Languages that are Official in more than One Continent

Can you list all languages that are official in more than one continent? You also have to type, for each continent, a country where that language is official.
Countries belong to continents as in the 'Countries of the World' quiz
You are not shown which cells remain empty, just to make life harder
Languages are sorted alphabetically
Quiz by scambigol
Last updated: January 23, 2016
First submittedJanuary 23, 2016
Times taken1,375
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North America
South America
Level 57
Jan 23, 2016
Spanish in North America...Mexico?
Level 64
Jan 23, 2016
Not an official language. Some countries don't have any "official languages".
Level 65
Jan 23, 2016
Mexico, along with America, Australia, and Mauritius, have no official language.
Level 71
Aug 11, 2016
That was a lot of fun!
Level 62
Aug 20, 2017
French Guiana (or even just France) for South America? Or would that open a wormhole of "countries with land in different continents" so Spain would work for Africa, Turkish would be official in both Europe and Asia, Russia would work for Asia, French Polynesia in Oceania, etc.?
Level 73
Sep 5, 2017
Finally got them all.
Level 44
Oct 22, 2018
Please grey out or put an X in the boxes where there isn't a country on that continent speaking the language, I wasted SO much time trying to think of answers that didn't actually exist!
Level 73
Oct 23, 2018
that's part of the quiz! you can see from the number of missing answers that not all boxes will get a tick
Level 67
Jan 19, 2019
Very cool!! And a big braintwister, especially with the time given you get nervous and cant think properly, like which countries speak portuguese and try to remember them all, no, only the obvious one come to mind and they come to mind from all the different languages at once haha.

This was fun! ( can I lie down now...) I only missed east timor, and the greek (tricky!)

Level 67
Jan 19, 2019
Funny how russia is guess 85% while the language is only at 74% ( guess people thought they had allready typed it)

A nice little overview of statistics. The % guessed of a language and the highest guessed% of where it is spoken:

english: 100% and 84% (uk at 83%)

spanish: 98% and 77% (spain)

french: 98% and 82% (france at 74%)

portuguese: 91% and 80% (portugal at 75%)

arabic: 91% and 81% (saudi arabia at 78%)

dutch: 82% and 71% (netherlands)

russian: 75% and 85% (russia)

greek: 46% and 43% (greece)

Quite some gaps between the languages and the first guessed country in that language (and Russia having it the other way around) (A lot of times people could name a language, but in 10-15% of the time they couldnt think of a country where that language was spoken. I know, that isnt exactly the right way to interpreted it, still you get the idea)

Level 74
Mar 21, 2019
Turkish is official in the European part of Turkey, no? Also, Russian is official in the Asian part of Russia.
Level 28
Oct 2, 2020
33/34... Can't beleive i missed Brazil
Level 56
Apr 15, 2021
Hindi is the official language for India and Fiji right?