Loyal's 'Other Quizzes by this Creator' addon - HowTo



A while ago I created a blog on how to add 'Quiz Link Boxes' to your quiz. Well I've updated the design and moved away from the spreadsheet.

Example of new design (the blue rectangle area)
Link to this quiz BTW


Visit this pastebin and copy the text there.

Create a new bookmarket or favourite - and navigate to the below 'edit' tab. Should be in the right click menu.

Where it says 'here' in the above screenshot, paste the text you copied. Then click save.

Now open up a quiz in edit mode. Make sure the instructions section is cleared or it might come out looking funny. Make sure you have clicked on the instructions section.

Click on the bookmark you've created. You will then be prompted to input the description for the quiz.

After this you'll be asked for the links for the quiz and images, and the quiz titles you want displayed - have these in notepad or something ready to copy and paste. (If you change browser tabs it will stop half way through but tabbing to notepad/another program doesnt interupt it.)


So now all you should have to do is save the quiz and it'll appear. You can go in and change some of the values if you want manually afterwards. Let me know if you have any issues.

Kia ora!

Level 43
Aug 18, 2023
Another great work by yours with these boxes. It’s a lot useful mainly when you’re making a series :)
Level 69
Aug 18, 2023
Love the boxes. Thanks for the blog.
Level 60
Jan 10, 2024
And now a few months later, JetPunk has it built in. Still looks cool, though!