Homonyms Quiz #9

We give you a pair of definitions. You guess the homonym.
Homonyms are words that have the same spelling and pronunciation, but different meanings.
Includes both true and polysemous homonyms
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Last updated: September 10, 2017
First submittedMarch 18, 2017
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Meaning #1
Meaning #2
Lumberjack tool
Burial place
Serious indeed
French fry, to some
Poker necessity
Be recumbent
Commit perjury
Opposite of chaos
Make redundant
Stood up
Common flower
Of high quality
Monetary penalty
Hunter's prey
Place to get rocks
Meaning #1
Meaning #2
Twelve dozen
Blunt weapon
Social association
Armoire, e.g.
Group of top advisors
Employ an index finger
Sharp tip
Column's counterpart
Paddle a boat
Wooden roof supporter
Ray of light
Rectangular container
Engage in pugilism
Prison escapee's tool
Grotto, e.g.
To surrender
Not curvy
Level 34
Mar 19, 2017
To make someone redundant is to fire them . Makes sense to me. Also, excellent quiz I got 20/20.
Level 74
Mar 20, 2017
i got it only because I knew what a conflagration was...but otherwise, to me 'make redundant' would be something like "Repeat." It certainly isn't an American term that I am aware of. Perhaps a common usage in another country?
Level 67
Aug 1, 2019
how is it like repeat? I cant even fathom a connection there. ?
Level 70
Sep 10, 2021
For example, if you say "The green grass is green", that would be redundant since you repeated the word "green".
Level 81
Nov 24, 2021
As an American working for a large corporation, I'm very familiar with the term "made redundant," as corporate bigwigs are always trying to gloss over the negatives of their companies and how they are run. Another popular term for being "let go" (yet another euphemism) is "getting downsized."
Level 67
Mar 28, 2017
I can understand some confusion with redundant & fire. I am British and have been made redundant many years ago when my employer went out of business. I usually consider "to fire" someone as in ending their employment because of some misdemeanour rather than through lack of work. I got it though & realise that even in different parts of UK the exact meanings could be different. It was a fun quiz. I didn't know what "armoire" was so I missed out on that question.
Level 63
Sep 11, 2017
So you or your job were duplicated when you got fired? This still makes no sense to me.
Level 53
Sep 12, 2017
Two or more people do the same job. The company wishes to save money, so declares one of the people to be "redundant", and dismisses them.
Level 87
Jul 16, 2018
one sense would be redundancy by duplication but also the redundant position could be due to that line of work just no longer existing therefore the person is dismissed from the position - so it made sense to me. fired does have the connotation of poor/bad behaviour though so the clue could change to reflect that.
Level 67
Aug 1, 2019
@ctlengwhat does being made redundant has to do with duplication? Redundant means that there is no use for something anymore Not copying/cloning stuff...

(Like getting a mobile phone sort makes having a stationary phone with a landline redundant. Or a microwave oven can make a microwave and/or oven redundant. There is no use for it anymore because you got something new that does the job, usually beter or does the old job plus more)

Level 59
Nov 24, 2021
In both grammar and employment, redundant means surplus to requirements.
Level 75
Sep 7, 2017
I'm not British but I got the fire one. Also, any chance you can accept "bureau" for armoire/group of advisors?
Level 49
Sep 13, 2017
If we ask French, Bureau means Desk, Armoire literally means Wardrobe/Cabinet
Level 65
Nov 24, 2021
But do you keep clothes in your office desk?
Level 67
Sep 10, 2017
Hunter's prey: Target. i have purchased small rocks at Target.
Level 65
Nov 24, 2021
One can also hunt for Target stores if they need to buy small rocks.
Level 70
Sep 10, 2017
Super fun!
Level 73
Sep 12, 2017
In Britain you can be made redundant when the company no longer has a requirement for the job you perform. Being fired is because you are not performing well or are guilty of misconduct. Both result in being unemployed but are a little different.

Historically if a person was fired it was because of misconduct and the employer would take their tools from them and burn them - hence "fired". If they had not behaved badly their tools would be handed to them in a sack to take to another job hence the term "getting the sack"

Level 58
Oct 10, 2019
Engage in pugilism was my favorite clue. Good quiz, thanks.
Level 51
Nov 27, 2021
Beams don't support a roof -- rafters do. Beams support a floor (or if you're looking from below, a ceiling). Good quiz, though.
Level 58
Nov 28, 2021
Rather than the awkward "make redundant" clue, perhaps "what a nerve does" or "discharge a firearm" would be better. Or something along those lines.