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Name the countries of the world in which cricket is the most popular spectator or participatory sport.
Name the countries who have finished in the top 4 at the men's Cricket World Cup.
There are 10 ways that you can get out. But the question is, do you know them all?
Can you name the fielding positions that might be used in cricket, including the person who throws the ball?
Name the batsmen who have scored the most runs and the bowlers who have taken the most wickets in test cricket history.
Ninety-four different cities have hosted cricket test matches. How many can you name?
54,049 Countries Where Cricket is the Most Popular Sport
41,916 Cricket World Cup Top 4 Positions
24,464 How to Get Out in Cricket
21,215 Test Cricket Countries
18,613 Cricket Positions
16,511 Test Match Cricket Record Batsman & Bowlers
12,368 Cricket - Cities That Have Hosted Test Matches
7,288All Teams to Ever Take Part in the ICC Cricket World Cup
6,737English Cricket Counties
6,310Cricket World Cup Winners
5,939Test Cricket - Allrounders with 3000 runs and 300 wickets
5,386Top 50 Greatest Cricketers
4,635Order of wickets in cricket
4,408The Cricket Quiz
3,048 Cricket Legend and Their Nicknames
2,9642011 Cricket World Cup Teams
2,960Batsmen Who Have Scored 300 in a Test Innings (cricket)
2,955Solve the Secret Cricketer
2,510Cricketing All Rounders
2,481Do you know your cricket terms?
2,163Cricket Statistics - Test Batsmen
2,003Cricket Decoder
1,990Australian Cricketers Who Have Played 80 Tests
1,990English Cricketers Who Have Played 90 Tests
1,974Cricket World Cup- Every team that has participated
1,782Indian Cricketers Who Have Played 80 Tests
1,754BBL Teams in 1 minute
1,554Indian Premier League (IPL) Cricket Team Captains 2012
1,460Everything to do with Cricket Test Matches
1,432Most Sixes in Test Cricket
1,420Countries that have played in any Cricket World Cup
1,361England Cricket Captains Since World War II
1,303All time India Cricket XI
1,2552005 Ashes Series Squads
1,248Top 10 World's Fastest Bowlers in the History of Cricket
1,228Cricket Statistics - ODI Batsmen
1,192All Australian Test Cricketers
1,152Most runs in ashes cricket
1,150Cricket Statistics - Test Bowlers
1,143All Indian ODI Cricketers
1,101Test Match Nations
1,092Cricket Multiple Choice Quiz
1,039biggest cricket manufacturers
900cricket quiz
895ICC Cricketer Of The Year Award Winners 2004-2012
865Leading Test Cricket Run scorers
832T20 Cricket Captains of India
823Most runs in Cricket World Cups
813New Zealand Test Cricketers Since 1975
797International Test Cricket - 25 highest run scorers (batsmen)
750Indian Cricket Teams
744International Test Cricket - 25 highest wicket-takers (bowlers)
7412019 Cricket World Cup Final - Starting XIs
73410 Best Test Cricket All-Rounders Ever
728Indian Cricket - 20 or more test centuries
702New Zealand Test Cricket - 7 or more wickets in an innings
701Australian Cricketers Today
701the top 5 best cricketers ever
686New Zealand Test Cricket - 200 or more runs in an innings
685Ways To Get Out In Cricket
684Australia v New Zealand Cricket World Cup Final 2015
6832010-2011 Ashes Series Squads
680All England Test cricketers
666Cricket Teams Name
652All-Time Indian Premier League Cricket XI
652Cricket - Cities That Have Hosted Test Matches by Country
638England (2014) Cricket test team
629New Zealand Cricketers: Black Caps
620Big Bash Cricket Teams
612T20 International Highest Innings (cricket)
601Leading Test Cricket Wicket Takers
594Highest Test cricket England Run Scorers
578Australian Cricket World Cup Squad 2019
572Pakistan Cricket Quiz
563New Zealand Cricketers: Black Caps who haven't played a Test
561cricket players in india
530Most Wickets in Cricket World Cups
516New Zealand Test Cricket - 3000 or more test runs
479Cricket: Leading Australian Test Batsmen A-Z
472ICC Cricket Rankings
4712009 Ashes Series Squads
465Test Cricket - Most Wickets by a left arm bowler
464All Australian Test Cricket Captains
462Indian Premier League Cricket - Team Nicknames
460New Zealand Test Cricket Bowlers with over 100 Wickets
453Cricket Playing Nations
452English County Cricket Teams
436cricket world cup winners
435International Run Scorers
428All BBL Winners
411Pakistan Cricket Team Quiz
406Test Cricket - Most career wickets by a spinner
405Cricket: Leading English Test Batsman A-Z
400Australia's Best Cricketers Since The Last Decade
389Sidewinder's Cricket Quiz I
