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Win a Super Bowl and you can date a super model.
There were 159 different starting quarterbacks in the NFL during the decade of the 2010s. How many can you name?
Name the quarterbacks who have been drafted in the first round of the NFL draft since 2000.
Name the NFL quarterbacks with at least 100 regular season wins as a starter.
Try to name every quarterback who started a regular-season NFL game since the start of the 2020 season.
Name the quarterbacks who have LOST a Super Bowl.
Name the quarterback-receiver combos who have connected for the most touchdown passes in NFL history.
Name the universities where the Super Bowl winning quarterbacks played their college ball.
Name the quarterbacks who started the first game of the 2023–2024 NFL season.
For each decade, name the NFL's top 10 passers by yards gained.
Can you guess these facts about Tom Brady, the greatest quarterback in NFL history?
115,706 Super Bowl Winning QBs
100,919 All NFL Starting Quarterbacks of the 2010s
60,160 NFL Draft - First Round Quarterbacks
44,822 25 Greatest Quarterbacks in NFL History
40,586 NFL Quarterbacks - 100 Win Club
35,748 Super Bowl Losing QBs
32,458 All NFL Starting Quarterbacks of the 2020s
30,082 NFL Best Rushing Quarterbacks
27,002 Top NFL Quarterback Receiver Combos
25,506 Colleges of Super Bowl Winning QBs
24,095 Top NFL Quarterback Coach Combos
23,014 NFL Opening-Day Starting Quarterbacks 2023
21,734 Top NFL Quarterbacks by Decade
16,192NFL Opening-Day Starting Quarterbacks 2022
15,688NFL Opening-Day Starting Quarterbacks 2016
12,838NFL Opening-Day Starting Quarterbacks 2021
11,791NFL QB's College Teams
11,069NFL Opening-Day Starting Quarterbacks 2020
10,797 Tom Brady Quiz
10,232NFL Opening-Day Starting Quarterbacks 2017
9,814 Players With TD Receptions From Tom Brady
9,645Jersey Numbers of NFL Quarterbacks 15-16
9,111All NFL Starting Quarterbacks of Super Bowl Era
8,730NFL Opening-Day Starting Quarterbacks 2019
8,657Top 10 Quarterbacks of All Time (Sports Illustrated)
7,762NFL Black Quarterbacks
6,289NFL Quarterback's Colleges
5,354NFL Quarterbacks - 5,000 Yards in a Season
3,903Pro Football Hall of Fame Quarterbacks
3,787NFL Quarterbacks 2016-2017
3,773Top 5 NFL Quarterbacks by year in 2010s
3,658NFL Starting Quarterbacks 2015
3,348Top 100 Quarterbacks Of All Time
2,718Highest Career Passer Ratings for NFL Quarterbacks
2,615Cleveland Browns QBs Since 1999
2,487Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?
2,361Players who caught a TD pass from Peyton Manning
2,061Top 10 NFL quarterbacks of 2016-2017 in 2 minutes
1,976Superbowl Starting QBs
1,840NFL Starting Quarterbacks 2015-16
1,722Madden NFL 22 Top 50 QBs
1,613NFL Top 14 Quarterbacks in 2014
1,467Dallas Cowboys QBs
1,283Miami Dolphins Quarterbacks
1,263All Starting Quarterbacks for the 2021-2022 NFL Season
1,2602017 NFL Starting Quarterbacks College Quiz
1,2372015 NFL Depth Chart QB's
1,216NFL Starting Quarterbacks 2018-19
1,157Top 5 NFL Quarterbacks by Team
1,093Madden NFL 22 Top 20 QBs
904Tom Brady Quiz
898Top 10 Greatest NFL Quarterbacks of All-Time
893NFL Hall of Fame Quarterbacks
889NFL - Chicago Bears Starting QBs
819Best NFL Quarterback by Draft
754Seattle Seahawks Quarterbacks
734All NFL Starting QBs Going into 2020
702Washington Starting Quarterbacks
688NFL QB Players by Jersey Number and Team
676All Starting Quarterbacks for the 2023-2024 NFL Season
662NFL QBs with 100 wins
651NFL Opening Day Quarterbacks Last 10 Years
645Players With TD Receptions From Drew Brees
636Hall of Fame QB's Alma Mater
6312015 NFL Quarterbacks by College
604NFL QBs with 40,000+ Career Passing Yards
599NFL First-Round Quarterbacks (2010-2022)
587tom brady quiz
563Tom Brady Fun Facts
561Current, Past, and Future NFL Quarterbacks
560Super Bowl Starting Quarterbacks
541Cincinnati Bengals Quarterbacks
506Starting NFL QBs By Rank
498San Francisco 49ers: Most Passing TDs Each Year
491NFL Starting Quarterbacks of the 2020's
490NFL Opening-Day Starting Quarterbacks 2018
464All NFL Starting Quarterbacks of the 2020s
463Best NFL Quarterbacks of 2020 (NFL.com)
454NFL Quarterbacks 20/21
418Receivers Who Have Caught a Peyton Manning Touchdown (NFL)
410Ohio State Quarterbacks
