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I have now been on JetPunk for 3 years! That's a huge accomplishment! Thank you guys SO


I finally reached 5000 takes! I just want to thank you guys so much!

I have finally reached the milestone of 2000 takes!!

How I came to be on JetPunk.

Please read until the end! Thanks!

Thanks to everyone that enjoys and takes my quizzes! To "celebrate," I've created a 100th quiz.

So, I clicked the Blog button...

I have finished 10 All about blogs!

I made this blog just to thank everyone that has helped me get this far in Jetpunk. Thank you guys so much for helping me reach over 2,000 takes. I really appreciate it.

Today I must thank all of you for taking my quizzes. I am now at 4000 takes!

My dreams finally came true!

Today, I reached 1,000 takes which is mind-blowing! Thank you everyone for making this possible for me and as a gift, I decided to share my journey on Jetpunk until where I am today. Enjoy! :)

This blog is to celebrate getting 2,000 takes and 5 years of JetPunk, while also to thank those who helped me get here.

If you haven't tried my most taken quiz, Try it here

Hjönk, hjönk!

Would you like to know which users were most taken in 2020? Read this to find out!
Note: Users must also have doubled their takes in 2020 to be included

Today marks two years of our account

Today marks the 5th anniversary of the creation of my JetPunk account. This is a blog to say thank you to those who have helped me along the way and to give some tips and inspiration to newer users :)

This is the story all about how I become a quiz maker on Jetpunk.