386Indian Cricket Captains Since World War II
382West Indies Cricketers Who Have Played 80 Tests
370bbl teams in 30 seconds
365Australian Cricket Captains
365Australia's International Cricket Grounds
363New Zealand Cricketers Who Have Played 50 Tests
359Cricket: Most Test Runs by Decade
350International Wicket Takers
347Cricketers (batsmen) by First Name
344Cricket: Most Wickets by Country
340India's International Cricket Grounds
337South African Test Cricket Captain Since 1994
336Countries in the 2015 Cricket World Cup
335Cricket: Leading Indian Test Batsman A-Z
332T20 Cricket Captains of Pakistan
331New Zealand Test Cricket Opening Batsmen
326Australian Cricket - Triple Hundreds
324Cricket World Cup 2016 india team
319Indian Batsmen with a test average over 50
314Australian Test Cricketers Since 2000
313International Cricket Rankings Top 10
309Cricketers (bowlers) by First Name
302Countries That Play Cricket Internationals
300Pakistan Cricketers Who Have Played 60 Tests
298Cricket Stadium to City (India)
2922015 Cricket World Cup - The Result
277South African Cricketers Who Have Played 50 Tests
270Cities by Cricket Grounds
265New Zealand Test Cricket Spin Bowlers
263Cricket: Top ODI Batsman Ever
255Cricket: Pakistan, Shock 2017 Champions Trophy Winners
252Cricket: Leading English Test Bowlers A-Z
252Cricket: English County Championship Winners
238Top 25 Greatest Test Cricket All-Rounders 🏏 (updated)
229Cricket Leaders by Category
224Test Cricket Hat-Tricks
223BBL Teams
216New Zealand Cricket Captains
210New Zealand Cricket - 150 or more ODI appearances
208Cricket: Leading Indian Test Bowlers A-Z
208Indian Cities where Test Cricket has been played
206Progressive Highest Cricket Test Score
2032015 Cricket World Cup - Host Cities
201Cricketers who Captained Most Test Matches - Picture Quiz
200Cricket: Leading New Zealand Test Batsmen A-Z
199New Zealand Cricket Teams
198Test Cricket Captains of Pakistan
193New Zealand Cricket - 5 or more ODI hundreds
192Cricket: Top Test Match Batsman Ever
180New Zealand 2019 Cricket World Cup Squad
174New Zealand Test Cricket - Batting average over 40
1711999 Cricket World Cup Australian squad
167Test Cricket - Most Recent 300 by Country
166Cricket: Top T20 International Batsman Ever
163Cricket: Leading New Zealand Test Bowlers A-Z
163Bowlers Who Have Taken 9 Wickets in a Test Innings (cricket)
163New Zealand Cricket - Highest Partnership by Wicket
161Top Batsman in Each Cricket World Cup Final
161New Zealand Cricket - 200 or more test wickets
160Australian cricket team 2015
159New Zealand Cricketers by Clue
156West Indies Cricket - Constituent Nations and Territories
154Cricket: Leading South African Test Batsmen A-Z
153Pakistan's International Cricket Grounds
151Cricket: Top Test Match Bowlers Ever
150Test Cricket - 10 wickets in a match
150New Zealand 2015 Cricket World Cup Squad
150Indian premier league teams 2016 (Cricket)
147Cricket: Leading Australian Test Bowlers A-Z
138New Zealand Cricket - Test Centuries at Lords
137Best players from each BBL team 2016/2017
137New Zealand Cricketers Who Have Played 100 ODI's
133Test Cricket Captains of Sri Lanka
134IPL 2024 Cricket Trivia
130World Series Cricket 1977-79 Australian Players
130English Cricketers by Clue
129New Zealand's International Cricket Grounds
125New Zealand Cricket - Cities and Test Wins
124Cricketers by Wikipedia Description
121Cricketers of the Century
119New Zealand Cricket - 6 or more wickets in an ODI
118Cricket: Highest Ranking ODI Batsmen
117English County Cricket Logos
116Bowlers Who Have Taken 7 Wickets in an ODI Innings (cricket)
115Cricket World Cup Winning Captains
111Emblems of Test Cricket Nations
110Top 20 Cricket Umpires
109Cricket: Leading South African Test Bowlers A-Z
1081995-96 Cricket World Cup Australian squad
1052019 Cricket World Cup Venues
104Champions League T20 teams 2012
1042016 World T20 Cricket - The New Zealand Team
103Cricket: Top Test Match Batsmen in 2016
100Top Bowler in Each Cricket World Cup Final
98Cricket - Cities that have hosted Twenty20 International matches
981987 Cricket World Cup Australian squad
98Best Cricket Test Bowling by Year 2001-2018
961991-92 Cricket World Cup Australian squad
962023 Cricket World Cup Statistics
94New Zealand Cricket World Test Championship Winning Team
94Cricket: Current Test Opening Batsmen
93New Zealand Cricket -100 Catches in Tests
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