401All NFL Starting Quarterbacks since 2010
400Colleges of NFL QBs 2014
387Tom Bradys First Super Bowl
386NFL Quarterbacks by Team
379The 10 Best Quarterbacks of All Time
370Top 10 QBs of the Superbowl Era
370Lowest High School GPA's of 2017 NFL QB's
361NFL QB's Right Now ***UPDATED 2016-2017 QB's***
361NFL Quarterback by College
359NFL Starting QB's 2018/2019 Opening Day
353Every NFL Starting Quarterback 2021-2022 season
3532021 NFL Starting QBs By Picture
345Leading Quarterbacks for Each NFL Team
345NFL Quarterbacks That Were Drafted 1st Overall Since 1998
338Players With TD Receptions From Peyton Manning
331TOP 10 QBs ALL TIME #1
318All-Time Left-handed NFL Quarterbacks
317NFL Starting Quarterbacks
313Top 10 Black Quarterbacks
311NFL Quarterbacks 2014
308Quarterbacks with the most Super Bowl wins
305NFL Quarterbacks who threw 7 Touchdowns in a game
305NFL Quarterback Colleges
287NFL quarterbacks
285College Football Starting Quarterbacks 2019
280All Current NFL Main Quarterbacks
275NFL Starting Quarterbacks
269NFL Quarterback Colleges
2692017-18 NFL Rookie QBs
259Losing NFL Quarterbacks in AFC/NFC Championship games
259Top 20 Quarterbacks Going into the 2020 NFL Season
258Super Bowl Losing Quarterbacks
257Quarterbacks Drafted Before Tom Brady
253Best QB's of All-Time
250Cincinnati Bengals Starting Quarterbacks 2011-20
250starting QB´s for 2013-14 NFL
250Top 20 Best Quarterbacks in NFL History
240NFL QBs With Most 4,000+ Seasons
237NFL QBs by College
235NFL Every Packers Quarterback
234BYU Quarterback Quiz
233NFL All 49ers Quarterbacks
233Most Playoff Wins by a Quarterback
232Every NFL Teams Best Quarterback of all Time
228Top Ten NFL Quarterbacks by Career Losses
227All NFL QBs With at least 1 Ring 2020
2232016 NFL Rookie Quarterbacks
2172021 NFL Teams By Quarterback
213Active NFL QB's
2112015 NFL Quarterbacks (projected)
203NFL Starting Quarterbacks 2017-18
190NFL All 2020 QBs by Most Passing Yards
189Super Bowl Winning QB's Colleges
188NFL Quarterbacks 15+ Years at one team
188Top 20 NFL quarterbacks of all-time
187Pittsburgh Steelers Starting Quarterbacks 2011-20
186NFL Quarterbacks by team 15-16
183NFL 2020 Quarterbacks
182NFL Starting Quarterbacks 2019
176NFL Teams by Quarterback
176All NFL Philadelphia Eagles Quarterbacks
175NFL starting quarterbacks
174NFL Starting Quarterbacks.0
173NFL QBs on the Hot Seat in 2021
1732020 NFL QB's
171All NFL Dallas Cowboys Starting Quarterbacks
170NFL Starting Quarterbacks 2016-17
164Top 10 Best QBs of the 2020 NFL Season
160All-Time Tocuhdown Recipients of Peyton Manning
155B1G Big Ten NFL quarterbacks drafted 2010-2021
154Name All of the Cleveland Browns Starting Quarterbacks since 1999
1522016 NFL Starting Quarterbacks
151Players with a TD Reception from Drew Brees
148Top 10 Worst QBs of the 2020 NFL Season
1455 Current NFL QBs that have been on the most Teams
144Top 10 QBs of All Time
1422021-22 NFL Week 1 Starting QBs
139Top 15 NFL Quarterbacks of All Time
135Top 15 NFL QBs Right Now
134Projected Starting NFL Quarterbacks
133NFL Opening Week Starting QBs 2018
133NFL First Round QBs Since 2000
127NFL Opening Day 2020 Starting QBs
125Top 5 Best Nfl Quarterbacks Today (imp)
124NFL Quarterbacks College Team
122NFL Quarterback Nicknames
120Scrambling Quarterbacks (NFL)
1192016 NFL draft Qbs drafted before Dak Prescott
118NFL Starting Quarterbacks 2016-17
117Top 20 NFL Quarterbacks of All Time
114Starting NFL QBs Ranked
113Most NFL Career Victories by Quarterback in Regular season
111NFL Backup Quarterbacks 2016
110NFL Teams with Quarterback Consistency
110Buffalo Bills Starting Quarterbacks of Super Bowl Era
105NFL Starting QBs 2008
103NFL QBs 2019
99NFL Quarterback Firsts
95NFL 2021 Starting Quarterbacks
95Do you know your NFL QB's?
89All NFL New England Patriots Starting Quarterbacks
88NFL starting QBs - 2020 season
82NFL QBs i know
802020 NFL Starting Quarterbacks
80nfl qbs
79All Starting NFL QB's as of December 17, 2018
76NFL Backup Quarterbacks (DEC 2018)
69NFL Starting Quarterbacks
68Nfl QBs
67NFL starting quarterbacks 2017
66NFL Quarterback Depth Chart 1-3
63NFL Starting QB's for the 2020-21 season
61NFL 2020 Starting Quarterbacks
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