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In 4 minutes, name as many NFL football teams as you can.
Should be very easy if you follow the NFL at all.
There are 133 bowl-eligible college football teams. How many can you name?
The first logo has been scientifically proven to make Ohio State fans angry.
For each city on the map, name the NFL team that plays there.
Try to name the NFL's bestselling jerseys for the last three seasons.
How many NFL teams can you name in just one minute?
Try to guess the team names of the 131 teams in the Bowl Subdivision of college football.
Can you guess the last name shared by each group of NFL players?
How many players can you guess that have been named MVP of the National Football League?
Can you name the U.S. colleges whose sports teams use these logos?
1,752,696 NFL Football Teams Quiz
380,090 NFL Football Team Logos
227,989 NCAA Football Teams
210,893 College Sports Logos Quiz #1
176,049 Most Popular NFL Jerseys
167,353 NFL Cities Map Quiz
162,744 NFL Football Teams - One Minute Sprint
147,840 NCAA Football Team Names
131,756 NFL Team Colors Quiz
131,301 NFL Football Last Names
122,057 College Sports Logos Quiz #2
118,002 NFL Most Valuable Players
109,838 Super Bowl Winning QBs
109,292 Super Bowl Winners Quiz
107,661 American Football Positions Quiz
103,653 NFL Team Names by Clue
98,155 Top 5 Worst NFL Teams Since 2000
98,056 All NFL Starting Quarterbacks of the 2010s
91,393 NFL Football Records
84,069 NFL Players' College Teams #1
82,268 NCAA Football Champions
81,876 NFL Team Nicknames
78,293 2018 FIFA World Cup Results
77,706 Madden NFL Covers
75,334 #1 NFL Football Draft Picks
74,553 NFL 4,000 Yard Passers
74,387 Top 5 Best NFL Teams Since 2000
71,575 NFL Team Passing Leaders
61,391 NFL Players' College Teams #2
58,331 NFL Players by Team History
56,332 100 Greatest Players in NFL History
56,033 All-Time NCAA Football Wins
52,287 Super Bowl Half-Time Performers
51,990 NFL Draft - First Round Quarterbacks
47,108 College Football Rivalries Quiz
45,646 NFL Players Who Changed Teams
44,642 NFL All-Time Yardage Leaders
43,568 NFL Most Touchdowns in a Season
42,697 25 Greatest Quarterbacks in NFL History
41,677 Unusual NFL First Names Quiz
40,150 NCAA Football Cities
39,708 NFL Team Rushing Leaders
39,679 One-Team NFL Players
38,373 NFL Rushing Champions
38,022 Most Guessed North American Teams by Sport
37,327 NFL Passing Champions
37,049 NFL Quarterbacks - 100 Win Club
36,145 NFL Teams that Have Never Won a Super Bowl
34,332 Super Bowl Losing QBs
32,765 Heisman Winners Quiz
32,340 College Football Stadiums Quiz
30,886 NFL Stadiums Quiz
30,683 NFL Team Receiving Leaders
29,332 NFL Head Coaches
29,244 All NFL Starting Quarterbacks of the 2020s
28,851 NCAA FBS Football Teams on a Map
28,586 Top NFL Fantasy Football Performers
28,469 NFL Best Rushing Quarterbacks
27,271 Super Bowl MVPs
27,113 NFL Defensive Players of the Year
26,253 NFL Rookies of the Year
25,481 NFL 1,500 Yard Rushers
24,781 Top NFL Quarterback Receiver Combos
24,141 NFL 1,500 Yard Receivers
23,966 Colleges of Super Bowl Winning QBs
23,667 Top NFL Quarterback Coach Combos
23,530 NFL Football Analogies
23,522 First Ballot NFL Hall of Fame
22,963 NFL Football by Year, 1967–1999
23,005 NFL Team by Helmet
21,282 College Football Bowl Games
20,836 Super Bowl Losers Quiz
19,831 NFL Football Player Nicknames Quiz
19,773 Debut Teams of NFL Players
19,722 Football... or football?
