Simpsons Trivia Quiz #3

Can you answer these questions from the TV show "The Simpsons"?
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Last updated: August 27, 2018
First submittedJune 1, 2010
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Who is the voice of Sideshow Bob?
Kelsey Grammer
What kind of beer does Homer drink?
What weapon does Bart carry in his back pocket?
A Slingshot
Who says "worst … episode... ever"?
Comic Book Guy
What is Homer's middle name?
Who performed Homer's open heart surgery?
Dr. Nick Riviera
Who is Lenny's best friend?
Homer's roommate at the insane asylum thinks he is what famous singer?
Michael Jackson
Who are “Tipsy, Queasy, Surly, Sleazy, Edge, Dizzy and Remorseful”?
The 7 Duffs
As a teenager, Marge had a crush on which famous musician?
Ringo Starr
What was the name of Barney's snow-plowing business?
Plow King
Who replaced Sideshow Bob?
Sideshow Mel
Who says "Ay, ay, ay, no me gusta"?
Bumblebee Man
Who says "Bonjour, ya cheese-eating surrender monkeys"?
Groundskeeper Willie
Where do Patty and Selma work?
What car is twelve yards long and two lanes wide?
The Canyonero
What type of animal is Homer's spirit guide?
And what does Homer eat prior to meeting his spirit guide?
Guatemalan Insanity Pepper
Who is the guest of honor at the unveiling of the monorail?
Leonard Nimoy
Rainier Wolfcastle is a parody of what real-life actor?
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Level ∞
Mar 22, 2013
Level 68
Jun 26, 2013
maybe accept "Duff Beer Mascots"?
Level 74
Sep 6, 2015
I tried every version of Duff mascots I could think of.
Level 55
Apr 16, 2014
"Spock" wasn't accepted And neither was "The Duff Beer Mascots" Disappointingly, neither was "The guy from Frasier" I knew all the awnsers, just couldn't find the words for them.
Level 42
Jun 20, 2014
Spock should be an acceptable answer, I can't spell nimoy correctly nor can i spell Schwarzenegger correctly, but at least with Arnold i get a close enough. My firefox recognizes Spock as a spelling shouldn't the quizmaster?
Level 55
May 23, 2014
I always get 100% on these quizzes. Interesting because I stopped watching the show at least 10 years ago.
Level 50
Feb 5, 2015
So I knew the answer was Limoy...googled it, copy and pasted it, and still didn't accept it.
Level 50
Feb 5, 2015
I meant Nimoy
Level 24
Mar 31, 2016
David Hyde Pierce played Cecil who was Sideshow Bobs brother on the Simpsons and David Hyde Pierce played Niles on Frasier who was Frasiers ( Kelsey Grammer ) brother
Level 44
Sep 5, 2018
Nick should be allowed for Dr. Nick in this.
Level 83
Sep 5, 2018
Or you could just type "dr nick." It's only two letters more.
Level 78
Sep 5, 2018
Hey, Surly only looks out for guy. Surly
Level 39
Nov 28, 2018
Jeff Albertson should be accepted for Comic Book Guy
Level 67
Apr 27, 2020
You make a good point there. Since Comic Book Guy's real name is Jeff Albertson, that should be accepted as a type in. First, I tried CBG, then Albertson, then Comic Book Guy.
Level 67
Sep 20, 2019
I only got Duff! hahahaha
Level 43
Apr 21, 2020
Darn, I put the Duff Dwarves because I couldn't recall what exactly they were called xD