Countries by a Single Clue #8

Difficulty level: hard. Can you name the country that corresponds to each clue?
Answer must correspond to yellow box!
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Last updated: March 28, 2020
First submittedMay 18, 2017
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Known in its own language as Deutschland
Turkey occupies the northern part of this island nation
Sandwiched between Lithuania and Estonia
Of this Arab nation's 9.9 million residents, 8.7 million are foreign workers
United Arab Emirates
Dakar is its capital
Smallest country in the Horn of Africa
Successfully resisted Soviet invasion in 1940
Suffered the largest oil spill of all time in 1991 (deliberately caused)
Nearly 25% of the world's ships are registered to this American country
Only country in South America with English as an official language
Small country sandwiched between Romania and Ukraine
Shares its name with one of the African Great Lakes
Oceanic country home to Bikini Atoll
Marshall Islands
This northwest African country was the last in the world to legally abolish slavery,
but 2% of its citizens remain enslaved
This country in southwest Africa is known for its sand dunes
Small country just north of Burundi
Country that is nearest to the heel of Italy's "boot"
Home to Gangkhar Puensum, the world's tallest unclimbed mountain with
a height of 7570 meters
Its name is Portuguese for "Lioness Mountains"
Sierra Leone
This three-word country had the world's second-lowest
Human Development Index in 2018
Central African Republic
Level ∞
May 18, 2017
This is the last in this series that uses unique countries. I don't think I could keep going without the difficulty level being too high.
Level 62
May 20, 2017
Noooooooooooooo, please don't stop, we'll learn!
Level 74
May 20, 2017
Thanks for a great series.
Level 54
Oct 23, 2017
I am too high but I think I could follow.
Level 80
Oct 24, 2017
This one was pretty easy... I only missed one and if I'd had time to think about it more I would have gotten it.
Level 71
Jun 11, 2020
Maybe change the clue for Sierra Leone. Even though the Portuguese first named it, the current name is Italian. In Portuguese it would be "Serra Leoa".
Level 84
May 19, 2017
Isn't Bosnia a valid answer for the muslim country in the Adriatic sea question?
Level 63
May 19, 2017
Easy to miss with a coastline of only 20 km.
Level 72
May 19, 2017
Wikipedia says 50,7% of Bosnians are muslim, so you're right.
Level ∞
May 19, 2017
Yes. I changed the question for Albania. Thanks.
Level 60
Oct 23, 2017
The Gangkhar Puensum in Bhutan is the world's tallest unclimbed mountain just because it is illegal. Bhutanese priests do not allow anyone to climb it as they believe it is sacred. However, the tallest unclimbed mountain on which climbing IS legal is actually in my country, Pakistan. The "Muchu Chhish" in Western Karakoram range of Batura is the highest unclimbed mountain actually, as it is fully legal to do it, as compared to Gnagkhar Puensum.
Level 80
Oct 24, 2017
actually? The clue doesn't say anything about highest unclimbed mountain that is legal to climb. Your argument makes no sense.
Level 78
Oct 23, 2017
Only scored 8 points, but in my defense my son phoned me just as I began and I was trying to think and talk at the same time - I'm sure I would have scored at least one more if I'd had my full wits about me. :)
Level 67
Oct 21, 2019
press pause ;)
Level 70
Oct 23, 2017
Agh... 0.8% away from 5 points...
Level 63
Oct 23, 2017
The Soviet Union struggled during the winter of 1939-40 against Finland but did overwhelm the Finnish forces in March 1940, imposing teh Soviet-Finnish Peace Treaty on 12 March 1940.
Level ∞
Mar 28, 2020
Finland successfully resisted in that they were not conquered. Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania were not so lucky and suffered under brutal Soviet rule for the next 50 years.
Level 80
Oct 24, 2017
Man that clue for Panama looks *so* weird. It ought to read "this North American country" or "this Central American country." And no I'm not being intentionally confrontational the way those who would applaud the odd usage of this demonym are, it just looks completely bizarre as it is such a strange usage.
Level 80
Oct 24, 2017
Unless maybe you are implying that Panama somehow belongs to the United States. Maybe that's what you were going for? I mean if it weren't for the US building the canal there, it certainly wouldn't have the same clue, if the country even existed at all.
Level 37
Nov 26, 2017
Panama is an American country. It's time to wake up and realize that the United States is not the only country on the American Continent. Don't change one word, Quiz Master. It is correct as it stands.
Level 70
Dec 13, 2019
South America / North America, these are the names of the two continents... Known as the 'Americas'. The United States of America is the name of a country which has America in it's name. No other country in these continents has 'America' included in it's name. To most English speaking people around the world the USA is known and referred to as 'America' ........ for anyone to get their nickers in a twist over something so minor is amazing to me.
Level 66
Jun 27, 2020
you are soo DISHONEST i played a lot of quizzes made by you and i saw that