English Premier League Quizzes

Take a Random English Premier League Quiz
Try to name the clubs in England's top football division for the 2024–25 season.
Name all the teams that have ever appeared in the English Premier League since its introduction in 1992.
Try to name the players who have scored 100 or more goals in Premier League matches.
Only seven different teams have won the Premiership since it started. Can you name them all?
Name the "countries" that have produced the most English Premier League players.
Can you name the Golden Boot winner from each season of the Premier League?
Name the six teams who have played in the Premier League every season since its inception.
Name the teams that have been relegated from the English Premier League since its inception.
Name the top 10 Manchester United goal-scorers of all time.
So far, nineteen players and two managers have been inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame. How many can you name?
613,640 2025 English Premier League Teams
208,715 All EPL Teams Ever
183,410 English Premier League 100 Goals Club
143,104 English Premier League Champions
133,137 Countries of Premier League Players
128,735 EPL Leading Scorer by Year
110,134 EPL Teams That Played Every Season
98,167 Premier League Relegated Teams
56,346Manchester United Current Squad
52,494 Soccer Teams David Beckham Played For
42,264 Top 10 Manchester United Goalscorers
34,060 Top 10 Liverpool Goalscorers
26,702 English Premier League Hall of Fame
22,327All Premier League Managers Ever
21,120Manchester City Current Squad
20,702Arsenal Current Squad
20,111Premier League Winning Teams, Managers, Captains and Top Scorers
19,287Liverpool Current Squad
18,260Basic Premier League Quiz
17,310Chelsea Current Squad
14,734Manchester United Champions League Final Winning Team 2008
13,825Manchester United Trivia
13,151Premier League Top 4
12,724English Football Clubs by Badge
12,466Tottenham Hotspur Current Squad
11,698Football (Soccer) Player's first names from the EPL
11,372Top 100 Premier League Players
10,872Premier League Top 6
10,801Manchester United Premier League Players
10,745Premier League 2016-17 Logos
10,732Liverpool F.C. Transfer Record
10,536Premier League 2010's Winners Starting XI
10,407Manchester United 2010's Starting XI
10,003Chelsea Champion's League Final 2012 Starting XI
9,9692015-16 Leicester City Winning Squad
9,457Liverpool 2010's Starting XI
9,054Chelsea 2010's Starting XI
9,029Every Premier League Goalscorer (2023/24)
8,960Liverpool Premier League Players
8,922Arsenal 2010's Starting XI
8,796Arsenal Best Scorer By Year
8,790Best Premier League Players on FIFA Soccer 13
8,636Premier League Top Scorers by Year
8,506Top 10 Arsenal Goalscorers
8,469Manchester United Best Scorer By Year
8,388Manchester United Premier League XIs
8,248Manchester City 2010's Starting XI
8,140Manchester United's Title Winning Squad 2012/13
7,604Arsenal Premier League Players
7,596Chelsea FC 2012/13 Premier League Squad
7,282Every Premier League Goalscorer (2022/23)
7,236Fifa 15 Highest Rated English Premier League Players
7,212Liverpool Best Scorer By Year
7,031Manchester United All-Time Greatest XI
6,649English Premier League Top Goalscorers
6,550Finishing Order of Premier League 2011/2012
6,409Premier League Golden Glove Winners
6,374Chelsea Premier League Players
6,346Premier League Stadiums
6,298Arsenal Invincibles Season 03/04
5,977Football players who have played for Chelsea and Real Madrid
5,94230+ Goals in a single Premier League Season
5,790Chelsea Best Scorer By Year
5,765Liverpool 2020's Starting XI
5,761All of Sir Alex Ferguson's Signings For Manchester United.
5,594Chelsea Trivia
5,591Liverpool FC Squad 2017-2018
5,580English Premier League Players With 50 Or More Assists
5,298Top 20 Manchester United Scorers in the Premier League (football/soccer)
5,210Arsenal Trivia
5,034Nationalities that have won a English Premier league
5,030EA Sports FC 24 Top 100 Premier League Players
4,841Manchester United 2020's Starting XI
4,761Newcastle United Current Squad
4,755Aston Villa Current Squad
4,649Manchester City's 2011-12 Title Winning Squad
4,641Barcelona vs Manchester United - UEFA Champions League final 2009 squads
4,599Arsenal 2020's Starting XI
4,572Premier League Players at the 2022 FIFA World Cup
4,532Tottenham Hotspur 2010's Starting XI
4,488Chelsea 2020's Starting XI
4,476Tottenham Hotspur Premier League Players
4,439Liverpool FC Squad 2021-2022
4,355Manchester City 2020's Starting XI
4,254Greatest Premier League Players
4,252Current Liverpool Players
4,239Manchester City Premier League Players
4,141Arsenal FC Squad 2016-2017
4,047Chelsea FC Quiz
3,989Premier League Logos Quiz
3,961Never-relegated Premier League teams.
