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Answers Contain Square

All the answers contain "Square". Based on the clues, guess the answers.
Last updated: November 14, 2018
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Square Root
9 square feet
Square Yard
Hoe-down activity
Square Dance
Where the Knicks play
Madison Square Garden
Chinese massacre square
Tiananmen Square
Square in the Vatican
Saint Peter's Square
Square near the Kremlin
Red Square
Famous area in
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Harvard Square
Game show where
"circle gets the square"
Hollywood Squares
Site of Nelson's column in London
Trafalgar Square
Huey Lewis and the News song
Hip to be Square
What E equals, according to Einstein
MC Squared
New York's most famous intersection
Times Square
Don't try to put one in a round hole
Square Peg
Site of Egypt's democracy protests
Tahrir Square
Website where users "check in"
Nickname for the
London financial district
Square Mile
New Orleans square named
for a President
Jackson Square
level 55
Feb 5, 2013
I tried at least six or seven different ways to spell "Tiananmen" before giving up on it.
level 35
Feb 5, 2013
Me too :)
level 64
Feb 5, 2013
Same here.
level 54
May 9, 2013
Break it into 3 words and it's much easier: Tian = heaven (e.g. Tianjin) An = peace (e.g. Xi'an) Men = gate (e.g. Xiamen) => Gate of Heavenly Peace
level 50
Apr 3, 2017
I tried a lot of combinations, but kept the beginning at "tien...instead of "tian..." Bummer.
level 52
Aug 1, 2018
I don't think I'm never going to learn to spell Tiananmen .... (And even now, I'm looking it up to make sure I spelled it right in this comment.) And no matter how many wrong spellings you accept, Quizmaster, I'll still probably try 20 more that you don't allow. Just ugh.
level 65
Feb 5, 2013
I tried all sorts of variations of "mass times the speed of light" until I realized you were just supposed to write "mc".
level 48
Jul 23, 2014
Oh man, wouldn't take "It's hip to be square" :(
level 43
Aug 27, 2014
It took me an embarrassingly long amount of time to realize that was a square root sign and not a tick.
level 59
Jul 21, 2016
Reading the word 'square' multiple times on 1 page makes the word look really weird now...
level 79
Jul 25, 2016
Should be given credit for typing "mass times speed of light squared" since that is what MC^2 is.
level 75
Aug 1, 2018
Didn't know four of these answers but was able to guess them all based on the clues.
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