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1,8002017-04-14Fast typing to 100 in binary
6762017-04-14Organic chemistry functional groups
6702016-09-21Countries with the most native speakers of each UN official language
6302017-04-14Countries with the most languages
3292017-04-14Fast typing to 100 in ternary
3282017-04-14Speed Math - 1 digit addition
2792017-04-14Biggest natural resources producers
2262017-04-29Singapore groups of five
1392017-04-14Speed Math - 1 digit multiplication
1142017-04-14Scrabble words from JETPUNK
962017-04-14Keyboard shortcuts on Microsoft Word
932017-04-14Most powerful empires and countries
832019-08-30Countries which have won the International Mathematical Olympiad
832017-04-14Sequels from young adult trilogies
812017-04-297-up sprint to 100
812017-04-29Identify the language: Let It Go multilanguage version
802016-11-27Disney Groups of 7
752017-04-29Singapore groups of things
682017-04-14xkcd Groups of 7
672017-05-27Disney Princess Songs
622017-09-04Countries of the Hunnic Empire
582016-09-25Countries bordering a country starting with G
492017-04-14Hardest JetPunk Answers
462017-06-19Numbers in German
432016-09-25Powers of 2 - One Minute Sprint
412017-04-14Math General Knowledge #2
402017-04-14TIME's Ultimate Ranking of Pop Stardom
382016-09-20State abbreviations that are element symbols
372017-04-14Scrabble points
362017-04-29Identify the language: How Far I'll Go multilanguage version
322016-10-24Disney movie opening numbers
312017-04-14What makes up the Earth
302016-09-20Invented words in Jabberwocky
282017-06-25Indo-European counting
252017-04-14Chemical element by mythological namesake
242017-04-297-up sprint to 200
212017-09-17Word riddles: xkcd edition
212017-04-14Element symbols with element symbols
202016-10-08Less famous sequels
142019-12-30Mariah Carey #1 Singles
62018-10-12xkcd Scientific Principles
62020-10-02Dominion Cards Quiz