3,956West Ham United Current Squad
3,868Manchester City Squad 2017-2018
3,870Chelsea F.C. Transfer Record
3,865Chelsea FC Squad 2016-2017
3,853Every Premier League Goalscorer (2021/22)
3,851Manchester United Champions League Final Winning Team 1999
3,840UEFA Champions League Final 2006 Paris, FC Barcelona vs. Arsenal London
3,744Premier League Players Nationalities
3,738Liverpool FC Squad 2016-2017
3,739Premier League 100 Clean Sheets Club
3,701Liverpool F.C. 2019/2020 Squad
3,565Manchester City Best Scorer By Year
3,539Everton Current Squad
3,377Tottenham Hotspur Squad 2017-2018
3,338Top 50 Premier League All-Time Top Scorers
3,322Nationalities of the 2023-24 Premier League Managers
3,304Tottenham Hotspur Trivia
3,295Manchester United Iconic Shirt Numbers
3,237Premier League Footballer Career Path Quiz
3,157Top 10 Premier League Best Starting XI
3,154Liverpool Trivia
3,1542021 Champions League Final Manchester City - Chelsea
3,134Premier League - League 2 teams (Soccer)
3,115Fifa 13 Ultimate Team Barclays Premier League Best Players
3,085Manchester United - Players to have scored - 2003/04 - 2014/15
3,084Arsenal F.C. Transfer Record
3,0482022-23 Premier League First XI
3,041Football Tic-Tac-Toe #4
3,031Arsenal - Players to have scored - 2003/04 - 2014/15
3,010Liverpool FC Squad 2014/15
2,996Tottenham Hotspur Best Scorer By Year
2,987Most Premier League hat tricks
2,972Premier League 2017-18 Logos
2,948Brighton & Hove Albion Current Squad
2,915Tottenham Hotspur 2020's Starting XI
2,886English Football Champions
2,876Manchester United F.C. Transfer Record
2,848Premier League - Most games played together
2,839One Arsenal Player by Nation
2,765Every Premier League Goalscorer for Manchester United
2,759Manchester City F.C. Transfer Record
2,7482019 Champions League Final Tottenham Hotspur - Liverpool
2,732All English Premiership Football Teams Ever
2,719Manchester City Record Transfers
2,697Top 10 Manchester United Starting XI
2,673Top 10 Manchester City Starting XI
2,666Manchester City Trivia
2,667Football Tic-Tac-Toe #3
2,660Chelsea FC - Players to have scored - 2003/04 - 2014/15
2,640English Premier League Stadiums Quiz
2,632Liverpool Opponents In UEFA Champions League
2,616Arsenal Football Club
2,5692018 Champions League Final Real Madrid - Liverpool
2,563Manchester United Squad 2016-2017
2,547One Chelsea Player by Nation
2,538Everton Premier League Players
2,530Premier League Record Holders
2,518Top 10 Arsenal Starting XI
2,511Premier League Manager of the Season Winners
2,516Arsenal Premier League XIs
2,503Premier League Clubs by Emojis
2,497Premier League and First Division Champions 1888-2022
2,473Premier League: Wins
2,468Arsenal All-Time Greatest XI
2,456100 Goals For Manchester United
2,397Liverpool FC 2018-2019 Squad
2,392English Premier League 150 Goals Club
2,373One Manchester United Player by Nation
2,340Merged Premier League Badges
2,339Premier League Winning Nations
2,309Liverpool FC - Players to have scored - 2003/04 - 2014/15
2,297Wolverhampton Wanderers Current Squad
2,293FIFA 14 EPL Team of the Season
2,269One Liverpool Player by Nation
2,263Crystal Palace Current Squad
2,250Newcastle United top Premier League scorers
2,243Liverpool FC Squad 2022-2023
2,228One Manchester City Player by Nation
2,2262011/12 English Premier League Top Goalscorers
2,224Premier League Winners’ XIs
2,207All Teams Never to Play in the Premier League
2,199Newcastle United Premier League Players
2,171Brentford Current Squad
2,164Top 10 Liverpool Starting XI
2,156Premier League Managers 2023/2024
2,153Arsenal FC Squad 2017-2018
2,149Manchester United - The Ultimate Quiz
2,141Arsenal Record Transfers
2,114Liverpool Premier League XIs
2,110Chelsea All-Time Greatest XI
2,105Football Tic-Tac-Toe #2
2,099Chelsea FC Squad 2017-2018
2,099Premier league (English soccer league) winners quiz
2,094Football Tic-Tac-Toe #5
2,092Leeds United Current Squad
2,080All Premier League Teams Logo Quiz
2,073Everton 2010's Starting XI
2,040Liverpool All-Time Greatest XI
2,034Chelsea FC Highest Transfer Fees
2,030Every Premier League Goalscorer for Aston Villa
2,013Arsenal: The Premier League Years
2,014Football players who have played for Chelsea and Atletico Madrid
2,003Liverpool Best XI
1,958Football/soccer players to score 15 goals in the EPL
1,944Chelsea FC 2020-2021 Squad
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