Informational Blogs

A list of all blogs that fall under the category of Informational. Blogs that are here to provide information. That could be tutorials, help with JetPunk and more.

A blog about the amazing state of Oregon

This is a blog explaining why GOOGLE TRANSLATE is Unreliable.

This blog will explain the 10 questions with the most populations!

In this series we'll go into the depths of JetPunk, putting it under the microscope and revealing never before seen statistics, information and behind-the-scenes of how some things work at JetPunk.
In this first blog, we take a look at JetPunk Badges.

I have come up with 3 unique facts for every single country in Europe. I will only be including the countries included in this quiz . Also, this is part 1 so I will be going over the first 15 countries. Enjoy! :)

Maybe you're on the cliff, oblivious to the steep drop. Maybe you've reached the top and appreciate how far you've come. Wherever you are, we may all be able to find something to learn from the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

During this pandemic that we are currently in, we have used our devices way too much. The only two ways to access programs, games, and websites are either to use an app or a web browser. The vast majority of us use web browsers. Today, I will be exploring the different web browsers, covering Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

Info nt dzisiejszego bloga.

I am going to share meanings of some countries in this blog

Vuoi rendere più interessanti i tuoi quiz con una mappa? Leggi questo blog per avere molte dritte su come sfruttare al massimo le potenzialità di JetPunk!

Witam, o to pierwsze podsumowanie tygodnia, będą tutaj informacje ze świata, covida jak i JetPunka.

Seria będzie trwała tak długo jak potrafię.

Większość danych pochodzi z i

Links have been around since 1992, and have entertained a purpose on the internet that we often take for granted. They have served multiple functions- from visiting a site without typing in every last letter (essential for quick and effective research), to teasing one's friends with "false links". So how should you, the user of a vast intellectual dictionary called the internet, create these easy, blue shortcuts?

Just some general guidelines I thought newer quiz-makers should follow

Its time for Bulgaria!

This is just a blog showing the best and coolest cities.

A short and brief summary of what one of the most culturally and historically rich areas of Mexico are and how can you easily find and visit one.

Przedstawienie nowej funkcji na JetPunku, moje opinie i przemyślenia (drugi akapit brzmi troszkę jak orędzie rządu)

I have played a fair number of new quizzes this week that I really enjoyed ...

Planning your next holiday, but don't feel like Amsterdam or New York? These four destinations might inspire you, should you wish to avoid the crowds. Just don't be afraid of the journey to get there!

Hi everyone! This is my first blog and I hope you like it. Please comment if you have anything to say about the blog. Thanks!

Many famous people like Nelson Mandela, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs and many more have said many quotes that effect our life. These wise people will help both you AND me in our life. Read more in this blog to get inspired!

Updated: April 19, 2021

These are the songs for the Eurovision Song Contest this year for anyone that is interested.

There seems to be extra excitement this year since the contest was cancelled last year due to the pandemic and many artists selected for the 2020 contest are coming back for 2021. Additionally, the Eurovision movie seems to have introduced many non-Europeans to the contest. The Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Rotterdam from 18 May to 22 May.

In this blog, I organize TheBerryLegend's report and Quizzer218232's report of what happened with Berry's banning. At the end I compare the two and give my view on what I think happened, and then a bit of bias and what I believe as to why Berry cannot be "unbanned".

I have put together 20 random facts to share with you all. I hope you find them interesting and learn something new. This is my second blog so let me know what you think. Enjoy! :)

While learning any language is a tricky endeavour, not all languages are equally easy to learn. But which language is the easiest to learn, from the perspective of an English speaker? Which language will take the least amount of time? This blog will take you on a journey to find out.

Interesting things I learned while making my quiz on minority religions.

To use Inkscape without downloading, see this blog post

If you are having trouble using the dot placement tool, or just want to start learning how to place dots inside of your quiz, then this blog is for you!

Here are some brief insights into the statistics of Jetpunk.

In this blog post, we explore the topic of how spoons are destroying planet earth. Caleb will first interview the other account co-owner, Joshua. Then, he moves on and examines the thoughts of Queenie, a user. You won't want to miss this blog post, filled with enlightening discussions and anecdotes of real-life stories.

How to steal an election.

The first in the series.

Have you ever wondered how JetPunk looked like last year? Or even, in 2012? are about to find out.

The sequel to Malkiboy's first HTML For Formatting Blogs blog. He let me make this.

On JetPunk, we have what's called type-ins. These use regular expressions to pattern-match what the user has entered into the text box against set expressions. For example, the expression might simply mean "type DOG exactly", so the user would have to type in the word "dog". This blog post will hopefully provide all the tools and knowledge to use these to their fullest capabilities.