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2,1282019-02-21Superhero logos (picture quiz)
7532018-02-07A Song of Ice and Fire - A Game of Parents
6502021-10-12Countries named after rivers
4292015-02-18A Song of Ice and Fire - Lords of the Seven Kingdoms
3062020-11-25Dying words
2962022-03-04Identify the Hindu deity (picture quiz)
2932015-05-22Comarques of Catalonia
2722017-12-12Attributes: Norse gods
2552017-02-07Municipis de Catalunya
2062019-08-02Countries named after cities
1942016-12-30Indoeuropean languages
1872018-04-14Details of famous paintings
1592017-12-11Barcelona's districts and boroughs
1582016-10-02Barcelona Underground Stations Quiz
1572019-08-18Etymologies of U.S. States (picture quiz)
1372015-05-22Attributes: Egyptian gods
1342019-08-19Etymologies of countries (picture quiz)
1312014-12-29A Song of Ice and Fire - Keeps and Strongholds
1262017-01-26The Lord of the Rings - Alternative names
1132016-11-17The Silmarillion - Fathers
1092017-01-24Titles of monarchs
912016-11-28The Lord of the Rings - Chapters
902019-08-18Etymologies of elements (picture quiz)
832015-05-06Attributes: Saints
792015-07-23The most and less polluting countries
742017-01-24The Lord of the Rings - Fathers
742017-12-19A Song of Ice and Fire - Groups of seven
722017-07-24Civil Wars
712017-07-04Opening lines from the books of the Bible
612017-04-05Movies by song lyrics
602019-11-19U.S. States by TV show
532017-12-04Shakespearean dying words
512018-02-05Countries named after people
412020-05-31Locate the Battle - European Map Quiz
402017-02-17World records by country - Europe
392018-03-09Identify the Greek deity (picture quiz)
382018-03-14Whose statue is? (picture quiz)
382018-02-08Fantasy fictional settings by author
362017-01-25Characters by antagonists
352015-05-06Attributes: Olympian gods
302018-01-03Greatest rivers by outflowing sea
302017-03-03Foursomes test
282017-05-08Famous churches
282017-07-12Original languages: book's opening lines
282017-04-19Cross-quiz: Countries
252017-01-17Famous battles
232017-01-24Riders of famous horses
232020-05-31Musical by picture
212016-11-25Fictional planets
212018-03-09Towers (picture quiz)
212017-12-12Attributes: Hindu deities
212022-04-25Philosophers - Quotes
192020-06-01Locate the Play - European Map Quiz
192016-05-23Formal names of states
162017-03-03Famous experiments
142016-11-23Monster slayers
122019-10-30Tomb by picture
122017-03-07Captured cities
122017-01-31National days
62021-05-03Ciutats catalanes aleatòries per foto
52021-04-14Comarques catalanes amb més quilòmetres de costa