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3,3412023-08-21English Football Club Badges #1
2,3812023-08-08U.K. Cities Ending in Vowels
2,1922023-10-15English Football Clubs with Bird Nicknames
2,0132023-03-19Teams That Have Never Played Below English Football's Second Tier
1,9892023-08-18English Football Club Badges #3
1,7862022-12-31English Football Rivalries - Multiple Choice
1,7212023-08-18English Football Club Badges #2
1,5862023-10-15English Football Club Nicknames
1,5222023-12-07Every English Football League Club Ending in “United”
1,3372023-06-22Every English Football League Club Ending in “City”
1,2762023-10-13Every Football League Club From the North East of England
1,2752023-11-20English Geography A-Z
1,2242023-08-18English Football Club Badges #4
1,1282023-10-25English Football Clubs That Have Played in a Major European Final
1,0612023-02-22Every Town in Suffolk
9572023-03-19Every "Shire" County in England
8312023-10-13Welsh Clubs in the English Football League
7692023-06-05Played in the English Top Flight but Not the Premier League
7552023-09-01Teams That Have Won England's First, Second and Third Divisions
6922023-10-13Every Football League Club From Yorkshire
6782023-10-11Teams That Have Won the English League, FA Cup and a European Trophy
6772023-03-10English Football Clubs by Three Clues #1
6732023-09-01Teams That Have Played in All Four Divisions of English Football
6572023-06-19Every English Football League Club Ending in “Town”
6502023-03-31Every Football League Club From London
6492023-11-07English Football Clubs with Grounds Ending in "Park"
6332023-10-20Former Home Grounds of English Football Clubs #1
6232023-06-04Played in the Premier League but Not the First Division
5932023-11-07English Football Clubs with Grounds Ending in "Road"
5892024-02-25Ipswich Town's Highest Goalscorers
5812023-06-11European Cup & UEFA Champions League Runners-Up
5482023-03-24Teams That Have Never Played in English Football's Fourth Tier
5252023-04-12English Football Clubs by Postcode #1
5052023-03-30Every Football League Club From Lincolnshire
5012023-10-15Every English Second-Tier Football Club Since 1992
4912023-04-12English Football Clubs by Postcode #3
4862023-08-18English Football Club Badges #5
4862023-05-08Ipswich Town Players by Picture #1
4792023-04-08Every Football League Club From the East of England
4712023-06-19Every Football League Club Ending in “Albion”, “Athletic” or “County”
4582023-03-14Founder Members of the English Football League
4472023-09-27Teams Promoted From Non-League to the Championship
4462023-05-29English Second-Tier (EFL Championship) Play-Off Finalists
4442023-08-28Highest Mountains in England
4382023-03-10English Football Clubs by Three Clues #2
4252023-10-12Every Football League Club From Lancashire
4202023-07-22English Cathedrals by Picture
4072023-10-12Teams That Have Won Three Consecutive English League Titles
4062023-06-19Every Football League Club Ending in “Rovers” or “Wanderers”
3892023-09-27Teams Promoted From the Fourth Tier to the Premier League
3882023-03-10English Football Clubs by Three Clues #3
3822023-10-09Highest Finishes of Teams Not to Play in English Football's Top Flight
3672023-04-08Every Football League Club From the South West of England
3632023-11-26Ipswich Town Players 2022–23
3552023-08-18English Football Club Badges #6
3532023-12-10Teams Relegated From the English Football League
3442023-10-20Former Home Grounds of English Football Clubs #2
3392023-05-08Ipswich Town F.C. Managers
3282023-11-09English Football Clubs with Grounds Ending in "Lane" or "Street"
3242023-08-18English Football Club Badges #7
3142023-06-22English Football Clubs That Are "A.F.C."
3062023-05-08Ipswich Town Players by Picture #2
3042023-12-20Runners-Up but Never Champions of English Football
2892023-04-10Historic Counties of English Towns & Cities
2892023-08-28English Counties by Three Clues
2882023-01-06English Football Clubs - Word Scramble
2812023-02-20Essex Towns & Cities - Word Scramble
2562023-02-05Teams That Have Played in All Top Five Tiers of English Football
2562023-11-26Ipswich Town 1978 FA Cup Final Team
2522023-04-12English Football Clubs by Postcode #2
2522023-03-19Metropolitan Counties of England
2482023-11-09Teams That Have Won the English League Cup but Not the FA Cup
2432023-05-08The Ipswich Town Quiz
2432023-03-17Every New Football League Club Since WWII
2312022-11-23English Top-Flight Football History
2312023-07-20Flags of the Historic Counties of England
2182023-07-31Ipswich Town Players by Picture #5
2162023-09-05English Football League (EFL) Trophy Winners
2152023-11-26Ipswich Town 1981 UEFA Cup Final Team
2062024-02-06Teams That Have Played One Season in the English Top Flight
2052023-10-16Former Names of English Football Clubs
1902023-05-19National League (Football Conference) Play-Off Finalists
1812023-05-08Ipswich Town Players by Picture #4
1592023-05-08Ipswich Town Players by Picture #3
1532023-07-22English National Parks by Picture
1242023-05-26Joy Division - Guess the Track
1072023-11-20London Skyscrapers by Picture
912023-11-26Ipswich Town 1961–62 Title-Winning Team
892023-09-05Full Members' Cup Winners