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NBA Basketball Word Chain

Guess these answers related to the National Basketball Association. The last letter of each answer will be the first letter of the next.
All the answers are a single word
Last updated: August 03, 2017
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Player known as Dr. J
Team that once played in Vancouver
Nothing but net
Olajuwon's first name
He wagged his finger after blocking shots
State where the Thunder play
Ginóbili's home country
Iverson's nickname: The _______
One of two Wallaces on the 2004 Pistons
DeAndre Jordan's favorite type of shot
College that has sent the most
players to the NBA
#1 draft pick for the Rockets in 2002
Last name of Emeka and Jahlil
Cheryl Miller's brother
Location at either end of the free throw line
Spud's last name
Shot that hits the rim but doesn't go in
Former Nets star with 107 triple-doubles
Serbian who played from 1989-2005
Owner of the Mavericks
Last name of Larry and Larry Jr.
level 75
Aug 3, 2017
Every missed shot that hits the rim is a brick? So Steph Curry shoots 10 bricks a game?
level 73
Aug 3, 2017
I don't think a brick can be defined. It's more of a feeling. You watch a shot go up and it hits the front iron, hits the backboard, hits the rim again and falls...not really a brick. You put up a shot and it goes THUD and hits the rim and drops straight down? BRICK!
level 48
Dec 15, 2017
i would add that a brick could be a total miss
level 63
Dec 19, 2017
A brick is also a shot that hits the backboard hard and falls abnormally.

A total miss is an air ball.
level 59
Dec 19, 2017
I always thought of a missed shot that hit the rim hard was a "clang"
level 32
Dec 19, 2017
Not a great description of it. A brick is a shot that clanks off the side of the rim or backboard. Lonzo shoots a lot of them.
level 20
Mar 16, 2018
yeah steph curry does shoot 20 bricks a game
level 68
Aug 3, 2017
Divac ❤
level 63
Dec 19, 2017
Anyone get a brain cramp and put "Mackenzie" for Spud's last name? (Yes, I know that should be "Spuds' last name".)
level 69
Dec 19, 2017
I missed Swish, Hakeem and Mutombo because of spelling. I spelled Swish swoosh because I thought that is what it was called.
level 54
Dec 19, 2017
didn't even realize the rules of the "chain" and got 100 percent anyway. good god i'm a basketball junkie.
level 18
Dec 30, 2017
you should make Ming acceptable for Yao
level 12
Feb 26, 2018
then it wouldn't be a chain
level 43
Feb 5, 2018
Too easy 2:57 left
level 28
Feb 20, 2018
This was fun
level 17
Mar 14, 2018
I guessed Ming for Yao and it didn't except. I know changing it would require a redo but still
level 77
Mar 29, 2019
Chinese family names are first, so accepting Ming would be like accepting Michael for Jordan or Charles for Barkley.