U Answers Quiz #2

Guess these random things that start with the letter U.
All answers are a single word
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Last updated: April 5, 2016
First submittedMay 2, 2015
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Mountain range dividing Europe and Asia
Consists of at least 100 billion galaxies
Tomb of the _______ Soldier
Sprinter Bolt
Robotic archenemy of the Avengers
Mr. Heep of the novel "David Copperfield"
Bear constellation, major or minor
Perfect place imagined by Thomas More
2012 and 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover model
The crime of lending money with a high interest rate
Neighbor of Tajikistan
Deutschland ____ alles
Japanese noodle soup
Arm bone. Companion of the radius.
Small submachine gun, first made in Israel
R&B singer or wedding attendant
Makers of the game "Assassin's Creed"
Substance mined for in the movie "Avatar"
Sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and this
Ethnic minority of northwest China. Some have blue eyes
Level 54
May 15, 2015
Can you add some alternates to Uzi? I tried uzzi, uzzy, uzzey, uzzie, uzzee...
Level 44
Aug 4, 2019
Come on everyone knows how to spell that.
Level 65
Feb 3, 2020
Really? Three words only and you want to see complicated misspellings accepted?
Level 81
May 28, 2015
Usurping? Or usurp* as accetable, please? And I couldn't remember it was udon, just "udo".
Level 53
Apr 5, 2016
"Usurping" is when you take control of a government by overthrowing the leader(s).
Level 44
Apr 5, 2016
Could you please accept Ueber for Über?
Level ∞
Apr 5, 2016
Level 78
Apr 5, 2016
I'm curious as to what percentage of quiz takers on this site are female, and how many of us really care about SI's swimsuit models. Looking at the percentage of correct answers, I'd say not a lot.
Level 66
Apr 5, 2016
Kate Upton is a very famous model whose last name begins with U. I didn't know she was on SI, but she was an obvious guess, so I got it right. Moreover, I'm a straight male, and I know most of the recent People's Sexiest Man Alive choices just because it's the kind of knowledge that passes readily around the culture. Caring about who was on the cover and knowing who was on the cover are not the same thing. I don't care about anything Justin Bieber does, but I certainly know who he is.
Level 58
Apr 5, 2016
I'd be curious to know the stats for user demography on this site too. I have agree, however, with jmellor above. I'm female, and I know who Kate Upton is just because of the general hype about her the last couple years. I don't read SI, but I know it was kind of a big deal when she modeled for them (for some reason...she's like, slightly bigger than a normal model? Or something?).
Level 67
Aug 7, 2019
I think you guys sort of missed the point ( or I am misreading everything here) it feels as a slight attack/very strong response on ander, and on things she didnt even seemed to try to say in her comment. Unless there was another comment that got deleted, I dont find the responses in line with the original comment>

I think ander has a fair point, I dón't think many girls are interested in the swimsuit models at all. Guys on the other hand might be. It is not about how good your knowledge is or what one should or shouldnt know, regardless of your sex. But a remark outside of the results of the quiz.

Level 77
Apr 6, 2016
Uyghurs is a tough one to spell. I tried several variations like uygurs, urghars, urghers, uygars....
Level 80
Apr 7, 2016
I gave up after Ugars.
Level 73
Aug 4, 2019
I figured "urghurs" was so close that it must not be the answer!
Level 67
Aug 7, 2019
I tried several things too including ugyars
Level 48
Apr 9, 2016
Adding alternative spellings to answers is not really the way to go as there is normally only one way to correctly spell the answer,the best bet is learn to spell correctly and not get the quizmaker to constantly add alternative and incorrect spelling to quizzes.Else where does it all end?
Level 65
Feb 3, 2020
I completely agree with you! It's getting ridiculous, so many misspellings already accepted and people always begging for more.
Level 76
Nov 7, 2016
A soup may have udon in it, but udon is not a soup. It is a noodle.
Level 68
Feb 21, 2020
It never occurred to me that "Sprinter Bolt" referred to a name, otherwise I would have gotten it
Level 48
Mar 29, 2020
Couldn't spell uyghur