General Knowledge Quiz #190

Answer these random trivia questions.
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Last updated: November 25, 2018
First submittedSeptember 28, 2018
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Where was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?
Garden of Eden
What lived in a Aladdin's magic lantern?
a Genie
Master Kong was born in China in 551 BC. What is he better known as in the West?
What U.S. state was once a kingdom?
Who led the voyage of the Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria?
Christopher Columbus
What is the opposite of occidental?
Who would wear a habit?
a Nun or Monk
If every direction you look is North, where are you?
The South Pole
What unit of weight is equal to 14 pounds?
a Stone
What seafaring civilization founded Carthage, developed the alphabet, and may
have sailed around Africa?
What country has the "reddest" flag? (97.63% of its area is red)
In what sport do professionals have an average weight of about 150 kilograms?
What body part looks different in Vulcans and Humans?
Eyebrows and Ears
What was Ronald Reagan's profession before he got into politics?
Complete the tennis quote: game, set, ....
Name one of the two U.S. states in which Native Americans carved totem poles
Alaska or Washington
What actress died in 2016, one day before her mother, Debbie Reynolds?
Carrie Fisher
In the nursery rhyme, who is "quite contrary"?
What language did the Vikings speak?
Old Norse
What were the followers of reverend Sun Myung Moon called?
Endnotes appear at the end of a book. What do you call notes that appear
at the bottom of a page?
Level 63
Sep 28, 2018
out of curiosity, how much of the moroccan flag is red?
Level 86
Sep 28, 2018
According to this, 97.62. Juuuust missed it.
Level 80
Nov 25, 2018
Lol damn so close.
Level 74
Oct 13, 2019
But Morocco's flag is 98.3% red according to this:
Level 76
Sep 29, 2018
Great quiz, good variety!
Level 83
Sep 29, 2018
Earbrows? A typo?
Level ∞
Sep 29, 2018
Yes, fixed
Level 78
Sep 29, 2018
Hate to be that guy.... In the Debbie Reynolds question you repeated "her" twice
Level 64
Nov 25, 2018
If you hated to be that guy, you wouldn't be that guy.
Level 19
Nov 26, 2018
What if he hated himself?
Level 53
Nov 25, 2018
You repeated "her" twice (her her mother) in Question 17.
Level ∞
Nov 25, 2018
This important error has has been fixed.
Level 39
Nov 25, 2018
You should include Antarctic/Antarctica at the South Pole question.
Level 80
Nov 25, 2018
Nope. If you're standing at the end of the Antarctic Peninsula, not every direction is north.
Level 67
Nov 25, 2018
True, but that's not how the question is phrased. If every direction you look in is North, then you are, indeed, in Antarctica. It's a completely correct answer, just a less specific one.
Level ∞
Nov 25, 2018
You're also on Earth.
Level 80
Nov 25, 2018
I suppose "blood" doesn't really count as a body part, otherwise that would be another thing that looks different between Vulcans and humans.
Level 67
Nov 26, 2018
darn, spelled Phoenician with a 'T' instead of a 'C'
Level 55
Feb 5, 2019
Master kong not aka Hong kong or king Kong. It was worth a try
Level 36
Jun 19, 2019
I wrote 1 stone and it didn't accept
Level 36
Nov 28, 2019
The footnotes question is also in General Knowledge Quiz #191
Level 54
Mar 23, 2020
Seems odd to go with just acting for Reagan. Prior to becoming president, he was also a radio announcer, a commentator for the Chicago Cubs, and an FBI informant, among other things.