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A quiz series by Lucknowite
Countries That Consume Most Food--
Countries That Exports Arms The Most--
Countries That Have the Most English Speakers--
Countries That Produce Most Maize--
Countries That Produce Most Movies--
Countries That Produce The Most Cars--
Countries That Produce the Most Milk--
Countries That Produce the Most Spices0-
Countries That Produce The Most Tea--
Countries That Watches Television The Most--
Countries with Best Software Developers--
Countries With Biggest Road Networks--
Countries With Highest Alcohol Consumption Per Capita--
Countries With Highest Cancer Rates--
Countries With Highest Divorce Rate--
countries with highest electricity consumption--
Countries With Highest Electricity Production--
Countries With Highest Global Competitiveness--
Countries With Highest Government Budget--
Countries With Highest Population By Religion--
Countries With Highest Rainfall--
Countries with Largest Cattle Production--
Countries With Largest Cement Production--
Countries With Largest Diamond Exports--
Countries with Largest Freshwater Withdrawal--
Countries with Largest Oil Consumption--
Countries With Largest Silver Production--
Countries With Least Chances Of Disasters--
Countries with Longest Constitutions--
Countries With Longest Rail Networks--
Countries With Longest Waterways Length--
Countries With Lowest Divorce Rate--
Countries with Monarchs--
Countries With More Than One Words--
Countries With Most Agricultural Land Area--
Countries With Most Beautiful Womens--
Countries With Most Carbon Dioxide Emissions--
Countries With Most Car Exports--
Countries With Most Chances Of Disasters--
Countries With Most Cities Having 1 Million+ Population--
Countries With Most Cows--
Countries with Most Facebook Users--
Countries With Most Freshwater--
Countries With Most Golds In Commonwealth 2018--
Countries With Most Handsome Men--
Countries With Most Hindi Speakers--
Countries With Most Hindu Population--
Countries With Most Hindu Population With Exceptions--
Countries With Most Industrial Output--
Countries With Most Intelligent Peoples--
Countries With Most JetPunk Traffic--
Countries With Most Language Diversity--
Countries With Most Migrations--
countries with most millionaires--
Countries With Most Natural Resources--
Countries with Most Nobel Prizes by Continent0-
Countries With Most Positive Image Ratings From Americans--
Countries with Most Railway Passengers--
Countries With Most Tigers--
Countries With Most Universities--
Countries With Most Vegetarians--
Countries With Most Wikipedia Traffic--
Countries with Most World Heritage Sites(with Surprise)--
Countries with the Harshest Drug Laws in the World--
Countries With The Highest Average IQs(Intelligence)--
Countries With The Most Arable Land--
Countries With The Most Protestant Christians--
Countries With The Most Sheep--
Countries with the Most UNESCO World Heritage Sites--
Country with Most Islamic Population--
Most Beautiful Countries In The World--
Most Biodiverse Countries--
Most Dangerous Countries In The World--
Most Densely Populated Cities In The World--
Most Influential Countries in the World--
Most Innovative Countries In The World--
Most Meat Consuming Countries--
Most Multicultural Countries In the World--
Most Patriotic Countries--
Most Peaceful Countries In The World--
Most Polluted Countries--
Top 10 Countries That Have Largest Water Area--
Top 10 Countries With Highest Numbers Of Vehicles--
Top 10 Most Educated Countries--
Top 15 Most Powerful Nations--
Top 25 Most Famous Countries--
Top 8 Most Competitive Countries In The World--
Top Wine Producing Countries--