typo What so submarines.
Level 77
Jun 13, 2018
Should be "What DO submarines use ..."
Level ∞
Jun 13, 2018
Level 44
Jul 26, 2018
Those three words are indeed palindromes (which I figured out), but they are also nouns. If you want palindrome to be the only acceptable answer, then you should re-word the question as noun is an acceptable for the way it's currently written.
Level 55
Jul 26, 2018
I second that. Kayak, Radar and Sagas are all nouns.
Level 60
Aug 8, 2018
Nice to see one of these without any Harry Potter BS. :)
Level 63
Dec 10, 2019
Level 29
Feb 12, 2020
Hi gang. . . We can add "civic" to that list of palindromes.
Level 59
Feb 17, 2020
Fat Tuesday?
Level 72
Mar 24, 2020
A lot of silly comments about the monarchy question. In line means you are not there yet. Thus Elizabeth is the current monarch, Charles is first in line and William is second in line.
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