19,698 Top NFL Quarterbacks by Decade
19,521 Merged NFL Logos
19,112 All NCAA Football Playoff Teams
18,942 NFL Opening-Day Starting Quarterbacks 2023
18,096 Top Ranked NFL Players of the 2010s
17,970 NCAA Football Champion Coaches
17,425 NFL 200 Yards Rushing in a Game
16,714NFL Super Bowl Winners
16,035 NFL Coaches with the Most Wins
15,692 NCAA Football Team Name Vocabulary
15,656NFL Opening-Day Starting Quarterbacks 2022
15,447 NFL Football by Year, 2000–present
15,408NFL Opening-Day Starting Quarterbacks 2016
15,350 Top Ranked NFL Players of the 2020s
15,211 College Coaches Quiz
15,050 NFL Team Passing Leaders - Extreme
15,020 Super Bowl Winning Coaches
14,408 NFL 2,000-Yard Rushers
14,370 NFL Football Quiz
13,882 NFL Football Multiple Choice
13,881 New York City Movies by Picture
12,921 College Football Analogies
12,739 NCAA Football Quiz
12,677 American Football A-Z
12,482NFL Opening-Day Starting Quarterbacks 2021
12,078NFL Offensive Starters 2015
11,421NFL QB's College Teams
10,798NFL Opening-Day Starting Quarterbacks 2020
10,239 NFL Team to State Abbreviation
10,108 Tom Brady Quiz
10,011NFL Opening-Day Starting Quarterbacks 2017
9,9212022 FIFA World Cup Results
9,702 New York City Trivia #2
9,6752014 FIFA World Cup Results
9,482Top 100 NFL players 2022-2023
9,355 Players With TD Receptions From Tom Brady
9,215NFL Offensive Starters 2014
9,178Jersey Numbers of NFL Quarterbacks 15-16
8,998 NFL - The Only Person to Do It
8,987Superbowl Winners
8,514NFL Opening-Day Starting Quarterbacks 2019
8,524All UEFA Europa League Teams Ever
8,424 NFL Players by Wikipedia Descriptions
8,415 Name a Valid Answer - NFL
8,267Top 10 Quarterbacks of All Time (Sports Illustrated)
8,165All NFL Starting Quarterbacks of Super Bowl Era
7,879NFL Players by Last Name
7,877NFL Offensive Starters 2012
7,574#2 NFL Football Draft Picks
7,495College Football National Champions
7,313NFL Black Quarterbacks
7,151NFL players jersey numbers
6,635Top 100 NFL Players of 2020
6,3912010 FIFA World Cup Results
6,151NFL Top 100 Players - 2016
6,082NFL Top 100 Players of 2019
6,074NFL Quarterback's Colleges
6,056Top NFL Running Backs by Decade
6,0292006 FIFA World Cup Results
6,02425 most successful college football programs of the BCS era
6,022NFL 2019-2020 Season Trivia
5,857NCAA FCS Football Teams
5,705NFL Logo Tile Select
5,607NFL Players With a 95+ Madden 24 Rating
5,583NFL Teams by Emoji
5,565NFL Offensive Starters 2013
5,555NFL Teams To Win Back-to-Back Superbowls
5,251Football Tic-Tac-Toe #1
5,057NFL Receiving Yardage Leaders by Year
4,983NFL All-Time Pass TDs Leaders
4,981All NFL hall of famers
4,969NFL All-Time Sacks Leaders
4,899Famous NFL QB Successions
4,8651930 FIFA World Cup Results
4,8652018 NFL Draft
4,670Top Ten Largest College Football Stadiums
4,673NFL Quarterbacks - 5,000 Yards in a Season
4,566Top 100 NFL Players of the 2015 Season
4,531NFL Super Bowl Champions
4,310Most Valuable Non-QB for Each NFL Team (2015)
4,298NFL: The Top 100 Players of 2014
4,2722002 FIFA World Cup Results
4,266Top 5 NFL Wide Recievers by year in 2010s
4,111Best Overall Top AP 25 College Football
4,113NFL - Last 1,200 Yard Rusher by Team
4,143NFL Top 100 Players 2023
4,016UEFA Euro 2020 Results
3,990NFL Offensive Starters 2022
3,977NFL 1000 yard wide receivers since 2000
3,938All NFL Teams in 2 Minutes
3,917NFL Teams that have never won the Super Bowl
3,891NFL Starting Four 2022-23
3,829Pro Football Hall of Fame Quarterbacks
3,791Number of NFL superbowls by team
3,7842020 NFL Draft 1st Round Selections
3,683NFL Quarterbacks 2016-2017
3,686NFL Offensive Starters 2023
3,663NFL Football Teams by Their Old Logos
3,629Teams That Have Beaten Alabama Since 2008 College Football
3,577NFL 500 Yard Passing Club
3,562NFL Starting Quarterbacks 2015
3,557NFL 2022-2023 Starting 3 Wide Receivers
3,537NFL Starting Five 2021-2022
3,505Philadelphia Eagles Trivia
3,49350 Best Footballers (Soccer Players) of 2021
3,472NFL All-Time Passing Touchdown Leaders
3,423NCAA Division I Football Teams Ranked Number 1
3,411Top 5 NFL Quarterbacks by year in 2010s
3,3911998 FIFA World Cup Results
3,397NFL TRIVIA #1
3,3932020-21 NFL Playoffs
3,372NFL: The Top 100 Players of 2013
3,3632019 NFL Draft
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