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5,4432021-03-31 Landen die eindigen op -land
2,1742020-02-10 Landen van de wereld die eindigen op -ië
2902017-03-22Top 15 Best football teams in Germany
2662020-04-01Countries smaller than all their neighbours
2322017-03-06Top 15 Best football teams in the Netherlands
2312017-03-22Top 15 Best football teams in Spain
2302017-03-06Top 15 Best football teams in Italy
2232017-09-07Oudste steden van Nederland
2222021-02-05 Gelderland Trivia Quiz
2032017-03-06Top 15 Best football teams in England
1962017-04-12Nederlandse provincies en hoofdsteden
1602019-09-02Steden en straten in het Nederlandse Monopoly
1432017-03-09Chemical elements starting with a vowel
1082017-03-22Top 15 Best football teams in France
992017-03-22All-time best countries at the FIFA World Cup
972017-03-13Chemical elements ending with a vowel
682017-04-02All-time club ranking UEFA Champions League
632021-02-01Top 10 most automated countries in the world
582017-05-19Capitals of the World in Alphabetical Order
552017-03-09Abundance of elements in Earth's crust
532020-06-30Countries ending with a single vowel (but no a)
482017-03-28Players with most appearances in the Champions League (by country)
472017-03-27Best performing club per country in the UEFA Champions League
472017-09-07Two Word Capital Quiz
382019-04-26Who did that rock song? - multiple choice
372017-03-13Deepest oceans and seas
332020-02-27Landen van de wereld Nederlands=Engels
262020-02-15Nederlandse ministers Rutte III
242017-03-27Top 15 Best football teams in the USA
232017-04-13Board Game Geek Quiz
152017-03-21Chemical elements with a double vowel
152017-03-21Chemical elements with two consecutive equal consonants
142017-03-16Technical 3-letters abbrevation A-Z
112021-04-13Oranje Quiz
102021-01-14Biggest telephone operating companies
92019-03-04NATO Secretary General
92017-03-13Fictional elements
92020-06-30Countries ending with a vowel (but not with i-a)
82017-03-13Last 30 chemical elements